Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Paranoia Strikes Deep. The Obama Chronicles

“For What It’s Worth”: Buffalo Springfield

I know that some of you thought I was exaggerating the importance of the missing POTUS seal episodes. 

motus,cub reporter

But I, along with some other credentialed reporters, have been trying to tell you how important this symbolic seal is to Big Guy. And how ‘unglued’ he became when it fell off his podium at Fortune’s “World’s Most Powerful Woman” ceremony.

now you don'tMy POTUS Seal fell down and went “boom!”

Butt it’s out there now. Look what I found floating around on the Ethernet today:

On October 5, Obama was addressing Fortune magazine’s “Most Powerful Women” summit in Washington, DC. During the middle of Obama's speech, the presidential seal fell off the podium. Publicly, Obama took the incident as a joke, but WMR has learned from White House insiders that Obama went on a tirade after the incident, accusing White House staffers of purposely not anchoring the seal to the podium. The White House supplies all the podiums and seals at all presidential addresses and the seal is usually well-anchored with four screws affixed to the podium. Obama reportedly "freaked out" and accused White House staffers of engaging in a conspiracy against him. The presidential tirade over such a trivial matter was not lost on senior administration officials who have witnessed Obama's lackadaisical behavior during the consideration of much weightier issues, for example, the war in Afghanistan.

You know I’ve been all over this missing  POTUS Seal caper:


Here’s a summary of my filings related to this sensitive issue of national security:

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And, finally, the AWOL POTUS Seal showed up in Japan at the APEC conference (as documented in Sunday’s post: Shadow Currencies, Shadow Governments and Now, Shadow People). It’s appearance was accompanied, of course, by a full compliment of Secret Service personnel and a crate of Crazy Glue.

I knew this was a big story, butt even I didn’t realize the full scope of its significance. It’s possible that it triggered some type of brain chemical-thingy in Big Guy, because he sure hasn’t been himself lately. And unfortunately some people have started noticing some of his public Howard Beal moments:

now we've gone over the edgechanneling howard dean

BO swimming upstream

thank you mr. president leaving seoul

Butt – I’ve got to tell you: the AWOL POTUS seal incident might only be the tip of the iceberg that’s destined to take this ship of state down. Ulsterman continues to broadcast his Deep Throat chronicles, and the whole mess is getting uglier than Lady M without proper containment systems and refracting mirror technology.

mosgue  Lady M with Big Guy at the Mosque: I was not allowed beyond the entrance

Then there’s the issue with Hillary “I’m not running for President in 2012 or 2016” Clinton. She’s never been much of a secretary - she won’t even pick up Big Guy’s laundry for him – and now we know why: she’s got her eye on the executive suite.

All I’m going to say is the mood around here is as dark as a long winter’s night in  Oslo. I’ve had to duck more incoming flying projectiles since Big Guy got back from Asia than I did at the height of the Monica Offensive. Little Bo is so terrified he refuses to come out of the bunker for anything other than to, uh, shall we say, “take a short walk.”

And still, there are rumors about bank scandals in Chicago (duh!) and talk of the new guys on the Hill launching investigations that may or may not include Big White staffers and/or current Big White inhabitants.

Is it any wonder Big Guy’s taking anti-depressants? Lady M has refused any meds other than Stoli, Grey Goose, Absolute and Hagen-daz, saying “someone has to run the damn country.”

102910brazier-50Two-thirds of the Troika running the country, as identified by WMR

I’m heading down to the BW Pharmacy to see if I can score some Xanax for the days when the heavy artillery rolls out around here. I have a natural aversion to shattering glass noises.

And finally, lest there be any doubt, I just want the record to reflect that your cub-reporter, MOTUS, is not, repeat, NOT the Deep Throat who is spilling his/her guts to Ulsterman. As I’ve mentioned several times, my hardware came with an ethics pack that can’t be over-written, and has no portals for worms to crawl in.

I don’t know who’s leaking this information, but everyone is looking over their shoulder, watching.

   looking at me looking back me but no sea orgon conv cntrl 

Waiting.    umm, dough-nuts

Anything could happen.Biden

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