Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Birthday America!

Like all of your favorite radio/teevee hosts I’m doing a “best of” today. I hope you enjoy my 2015 4th of July retrospective.

sparklers-blogHappy Birthday America!

From 2011: a pre-4th post from Camp David, Home For the Holiday: Feliz Quarto De Julio

Anyway, the long and short of it is Lady M decided to send me and Little Mo back to the Big White to weed and water the Big White Organic Garden of Versus in order to give our illegal Mexicans the rest of the Quarto de Julio weekend off.

From 2012:  Happy Birthday America! July 4, 2012 in which we enjoy a quote from Abraham Lincoln.

“The shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep’s throat, for which the sheep thanks the shepherd as a liberator, while the wolf denounces him for the same act as the destroyer of liberty, especially as the sheep was a black one.  Plainly the sheep and the wolf are not agreed upon a definition of the word liberty.”

Although I think we can all agree on the meaning of“destroyer.”

scramannotated portrait courtesy of Cripes Suzette

And from 2013, As it Turns Out, We Were the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For,we have Paul Harvey’s video essay on the fate of the 56 men who believed liberty was so important that they pledged “…our lives, our fortune, our sacred honor” to ensure it.

Also from that post, a not-to-be-missed photo-recipe for some 4th of July s’mores that have been kicked up to notches unknown:

cookies_thumb1Warning: do not eat more than a dozen

Also from 2013, we have a bonus post of the Star Spangled Banner by “Madison Rising.”

And finally, last year’s 4th of July post, “A republic, Madam, if you can keep it” which includes an eerily prescient observation about Joan Rivers.

So let’s get those baked beans in the oven, the potato salad in the frig and the burgers and dogs on the grill and party like it’s 1776!

us_independence_day_5_1152x864_thumbHappy Birthday America – Long May You Run!

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Do You Know When We Celebrate Our Independence From Mexico?

I was saving this for the Fourth of July, butt it occurred to me that it would be too depressing for such a glorious holiday. So I leave you to ponder its implications today, and save tomorrow for rolling out the flags.

And you can bet that at least half of the people interviewed here about America’s Declaration of Independence were on the honor roll at their school.

Remember: Sheeple are made not born. So if you must blame anyone for this sort of wanton ignorance, blame our public education system as well as its school of continuing education – MSM.


All I can say is ask not for whom the bell tolls…


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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Racial Progress in Obama’s America

In this, the 7th year of our historic post-racial, post-partisan presidency, I would like to provide a brief update on our progress toward racial harmony:

  • Life Before Obama (aka BCE - Before Common Error):


A diverse mob stampedes through Walmart to buy stuff on Black Friday.

  • After Obama (aka CE - Common Error)

A group of “young marauders” rampage through a Macon, Georgia Walmart to break stuff and “see how much damage they could do.” You are not allowed to flaunt your white privilege by calling them “young thugs” as that would be deemed a micro-aggression. So, just shut up.

And that, my friend, is what’s known as “transformation” in the Error of Obama.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Choose Wisely, Weedhoppers.

Wake up liberal white American: when you  hump for “social justice” you’re humping for Latin American style social justice.

cuba3may2010Free TeeVee! All day long!

Given that, it should come as no surprise that one of the mantras of social justice is “immigration reform” -which could more correctly be called open border policy.


So when whites become a minority in America (as Crazy Uncle Joe celebrates) the new nation of immigrants will not only vote as a Democratic block, they will vote as a block to bring Latin American style “democracy” on-shore: thus completing the “transformation of America.”

Given that it’s not really surprising that in a shock non-scientific poll (as if “scientific” means anything anymore anyway) nearly half of Ed Schultz’s viewers agreed with The Donald on immigration.

It’s almost as if some liberals actually understand that The Donald has enough money that he could afford to be a liberal Democrat if he wanted, and live the hypocritical life of the Liberal 1%. Because he could still afford to live the good life…butt the rest of us can’t. In some odd way that makes him a man of the people.

So I would suggest we might all want to reconsider the value The Donald brings to the electoral season.

Socialism breadlinesChoose wisely, weedhoppers.


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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Charleston, SC & Detroit, MI: Compare and Contrast

Little Mo is Guest Posting his “Feel Good Story of the Day” today while I help Raj get ready for his 7:30 AM surgery.

Today’s assignment: Compare and Contrast.

1.  On the evening of June 17, 2015, a mass shooting took place at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Nine people were shot and killed; a tenth person was shot and survived.  South Carolina law mandates that Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and all churches in South Carolina are “Gun-Free Zones”.


2.  On the morning of June 21, 2015, as about 20 people were dining at Pete’s Grill and Coney Island on the Detroit’s east side, a man walked in, pulled out a gun and said he was robbing the place. The armed robber was pointing the gun at everyone, telling them all to get down and not move, while demanding the workers “get to the register.” Instead of getting the register, an armed employee fatally shot the perpetrator. Pete’s Coney Island and all restaurants in Michigan are NOT “Gun-Free Zones” butt rather they’re  “Self-Defense Zones” and permit Concealed Pistol License holders to legally carry firearms.


video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

“You make a split second decision based on the information you have available…” just like cops

not gun free zoneBecause when seconds count the police are only minutes away. Any questions?

Little Mo, Chief Security Officer: Team-MOTUS






I’m Little Mo and I approved this message

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Greece: At Least It’s Not Detroit

spanakopitaWe’re going to have to cut those spanakopita pieces smaller!

Okay, I’ve decided to back The Donald for president. Oh sure, he’s a pompous, arrogant, rich, white guy. Butt what difference, at this point, does it make?

At least he speaks the truth: je suis Greece.

In announcing his candidacy for U.S. president, Trump called Greece “unsalvageable” as he warned that America, with its own mounting debt, could end up just like it. – Politico

Greece ran out of its own money a long time ago and now, as Madam Thatcher warned, it’s finally running out of other people’s as well, unless the West decides to triple down on it’s lost bet.

No country that employs 75% of its citizens in make-work government bureaucracies and produces nothing except spanakopita is going to be  – to put it in modern terms – sustainable.

So I’m all in, for now, with The Donald who thinks we should do something about our national debt:

“We’re at $18 trillion now. We’re soon going to be at $20 trillion. At $24 trillion, that’s the point of no return. We will be there soon. That’s when we become Greece!”

greece detroit

Sorry Donald, butt nobody ever gets fired in Greece.

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

President Obama: Welcome To Our World

Last week at a LGBT Gay Pride reception in the East Room, Big Guy got a little taste of how many of us feel most of the time when he was repeatedly assaulted by a rude interloper:

It’s not clear how Ms. Gutierrez, 29, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico living in Los Angeles, got into the gay pride reception in the East Room of the White House on Wednesday. All visitors to the White House face a background check by the Secret Service, which didn’t respond to questions about the incident. – Washington Times

Imagine the audacity! An undocumented immigrant from Mexico walks right into your house and immediately starts making demands of you. Who wouldn’t be upset?


Big Guy was having none of it, initially scolding him/her with a “shame on you” before subsequently pointing out irritably that “you’re in my house.” When that didn’t work either, he resorted to having him/her forcibly removed. We the people would love to be privy to the same recourse for handling our rude visitors – just throw them out.

AP_Obama_150624_16x9_992Barry ejects rude visitor from his house: reasonable force 

deportation-1Conservatives demand rude visitors go home: Racist macro-aggression

“You know, my attitude is if you’re eating the hors d’oeuvres,” he said, “and drinking the booze …you know what I mean?"


Yeah, Barry, we know what you mean. And we agree. Stop heckling us.

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