Monday, January 31, 2022

Another Bridge To Nowhere

Calvin’s father was closer to the truth than he thought:

calvin hobbes bridge load limits

So why didn’t it? Why was this rusted out bridge, first identified as a shovel ready job during Obama’s first term and scheduled to be rebuilt in 2016, left to fall down? Well, that’s an interesting question with an interesting answer. According to Monica Showalter’s post (via Instapundit) it was because Democrats have a proclivity for redirecting funding intended to fix failing infrastructure to Green Weenie projects. How is it a surprise that the first Brandon Administration, that wasted billions of tax payer dollars on bogus solar projects like Solyndra, would fund a bill that ended up diverting funds intended for highways and bridges to bike paths, dedicated self driving lanes and other green-boondoggles?

Check out this Twitter thread from a Pittsburgh local:

tweet bridge

bridges of pittsburg county

bridges 3

But of course, it wasn’t a crisis until the bridge actually collapsed. At least we’ve established the Democrat constituency’s capacity for their load of crap: they are willing to let a bridge collapse while waiting for the Feds to send in the engineers. Following Joey’s lead they can now complain about Republicans not allocating adequate federal spending to fix all the broken down infrastructure in America.

"We have been so far behind on infrastructure for so many years it's just mind-boggling," Mr. Biden told a group of elected officials and first responders during a visit to the collapse site. "...We used to be number one in the world."

Well Brandon, we were number one in the world until you and Obama came along and decided it wasn’t our turn to be #1 any longer and did everything in your power to fundamentally transform Amerika into another socialist/communist hell-hole. You demonized anyone who felt that making America Great Again was a worthy undertaking as a racist/fascist/white supremacist. You’ve  laid all your cards on the table and we see you for the cheat and liar you are.

biden bridges to nowhereOne year hence: Nothing built, nothing back, nothing better

Most 8 year olds have built more than the Brandon Administration.

snownanWhen God gives you snow don’t let it melt, use it.

But don’t worry, eventually Brandon will build another bridge to nowhere that can accommodate a high-speed bullet train to the same destination.