Friday, July 19, 2013

Lady M Takes Her Wighat Chickens Home To Roost!

Yesterday this picture of Lady M set the intertoobs teeth on edge and kicked the misery heat index up to notches unknown:


I blame Matt Drudge who started the ball rolling with this headline gem:

drudge copy

Then, The Blaze fanned the flames (heh!) with this: "Michelle Obama’s ‘Elvis cut’"


The Baltimore Sun got into the scrum with a new poll asking readers “What do you think of Michelle Obama's new haircut?”:

Screenshot Studio capture #971I’m not sure how current this is, butt I think they like it, don’t you??? (click to embiggen)

Butt with the dawn comes the embarrassing truth: Rumors of Lady M’s haircut have been greatly exaggerated.

Yes, if the side-shot (can I say that?) and back-door embargo had been lifted, everybody might have exercised a little journalistic restraint. Butt with only the first pic to work with, the cart ran away with the horse, so to speak.

usa-obama-bushSuspicious, butt more evidence needed.


bush obama

bush obama


Michelle Obama Barack Obama Honors 5 000th 6b4on8ogZQZx“Elementary, my dear Watson”: the bun, bloomed into a whole loaf!


Frankly, and unfortunately, this is not the first time we’ve sported this doo:


As the day wore on, more proof emerged. Lady M joins Mayor Rahm “Rhambo” “Dead Fish” Emanuel (h/t: Sean Hannity)and his beard partner spouse wife, Amy Rule, for a morning visit to the career training program, Urban Alliance Chicago:

michelle-obama-chicago1MO-hair or wighat"???

"To you all students, for having the courage to step outside your comfort zone and do something that was probably initially pretty scary, I know that feeling," Obama told about 50 teens gathered at Columbia College Chicago to see her. "I was you guys. I say that all the time. Living on the South Side, looking at these buildings, wondering what it was like to work in those offices."

"Programs like this are an answer in so many ways (SNIP) for kids in so many communities, giving them an opportunity (SNIP) of gangbanging, hanging on the streets, dropping out," she said...

[Legal Disclaimer: This is an example of a Lame Stream Media Edit, similar to the one NBC did of the Zimmerman 911 recording. Yes, Lady M said this, butt a few, teensy, tiny, strategic words have been redacted. I’m not doing it maliciously, I just think this narrative is more interesting. Just like NBC. (Butt the first paragraph, “to you all students” is uncut, unedited and let me just say, I feels you guys pain.)]

“So, MOTUS. What did we learn from all of this?” I don’t know. I reflect, you decide. Butt it looks like this whole kerfuffle could have been avoided if Lady M had just tried the new hair product we picked up last week in PRIVATE!, instead of parading it around in front of the cameras:



In other news, Big Guy is still chewing...

bo gum


Elvis has left the building!

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