Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Well Here We Are Again


You reach a certain age and you just can’t seem to stay away from these places. Not me this time, Raj. Pancreatitis. Been in since ED visit Monday after days of pain. So…arrived at 6:00 pm, diagnosed at 2:30 am, wait on room availability. I left for home at 3:30am there was as no way of knowing when a room would become available.

Mind you, I haven’t driven, at ALL, since June neurosurgery, although I’ve felt I could. So I decided to test my theory on a cold, snowy dark night at 3:30 am. Thankfully I was right and thankfully there were few other fools on the road. We thought Raj had diverticulosis and they would give him antibiotics and send him home so he didn’t pack anything. Foolish. Anyway, I would have to get home to get him some things anyway, my back was killing me, I was exhausted and Ididn’t think waiting for morning rush hour would make things any better. Of course, I didn’t know it was snowing as there are no windows in the ED. But all worked out.

My sister came down the following afternoon, thank goodness, as I was still exhausted and wobbly. She’s been chauffeuring me around (I also have 5 medical appointments of my own, including infusion, this week). She’s also been cooking and cleaning, and again, thank goodness, as I am near useless. Raj is doing well, back on solid food and electrolytes stabilizing slowly. He has one of the few private rooms at U of M hospital, spacious with a lovely view. He said it’s like being a big shot again. My sister accused him of using my hospital frequent flyer miles.

Anyway, hoping for release by Friday. Till then be good and remember: eating habits have consequences unlike shoplifting and rioting (unless you’re on the wrong side of the political class’s ideology).