Monday, October 23, 2017

Time To Revisit the Calculus

Is anything drearier than a dreary Monday? I think not. So how about some dreary news:

Update from the Russian Collusion Factory: there might not have been any. I can’t hear you, what did you say? There may not have been any collusion? But, but, but - Macedonian Content Farms!

Macedonian_Content_Farmersh/t Oleg

Don’t despair, it turns out there may have been no Trump collusion, but lots and lots of Russian interference:

Have you noticed? In recent public comments, the lawmakers investigating the Trump-Russia affair, along with some of the commentators who dissect its every development, seem to be focusing more on the facts of Russia’s attempts to interfere with the 2016 election and less on allegations that Donald Trump or his associates colluded with those efforts. - Byron York: Is tone of Trump-Russia probe changing?

It’s unclear to me what their objective was. Did they mis-misunderstand who they were helping/hurting? Did they really want Hillary to lose just because they hated her as much as we did? Did they really want Trump to win?

The left-wing Mother Jones describes troll factories that "spent about $2.3 million during the 2016 election cycle to meddle in US politics, paying the salaries of 90 'US desk' employees who helped wage disinformation campaigns via social media that reached millions of Americans. The operation also contacted US activists directly and offered them thousands of dollars to organize protests on divisive issues, including race relations." – Richard Fernandez: Closing In On The Last Sacred Thing.

And all they needed was a few bucks and access to the wonderful world of social media.

Fake hotdogs, deluded activists, big results. It was as if the impecunious Russians had found the secret thermal port that led to the reactor spaces of the media Death Star and sent a bomb down it. The mesh topology of social media connections allowed ideas to propagate very quickly…

Executives from Facebook, Google and Twitter have been called to give sworn public testimony before a US congressional panel early next month about what happened on their platforms in the run-up to the presidential election, now almost a year ago. The companies have also been approached by Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating alleged ties between Russia and the Donald Trump presidential campaign.

Imagine that, our wonderful world of social media can be used against our own best interests by evil doers! Who’d of thunk. Well at least we won’t let it get any worse – oh wait:

Silicon Valley is in the midst of building an even bigger monster machine.  Steve Kovach describes Google's project to create a herd of Trojan Horses to get inside every aspect of your life. "Google’s hardware division will be used to sneak the company’s AI technology into everything" you touch.

All of Google’s new products incorporate its AI technologies in one way or another. For example, Google Clips, its new camera, uses AI to monitor what’s happening around it to determine the best time to take short video clips. It then transfers those clips to Google Photos, the company’s photo storage service, which offers image recognition that’s constantly improving thanks to machine learning (aka, Artificial Intelligence)…

No one anticipated this all-powerful network could be potentially hijacked by actors like Putin…

Executives from Facebook, Google and Twitter have been called to give sworn public testimony before a US congressional panel early next month about what happened on their platforms in the run-up to the presidential election, now almost a year ago. The companies have also been approached by Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating alleged ties between Russia and the Donald Trump presidential campaign.

For all the repercussions of Trump’s presidency, among the most surprising may be the hostile scrutiny that has sprung up of America’s star-dusted tech companies, as awareness dawns of how Russia took advantage of the companies’ platforms – and their highly profitable obsessions with targeting individuals and content sharing, minus oversight – to elevate Trump and attack Hillary Clinton.

If any part of the Russian meddling story is true it does make one wonder: what were they thinking?

What part of “Make America Great Again” do they not get?

USS KITTY HAWK, at sea - A U.S. Air Force B-52 leads a formation of Air Force and Navy F-16, F-15, and F-18 aircraft over the USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63), USS Nimitz, and USS John C. Stennis Strike Groups during Valiant Shield's photo exercise Aug.14 (Guam time). The forces participated in Valiant Shield, the largest joint exercise in the Pacific this year. Held in the Guam operating area, the exercise includes 30 ships, more than 280 aircraft and more than 20,000 service members from the Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. (U.S. Navy photograph by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jarod Hodge)

They may wish to revisit their calculus. The arc length of their parametric curve seems a bit off.

missile launch3

Whereas ours is not.

PS Read the whole thing

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Postmodern Bravery: Harvey Weinstein Edition

Hollywood has clearly lost what little grasp on reality they had:

people magazine

Oh for heaven’s sake: “How brave women –from superstars to assistants- stood up to a powerful movie mogul accused of horrifying sexual abuse.” In the immortal words of John McEnroe, “you cannot be serious!” I would like to think the People cover is intended as irony, but we all know better.

Let’s start with Rose McGowan, who’s been running her mouth non-stop about what a pig Weinstein is and how Hollywood just turns women into sex objects – there’s a real news flash! Here’s Rose at the 1998 MTV Music Awards in a dress that exposs her derriere, along with other lady parts:

Rose McGowan wears a dress exposing her derriere at the MTV Music Awards with Marilyn Manson in 1998.

Doesn’t appear to me that she needs much help turning herself into a sex object. I’m sorry she was raped by the pig when she was 23. But let’s be clear: she could have decided to be “brave” at the time, not 21 years later. She didn’t though; she opted not to press charges (blaming her lawyer) and she accepted Harvey’s $100K settlement. She didn’t have to do that, unless she decided she wanted stardom more than she wanted justice. She made her bargain with the devil and understandably regretted it later. 

Weinstein mcgowanBut why would you agree to continue to pose for photo ops with the creep? WHY?

No, I’m not blaming the victim. I’m just asking People Magazine, what “bravery” are you citing here? How is it that Ashley, Gwyneth or Angelina “stood up to” Harvey at the time? Did they file charges? Did they pen an editorial for the New York Times, LA Times, Hollywood Reporter or Washington Post exposing the misogynistic behavior of old Uncle Harv? Did they call for the end of exploitation of women in Hollywood when they were young, hot and exploitable?  Did they provide People Magazine with an up-close and personal expose of the perv who was molesting and assaulting young actresses and wannabes when they ran the risk of being black listed?


No, I think not. They were silent. So how does keeping your yap shut for years on end, allowing this pig to continue his abusive attacks on other young women with impunity constitute valorous behavior? They didn’t “take down a Hollywood predator” they simply piled on when someone else finally did, decades later.  They may have been victims but stop casting them as heroic – another word that has come to mean nothing in the postmodern transformation of America.

RELATED: Michelle’s chosen role model for her girls, BeyoncĂ©, according to US Weekly, is rockin’ her toned post-baby bod in a crop top and form fitting skirt from her Ivy Park clothing line. Because shouldn’t every girl aspire to looking like a Barbie doll dressed up like a pimped out whore? So they can be more empowered, or something.

role model beyonce in her barbie doll pose

And by-the-way, why is it cultural appropriation for white women to wear hoop earrings but perfectly okay for black women to sport straight blonde hair?

87309920Michelle embraces her blonde black role model friend

Never mind, I know: because RACISM! And while I’m at it, isn’t dressing like a slut some kind of cultural appropriation? After all, Madonna did it first. Or is it racist of me to even suggest that?

Trophy_Oscar4 Spare me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning for the marquee, The wretched refuse of the teeming whores. Send these, the soulless, tempest-tossed, debris: they lift their lamps to the gold they grope for.

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

And Take Your Stinkin’ New World Order With You.


Not really. I did, for awhile, but that was then. This is now:

Sick Of Me Yet copy

Well, yes, thanks for asking. Since you managed to stay gone and silent for the 8 years of Obama’s transformation of America, you can just go away now and stay gone. And take your Daddy’s New World Order, old guard, with you. We’re Making America Great Again.

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Friday, October 20, 2017

FLOTUS Friday–Fake News Edition

How hard is it to create fake news? Not very, as it turns out; all you need are media credentials and a twitter account.

body double tweet

“Well, now. To be honest, I had feared the process of creating conspiracy-based fake news would be a lot more inconvenient – I was concerned I’d have to go to that Macedonian town and hang out with the emo teens or whoever it was whose fake news farm skewed the US election for the Russkies. But I needn’t have worried. It turned out to be something I could do in a few moments while exiting South Kensington tube station.”

At lightening speed the internet lit up with Fake News spottings of Fake Melanias. I say let them have their fun. Remember how much we all enjoyed our Lady M body-double stories? Especially when Kenan Thompson tried out to be one of Michelle Obama’s body doubles?

reba mcentire v kenen thompson[3]Reba McEntire and Kenan Thompson

And here’s Caitlyn Jenner, trying out for Melania’s body double.

042617-caitlyn-jenner-primary-1200x630The delusion is strong in this one

Melania thought it was rather funny,


but unfortunately Caitlyn wasn’t as amused when he she was eliminated.


But let’s be honest, being Melania’s body double is a rather tall order.


So, because it’s Friday, let’s just enjoy a few other famous body doubles:

Obama buddy Richard Branson:


Angry Samuel L. Jackson:


Peyton Manning:


Snoop Dogg:


and of course, Trump: celebrity-look-alikes-animals-3.hitler cat jpg

Let the body double conspiracies begin. Anyone got one for Hillary?

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Russia Collusion of the Worst Sort (the Democrat Sort)

The Russian collusion is becoming clearer and clearer: bribes, kickbacks, a manipulated uranium deal to supply Russia’s nuclear program. Plus the revelation that the Russian government actually paid Fusion GPS to create the fake “Golden Shower” propaganda dossier on then candidate Trump. That’s right, the same fake dossier used by the FBI last June to initiate the FISA surveillance warrants against the Trump campaign. Things are getting decidedly weird.

dorothy and alice

And then things get even curiouser:

They also obtained an eyewitness account — backed by documents — indicating Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow, sources told The Hill.

The Hill pulled this octopus together, detailing the 4 year FBI investigation of this affair:

Rather than bring immediate charges in 2010, however, the Department of Justice (DOJ) continued investigating the matter for nearly four more years, essentially leaving the American public and Congress in the dark about Russian nuclear corruption on U.S. soil during a period when the Obama administration made two major decisions benefiting Putin’s commercial nuclear ambitions.

The twists, turns and intersections involving FBI investigators, various high ranking Democrats (Mueller, Rosenstein, Holder, the Clintons, to name a few) and Russia! Russia! Russia! are enough to make you scratch your head. But most curiouser of all: why didn’t we hear anything about this until now? News leaking out from yesterday’s closed House Intelligence Committee might provide a clue. Reportedly the two principles in GPS Fusion took the Fifth when questioned about who paid for the generation of the Golden Showers dossier. Not surprising, but here’s what I found more interesting: a report from the hearing that Democratic staffers were “very aggressive and ran interference to protect GPS.” It almost sounds like the Democrats don’t want the truth on this whole sordid mess to ever reach the light of day. I wonder why?

1432128417_barack-obama-hillary-bill-clinton-twitter-zoomLock ‘em Up!

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Rabbit Hole Wednesday: The Beginning of the End?

There are now so many entrances to the rabbit hole that you may trip and fall into one quite by accident.  And once you do the rabbit warren is like a maze of drug-induced alternate realities. But this…this might give even the most reality-challenged social justice warrior pause: Demonic Clown Drag Queen Does Story Time at Michelle Obama Public Library.

Screenshot Studio capture #004Screenshot Studio capture #005

The fact this “diversity” event took place at the Long Beach Michelle Obama Library alone qualifies for a Rabbit Hole Report special mention for alternate reality irony. But I sense a shift here, perhaps an indication that the Rabbit Hole brigade may have finally misgauged things a bit too much. My gut tells me that this is either the pinnacle of post-modernism, or the beginning of it’s demise. I do not rule out the possibility it is both.quote-now-this-is-not-the-end-it-is-not-even-the-beginning-of-the-end-but-it-is-perhaps-the-end-of-winston-churchill-37226

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. Henceforth Hitler's Nazis will meet equally well armed, and perhaps better armed troops. Hence forth they will have to face in many theatres of war that superiority in the air which they have so often used without mercy against other, of which they boasted all round the world, and which they intended to use as an instrument for convincing all other peoples that all resistance to them was hopeless....

Now that we are “well armed, and perhaps better armed” the political philosophy that thinks normalizing the likes of drag queen Xochi Mochi will finally begin to retreat. And when liberalism stops conflating itself with socialism and other forms of “social justice” perhaps the classical liberalism of John Locke can begin to take root in America again. Where once only rabbit holes existed we will Make America Great Again.

begging of the end

Modern Liberalism, a bad idea, nearly fully realized: good riddance

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

akdoV – Rearview Mirror Explanations

“I was running down the stairs in heels with a cup of coffee in hand, I was talking over my shoulder and my heel caught and I fell backwards.”Hillary Clinton, explaining broken toe

This brings to mind three things Hillary has still not learned:

1. Coffee, coffee, coffee. Then try the challenging issues of your day. It’s safer that way.

drink coffee

2. People who spend a lot of time looking backwards find very few answers but discover a lot of excuses.


3. If you keep peering into the rearview mirror you may see messages that you do not appreciate,

mirror image license asshole

and are closer than you think.


But on a more immediate and practical note, looking backwards is just plain dangerous.

fall down stairs

And if you’re looking backwards while running downstairs in heels with coffee in your hands, well, you might even fall backwards and break your toe. Of course you could also happen if you drop a full bottle of vodka on your foot.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Open Thread Monday

I know…everyday is open thread day around here, but this makes it official.

After 4 days of angry skies we are packing up and heading out for points south.

IMG_20171015_130807783_HDRThe Sleeping Bear as seen from the beach on Lake Michigan Beach

We had a great time despite the wind and rain, indeed, we had the entire beach to ourselves for some strange reason.


Today promises fair skies as we snake our way home along the shore route. Hope you all have a sunny day.

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