Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Follow the Science: Special Wing and Feather Day Edition

Peaches questions the results of her DNA test:

meet peachy the birdPossibly there was a mix up in the lab  

When what “the science” tells us seems ludicrous it is not only our right but our responsibility to  question it, and reject it if it is found to be lacking and/or flawed. Unfortunately much of the current “science” is both. In the immortal words of Green Bay quarterback Aaron Roberts: "If science can't be questioned, it's not science anymore. It’s propaganda.”

And we have been propaganded to death.

better living through science

Because anything you think you know might be wrong. Science by its nature is provisional; new evidence must be taken under serious consideration. The earth is not flat even it if looks like it is, gravity is a real thing but, as Einstein later proved, driven by energy not mass as Newton concluded. The world marches on and science with it. Science is never the answer, it’s the question.

world of colorCalvin discovers how science is forever but the world changes

How it’s answered is crucial. So let’s be careful out there.

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Out of Whack But Don’t Worry, It’s On Backorder

Well here I am. I would say still standing but that would be a slight exaggeration as standing – at least unassisted_ is not currently one of my superpowers.

So here’s a short list of how I spent my summer vacation: norovirus, neurosurgery, pulmonary embolisms, fungal pneumonia and hyponatremia. In short, everything has been out of whack, but don’t worry:

whack 2

With the current worldwide supply chain issues it just takes longer for everything to arrive these days. Take our dishwasher for example: it crapped out the week before I went in for my surgery. We ordered a new one immediately but couldn’t get the model we wanted until last Friday. Except that they called late that afternoon to tell us that deliveries were overbooked and they couldn’t come until this Thursday. We now have at least one generation that thinks this is normal. They’ve never known America when its supply chain was the envy of the world and other countries came to us for products. Many of The kids seem perfectly happy being consumers rather than producers.

But how I ramble in my impaired state. I assure you I am getting better and stronger with each day. It’s that after being released from the hospital the last time I was starting somewhere near zero. I honestly don’t know how Raj managed to get me home; I could not stand on my own and could only shuffle a little with a walker – I seem to have symptom similar to a stroke victim and my balance and coordination are worse than they were before the surgery so I need to work on that.

Any hoo, I needed help with everything the first 2 weeks: from rolling over in bed, going to the bathroom, getting up from a seated position, etc.. All my muscles had atrophied to jello, it was shocking how completely wrecked they were.  And not only did Raj have to do nearly everything for me, he had to wash dishes too!

So I am indeed blessed and grateful for all of your prayers, good wishes, thoughts and good vibes. I have no doubt that there has been an intercession on my behalf as a result as I was a very, very sick puppy for quite awhile. But for the grace of God I wouldn’t be here. So I sincerely thank my family and friends -including all the MOTI - for helping me pull through and continue to recover. I’m very glad to be back with you, even if it’s only at 25%.

So let us continue to ride the waves, wherever they take us

Wave ~ Photography by Tobia Scandolara

knowing that eventually we will land on shore.

PS Special thanks to my little Sis for helping keep the MOTI informed of my progress.