Friday, September 27, 2019

I See Whistleblowers Everywhere

Democrats have been seeking another Watergate ever since the last one. As the “news” media is made up exclusively of Woodwards and Bernsteins today all they needed was to locate a new Deep Throat.

They thought they finally had one in the latest whistleblower portending to have evidence of an impeachable crime involving the President and Ukraine. Two problems: 1) his “evidence” was based on hearsay and 2) no crime, impeachable or otherwise, was committed. That would be ‘game over’ in the real world but not so in the arena of political theatre. Expect it to continue playing at least through the holidays.

Related imageYou might wish to invest in more Boy Scout popcorn

If Congress wants to hear from a whistleblower who might have some firsthand knowledge of the situation involving a quid pro quo with the Ukrainian government I’d suggest they go directly to the source:

“Play that funky music white boy…”