Saturday, December 24, 2016

Is That Christmas Palm Tree Swaying Or Is It Just Woozy With Grief?

Ah, Christmas Eve! And what a glorious Christmas Eve it is: the Liberals were nestled all smug in their heads; till visions of Trump unleashed their worst dreads. This may seem very un-Christmasy of me, butt I just don’t have time to coddle them today. They’ll have to find their own safe space, the Cheesecake Factory perhaps? There won’t be any scary arms in there, just cheesecake.


So the bad elf season is almost over;


the end of dog-shaming for another year.


And I would like to point out that the chocolate Lab was innocent all along, the victim of Trumped-up charges®.

chocolate labElf? No, I didn’t see an elf, why?

And now, as I do every year, I’m reprising this video from my very first Christmas Eve post way, way back in 2009. It was originally assembled to commemorate our first, historic, Presidential vacation on the alleged island of Barry’s birth. I would point out however that Trump has it correct: to this day nobody really knows where the Left’s new messiah was actually born. 

 From Christmas Eve, 2009:

Santa and his elves are hanging around D.C. just long enough this morning to vote on how much they’re going to charge for shipping and handling on this year’s free gifts.

Then we can all fly away for our Winter Solstice holidays! I can’t wait – I’ve never been to Big Guy’s alleged birth state. I have to remember to pack my UVA and UVB lenses.

I dreamed about our vacation all last night …(watch for my cameos on the balcony, lanai, beach and in the surf.)

So here it is - just like Clara’s dream from the Nutcracker - MOTUS’ Christmas Eve Dream from the land where palm trees sway:

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Friday, December 23, 2016

Another Russian Hack: Even More Delicious

ice skating

I’m hitting the road today, so this officially begins the Christmas celebration of 2016. I’m kicking it off with Joni’s accidental Christmas song that was a big hit last year:

It was originally released in 1971 on the appropriately named album, Blue, and never really intended as a Christmas song. It's become a staple because nearly everyone of a certain age is apt to "feel a little blue around the holidays," as my Mother used to put it in her understated way. Even if you otherwise love Christmas and all its attendant traditions the march of time and circumstance inevitably means beloved friends and family members are missing from our gatherings. I learned from my Mother that it's quite all right to unwrap that sadness, acknowledge its place in your heart, then wrap it back up and set it in among all the gifts you've received along the years.

With that in mind I offer River today. Take a short trip down the frozen river, discharge the negative energy, then turn around and head back up river, towards the light. Sometimes we just can't see it because we have our backs turned.

Think of it as a discharge that allows us to fully recharge our psyches with the joy of the season.

Oh, and in case you’ve forgotten, around this time last year Trump had just begun his trip up-river and never looked back. Thanks to his strength, powerful message and tenacity this year’s Christmas gifts are very bountiful, indeed.

And now on to the recipes: the next two days are dedicated to festive fare to be enjoyed over the next week or so in order to ensure we restart our exercise program in January. Feel free to re-post your old favorites: I promise to harvest them this time for use at a future date. Here are several of my favorites that I’ve previously shared:

Butt I have thus far never published my Russian Cream with Raspberries recipe, or “the Christmas Razzle-berry Pudding” as Raj calls it. It’s simple, stunning and wickedly delicious; in other words exactly what one should serve at Christmas. When you read the recipe you will see why it’s fallen out of the power rotation as we’ve all grown a tad older and rounder. Still - it’s a stunner both visually and palate-wise and should be enjoyed (in tiny portions) at least once in a lifetime. It’s a little bit tart from the raspberries as well as rich and satisfying like a Bavarian cream without the moderation and fluff of egg whites - sort of the Donald Trump of Christmas desserts. Enjoy.


Russian Cream

russian cream with berries


2 cups whipping cream

1 cup sugar

2 tbs. (2 envelopes) Knox unflavored gelatin

½ c. cold water

2 cups sour cream

2 tsp. vanilla

1 package of frozen, unsweetened raspberries



Soften the gelatin in the water.

Add sugar to whipping (unwhipped) cream. Heat to lukewarm over low heat, stirring just until the sugar is dissolved. Add the softened gelatin and stir until completely dissolved. Cool until mixture begins to thicken slightly and stir in the vanilla and sour cream until completely incorporated and smooth. Pour into two small or 1 large mold that has been rinsed with cold water. Chill until firm. Unmold and serve with the raspberries (or any berry or combination of berries) and their juice, slightly sweetened with sugar if desired.

Can also be tarted up as individual parfaits.

tarted up russian cream


Well, since our homegrown Coup D’etat was successful,
and Trump is now ensconced as President-Elect I say, let’s get on with the cookin’ – only 2 days till Christmas!

And I haven’t forgotten my promise for the ultimate Christmas gin drink. While I generally prefer my gin simply in a dry martini with lots of olives and/or a lemon twist this is a surprisingly delicious holiday variation on the gin and tonic, compliments of Ruth’s Chris Steak House. It requires the purchase of a rather pricey addition to the liquor cabinet, ginger liquor:


Butt maybe you can find a generic, if not I’m sure it will last for many Christmas’ to come (well, maybe not, if your crowd loves them as much as I do). Instead of a recipe, Ruth’s has put a short video together for us:

And while the pink peppercorns are also pricey you can skip them, or pick them out of the (cheaper) three peppercorn blend.

Now I need to get my sleigh packed so party on MOTI.

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Stop Whining and Get Your Tux Pressed

What is it about liberals? When they lose they whine, and  when they win (twice) they whinefor eight years.cry-baby presidentIf they’re totally committed to being aggrieved, nobody can make them happy; no matter what you try to do to make them smile.

obama and the snowman Thanks Lili47!

Ta-Nehisi Coates  - who also wrote a long treatise for The Atlantic about why blacks in America are owed billions in reparations premised on America being a racist country from day one, so you know his sentiments on race – has a new article about how Barry has endured racist behavior during his tenure. In My President Was Black he demonstrates how he and the outgoing president concur on the basic.premise:

“In 2008 I was never subjected to the kind of concentrated vilification of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, the whole conservative-media ecosystem, and so as a consequence, even for my first two years as a senator I was polling at 70 percent. And it was because people basically saw me unfiltered. I was at a town-hall meeting, or I was talking to people directly, or they had met me, or I would speak at a university or go to a VFW hall. But they weren’t seeing some image of me as trying to take away their stuff and give it to black people, and coddle criminals, and all the stereotypes of not just African American politicians but liberal politicians. You started to see that kind of prism being established towards the end of the 2008 race, particularly once Sarah Palin was the nominee. And obviously almost immediately after I was elected, it was deployed in full force. And it had an impact in terms of how a large portion of white voters would see me.”

That’s a lot of whining from a guy who’s received less media criticism than any sitting president in the entire history of the country. With the exception of Fox News. news touchingMy all-time favorite Barry poster

If you’ve already finished your Christmas shopping, wrapping and baking the full interview accompaniment is a hoot: ‘Better Is Good’: Obama on Reparations, Civil Rights, and the Art of the Possible. It contains gems like this quote from BHO:

And I would say this, I’ll go back to those black ladies I was talking about who love them some Barack and love Michelle even more…and if at the end of my presidency they feel like I did a pretty good job, then I’ll feel pretty good.

And let’s be honest, Barry feeling “pretty good” is really the only thing that matters. So what if he destroyed our healthcare system? So what if his foreign relations “experts” destroyed the Middle East, guaranteed a nuclear Iran and threatens to ignite a Third World War? [Hard to believe the chief architect of this fiasco lost her presidential bid isn’t it?] 

scary hillary“I won the popular vote, why am I not President!”

Who cares that Barry and his Department of Justice set race relations back 50 years and opted to go after America’s peace keepers rather than the thugs destroying America’s social fiber? Does anyone really care that we have over 95 million men and women of working age not in the workforce because either there’s no work available or they don’t have to – thanks to government freebies funded by unsustainable Federal debt?

Anyway, I got my days mixed up so tomorrow will be Christmas Recipe Day. I promise to try to collect them all this year so be prepared – there are appetizers to make.

litle penguin olive soldiersGetting dressed for Trump’s inaugural ball.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Running For That Okidoke, and Shave Ice

There is a type of bookending about Barry’s first and last tax-payer funded Winter Holiday in Hawaii. His first you may recall was the occasion the Muslim Panty Bomber tried to blow up an airplane as it came in for a landing over Detroit. Fortunately for all involved, with the possible exception of the Bomber himself, his underwear caught fire butt failed to detonate.

That time it took Barry, who was busy, three days to emerge from his well-earned vacation cocoon to finally comment on the situation.

obama-golf-283x499Shush, we don’t speak of such things, especially on vacation.

After this year’s terrorist Christmas event – thankfully off-shore this time – Barry took solace on the golf course:

President Obama headed to a golf course moments after receiving reports that a truck had plowed through a Christmas market in Berlin in a potential terrorist attack, according to White House pool reports.

He eventually offered condolences to Angela Merkel.

And believe me, we’ve made progress these past 8 years; our hair may be a bit grayer,

golf 2016

butt let the record reflect that BHO is one of very few Presidents whose golf game has actually improved during his time in office. And in case you’re interested, we had dinner last night at the exclusive Vintage Cave Club, which is not just a restaurant it’s a concept:

vintage cave club

Secured in the natural embrace of the cathedral-like environment, guests are encouraged to relax, ‘hit reset’, and escape the ordinary. Please enjoy our exceptional food, wine, and entertainment at the hands of gifted masters of the arts.

“Gifted masters,” “cathedral-like,”  “hit reset:” sounds perfect - for a rich white dude.

Butt it’s Christmas, I don’t want to start a class war; Barry already did that, most recently when he was campaigning for multi-millionaire Hillary and against the rich white guy:

Barack Hussein Obama, 2009-2017. The great Uniter.

"And let me say this -- because I was talking to some folks here on the way over, and I said to them, if you're a working person, if you are out there every day working hard, punching a clock, the notion that this guy is your champion -- the notion that this guy is going to fight for working people, when his entire life he did not have time for anybody who wasn't rich or a celebrity; who wouldn't let you into one of his hotels unless you were cleaning the room; wouldn't let you onto one of his golf courses unless you were mowing the fairway -- come on! This guy is going to be your champion?

"I mean, it would be one thing if you were thinking about voting for somebody who had been in the trenches, who knew what it was like to maybe not have enough money at the end of the month, who maybe had seen their parents working in a coal mine or on an assembly line, and knew what it was like to not be able to afford college, and had done his best -- maybe you'd think about some of the stuff he's saying. But this guy? Don't be bamboozled. Don't run for that okidoke. Come on!

shve3Okidoke! Shave Ice!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I’m Not Tired of Winning Yet

Here’s your early Christmas present: and the winner is…

hillary not my president

Not Hillary.

The Electoral College dealt Big Media and Democrat Hillary Clinton one more final embarrassment. With nearly all the Electoral College votes cast, the former secretary of state set a 104-year record for the candidate with the most faithless electors…For all the headlines focusing on one faithless elector in Texas who turned out to be a complete fraud, it would really surprise you to hear that Mrs. Clinton not only lost more electors than President-elect Donald J. Trump, but the most of any candidate in over 100 years.

I posted this on election night and I hope you’re not getting tired of it listening to it because I’m not tired of winning yet. Dedicated to Donald J. Trump’s victory, against all odds - because he insisted on doing it his way:

Regrets, I've had a few
But then again, too few to mention
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption

I planned each charted course
Each careful step along the byway
And more, much more than this
I did it my way

Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could chew
But through it all, when there was doubt
I ate it up and spit it out
I faced it all and I stood tall
And did it my way.


I don’t know about you butt I’ve got a lot of stuff to do this week so if you’re not busy shopping or baking cookies please carry on. Recipes are always welcome butt Thursday will be official Christmas recipe day so plan accordingly.

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Monday, December 19, 2016

A Republic, If You Can Keep It.

Well, today’s the day. The Electoral College will vote to officially instate Donald J. Trump as the duly elected President Elect of the United States. Despite the impassioned pleas from the likes of Joy Behar, Michael Moore, Martin Sheen and Hot Lips Houlihan. Suddenly these constitutional scholars are experts on the machinations if the Electoral College. 

Screen Capture #203

Let’s remember that the only distinct skill of an actor is their ability to convincingly read lines written by somebody else.

Martin Sheen

If they understand the words and the context they can reinforce the words with emotive behaviors. If they don’t understand the words, well, that’s what directors are for: to explain the words, tell them how they’re supposed to feel and coach them through the correct way to act it out.

Hence a smart actor -James Woods for example -

james wood iq

requires very little direction while other less, uh, talented in the intelligence department require a good deal more “coaching.”

Let’s just say all of the actors in the Dump Trump Hollywood video could use a good director. In their well directed PSA these “celebrities” – who never heard of the Federalist Papers before receiving their scripts – spout off with authoritative airs regarding Alexander Hamilton’s misguided Federalist Paper No.68:

Alexander Hamilton was a brilliant man.  But even brilliant men sometimes advance ideas that turn out to be spectacularly wrong-headed.  Such is the case with Hamilton’s Federalist Paper No. 68

A “constant probability” of “characters pre-eminent for ability and virtue” running for a powerful political office?  Hamilton should have known better.  Indeed, there are only two things that Federalist Paper No. 68 is good for.  The first is as a demonstration of how very intelligent people can get carried away with their ideas to the point of imbecility.  The second is as an inspiration for self-important show biz types to make fools of themselves. American Spectator

sheenCelebrities-plead-with-GOP-electors-to-be--heroes-“Say it like you know what it means Martin!”

I daresay that most, if not all, of these B-list spokesmouths would be incapable of explaining what the Federalist Papers are or what their role in U.S. history was. Fortunately for them they have their First Amendment right to say whatever they please, no matter how idiotic. Hamilton himself felt the Bill of Rights was unnecessary as he believed the entire U.S. Constitution was intended to set limits and checks and balances on the government so that no individual’s rights would be infringed upon. I guess he never envisioned a country where the Constitution was no longer taught to the upcoming generations; and where mindless actors consider themselves experts on the notion behind the electoral college despite any knowledge regarding it’s origins and intent.

So go ahead, you can finish up your Christmas shopping secure in the belief that the American Electoral College will perform their job as intended and elect Donald today as our next president. Because it’s the right thing to do.

2016-election-by-county u of m red blue"A republic, if you can keep it." – Benjamin Franklin

So I say we should drop the security covering Hillary and use it instead to provide security for the electors as they make their way to the assigned point in their respective states to cast their votes. And I think we should also celebrate the foresight of our Forefathers for sorting out all the issues related to the Constitution and our Bill of Rights hence establishing the American Republic: Mankind’s last, best hope.

snoopy with a gunThis way to the Electoral College.

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Sunday, December 18, 2016


Here it is, the Sunday before Christmas already. How does this happen? Every. Year. And I haven’t even wrapped up last week’s news yet so let’s get started.

First off, Barry gave the newsers an early Christmas gift by deigning to hold a rare end-of-year press conference in which he delusionally declared his presidency an unmitigated success. In fact he gave himself a very solid A+. That’s up from the solid B+ he gave himself at the end of his first year when he was interviewed by Oprah (December, 2009):

In her Christmas in Washington special on ABC last night, Oprah Winfrey asked President Obama to grade himself.

“Good, solid B-plus,” the president said.

Explaining, he said, “we have inherited the biggest set of challenges of any president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


“We stabilized the economy, and prevented possibilities of a Great Depression or a significant financial meltdown. The economy is growing again. (edit: If by “growing” you mean by an average of 1.5% during an 8 year ongoing “recovery”)

“We are on our way out of Iraq. I think we’ve got the best possible plan for Afghanistan. (edit: CNN - Dateline November 19, 2016: Suicide bombs and street-to-street fighting, human shields and a humanitarian crisis. The battle to recapture Mosul from ISIS has been raging for a month. So where do things stand?)

“We have reset our image around the world.”  (edit: China steals U.S. undersea drone in international waters)

And apparently he stills believe this to be true as he told the press corpse just last Friday: “almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than they did eight years ago.”

Butt shoot, I guess your self-evaluation wasn’t accepted because as the Constitution would have it, you really don’t get to grade yourself. That’s still left up to we, the people and based on the results of the election I’d say the people would knock it down a few grades. So…No Mo BO.


Because – in case you haven’t heard, Hillary lost. And it’s all Vladimir Putin’s fault; because that’s what her people - who don’t want to take the blame any more than she does - told her.

"Vladimir Putin himself directed the covert cyberattacks against our electoral system, against our democracy, apparently because he has a personal beef against me," Clinton said, per audio obtained by The New York Times.

In the remarks, Clinton ties the "beef" to the country's parliamentary elections in 2011, which as secretary of state, Clinton said were "unfair, not free, illegitimate."

To bad Hilz… No Mo Dough, No Mo Quid Pro Quo.


And then of course we have Lady M, who is HOPEless – once again. As she famously opined to Oprah last week:

"I think that we feel the difference now. See, now we're feeling what not having hope feels like," Obama said. "Hope is necessary. It's a necessary concept.


And since this is above all a fashion blog I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the lovely frock MO chose for her last Oprah appearance as FLOTUS was a Preen midi, by Thornton Bregazzi.


It’s described as a “loose-fitting design crafted from tactile devorĂ© silk-blend chiffon that's printed with pretty florals and metallic stripes.”  And talk about leveling the playing field! Sitting right next to Oprah it manages to magically make both icons appear to be of equal size. That’s magical. And while this lovely frock originally was priced at $2910 it’s now marked down to a reasonable $1455.

preen midi

Who wouldn’t jump on that?

32 more days to NO MO BO, NO MO MO, NO MO WOE. Save the date!

PS: Let’s hope that Thornton Bregazzi is one of the designers who’s refused to design for Melania.

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