Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hillary’s Final Formation

It’s another relatively new Democrat presidential campaign tradition, introduced by our current, first,  historic black president: the hip-hop campaign rally.

beyonce formation

And who better to host a hip-hop rally than Hillary, Queen of the chillax* pussy* bitches*?  Just last night she had a bomb of a show headlined by another power-couple-in-name-only, Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

bey jay z passionately fake kiss

Could anyone other than Hillary have managed to get Bey and her bitches into pantsuits to perform her famous anti-cop “Formation” anthem? That’s what they did last night, forgoing their customary, more comfortable attire that allows them to air out the lady parts they’ll all be voting with next Tuesday.


Wow! Look at those Louboutin’s!

louboutin beyonceI’m talking about the boots, stoopid!

Beyoncé sang her current hit that memorializes her husband sleeping around with someone named “Becky with the good hair.” She also used the opportunity to speak passionately about female role models and women’s rights - before performing in a debased manner with her cheating husband:

bey jay jayWalk, meet talk. And take a hike.

I should note that the opening act for Hillary “the-first-President-with-a-Vagina” Clinton’s rally was Big Sean, rapping out his big hit: “I Don’t F--k With You.” It contains no less than 10 “f--k”s in the first stanza – that’s gotta be a record! And it also talks about hoes and n****rs like no white boy (or girl) ever could. That’s true art. Not to be confused with the coarseness exhibited by Mr. Trump.

Throughout the evening homage was paid to Hilz’ past commitments and sacrifices on behalf of the American people:

In all-caps letters, Clinton's words flashed across an oversized screen behind the stage where Beyoncé was performing at a get-out-the-vote concert in Cleveland:

“I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession which I entered before my husband was in public life." - Politico

And what a “profession” it’s turned out to be! So why on earth would a White Lady* be makin’ cookies* if she can be doin’ a 24/7* for dead presidents*? What a peep show*! Fo shizzle my nizzle*!!

And you can take that to the bank. Or the big house. Just not the White House“.“Bake your own damn cookies. And stop putting them on my f-----g computer!”

* From the Dictionary of Hip Hop Slang

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Friday, November 4, 2016

If You’re Still Hanging on the Horns of a Dilemma - Take the Trump Train


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, once identified by President Obama as one of his top five closest international leader friends, famously said: "Democracy is a like a train: you get off once you've reached your destination." – PJ Media

Was7544462Barry and his best bud, Recep, availing themselves of the services of the U.S. military

Apparently Erdogan believes he has arrived at said destination. According to Reuters:

Turkey detained two co-leaders and nine other lawmakers of Turkey's pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) early on Friday over reluctance to give testimony for crimes linked to "terrorist propaganda."

The Turkish Interior Ministry said detention orders for 13 MPs were issued, but only 11 were detained as two lawmakers were abroad.

Although this has been going on since July’s unsuccessful “military” coup:

Arrests have been widespread since the July attempted coup, with the Erdogan regime imprisoning opponents, banning rallies, taking over media outlets, and sacking non-Islamist government employees by the thousands.

Many believe the coup was staged by Erdogan himself in order to seize power and justify his current actions which include - in addition to locking up opponents - banning rallies, taking over media outlets, and sacking non-Islamist government employees by the thousands.

And the official U.S. position? I guess we don’t have one:


Other than getting ready to shutter our embassy.

turkey 2

So your choice next Tuesday should be clear:

Vote for the ex-Secretary of State who, together with Barry, enabled the current actions of Turkey’s Sharia Law Loving Dictator. 

hillary hornsShould’ve done a more thorough “background” check on both of them

Even though he doesn’t seem to share her enlightened views on working women:

Women who choose careers over motherhood are trailblazers in some parts of the world. But in Turkey they're "deficient" — at least according to the nation's president.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan's declaration that such women were "half persons" is the latest in a series of remarks by the leader of a key U.S. ally that has sparked outrage and fear among liberals and human rights activists, who allege he's leading the country down a path to conservative Islam.

The ex-Secretary of State whose own Culture of Corruption entitles her to ignore any and all laws that she finds troublesome, including those aimed at preventing the influence of foreign governments in our elections:

Top Hillary Clinton campaign officials were warned last summer that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan would make contributions to the campaign through American proxies to gain favor, but chose to take money from one of the people they were warned about nonetheless. – Washington Free Beacon

The ex-Secretary of State who thinks she’s reached her destination.

Or you can vote to Make America Great Again. For Americans.

trump_ban_muslims_from_u_s-vi-3And that’s crazy because…why?

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Wanna Bet?

Believe, people!

cubs year

If the Cubbies can break a 108 year curse, Trump can break the eight year curse of Obama. To paraphrase carolann from last night: Brexit, the Cubs, Trump – three events people said would never happen...but they did…and will!

And this year might also end the 25 year curse of the Clintons. NO REALLY, I’M SERIOUS THIS TIME!

New evidence regarding the collusion between Clinton Inc., the Department of Justice and the Department of State continues to pour in. And apparently it pours out as well:

Sources say 99% chance foreign intel agencies accessed Clinton’s private server. CTH

There you have it: evidence of a national security violation, and a major violation at that. God only knows how many lives were placed in jeopardy – and possibly even lost – as a result of this egregious breach. Not to mention the amount of U.S. intelligence that has been accessed and undoubtedly used by our enemies for other nefarious purposes. This becomes a very big, very real national security scandal, very fast.

So big in fact that FBI agents obtained enough evidence to present a convincing case to the DOJ of collusion and corruption between the Secretary of State’s office and Clinton Inc.. You can imagine how irate those agents must have been to find out that the DOJ just brushed their evidence aside, calling it non-credible. Having surmounted the newest standard established by James Comey last July – intent – it’s still not good enough for the Protectors of the Clinton Legacy Program.

And let me be clear: Bill and Hill set up their home-brew server with the express intent of circumventing the prying eyes of the DOJ, FBI and FOIA requests so they would be free to exploit Hillary’s office of Secretary of State for the benefit of the Clinton Foundation and their private gain (aka “Clinton Inc.). That wraps Hillary’s so-called email scandal up right smack in the middle of the smelly fish wrap of the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play investigation. And I don’t care what way you’re leaning in this year’s election…


That’s right, YUGE! All you have to do is connect the dots: Crooked Foundation, Crooked Private Server, Crooked Secretary of State – and voila! National Security Violation! R.I.C.O.!! Stay tuned and make more popcorn. This is gonna be good.



Clinton Inc. – Providing Public Entertainment since they hit the trail in 1991

clintons businessWanna Bet? LOCK THEM UP!!!!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Smells Like Team Spirit

“Didn't you notice a powerful and obnoxious odor of mendacity in this room?... There ain't nothin' more powerful than the odor of mendacity... You can smell it. It smells like death.” – Big Daddy, Cat On a Hot Tin Roof

That is one cold woman; Hillary I mean. When news broke of her email investigation being reopened due to emails mysteriously reappearing on the Perv’s computer Hillary’s first instinct was to make Huma cry,

huma hillary cries

and then banish her from her sight.

The next day Huma was relegated to the ranks of “one of my staffers.”

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blasted the FBI again Monday – and this time brought up the bureau’s probe into emails maintained by longtime aide Huma Abedin – dismissing the idea she did anything wrong while minimizing the role of her close staffer.

‘Now they apparently want to look at emails of one of my staffers – and by all means they should look at them,’ Clinton said, bringing up the FBI attack at the start of a rally before a room packed with students at Kent State University.

Not to get distracted, butt how can I gloss over a “room packed with students?” A whole room? Packed?

hillary crowdClinton rally, Kent State University, Ohio

Boy, talk about an enthusiasm gap. Here we have a Trump rally in Michigan the same day:

michigan macomb community collegeMorning, Grand Rapids; Afternoon, Macomb Community College. Two packed arenas.

And Trump’s rallies don’t even require photoshopping to “fill out” the void crowd:

On the Clinton campaign trail, before -

bill clinton ohio rally

and “after” -

photoshopped hillary rallyPeople so enthusiastic they showed up multiple times – at the same event! The same way they’ll vote.

It’s no wonder Hilz had to roll out the clinically preserved Alien to rekindle the old “Right Wing Conspiracy” game plan; this time with Ruskies!

carville msnbcI love the smell of mendacity in the morning

Butt I digress; back to Hillary’s apparent sacking of Huma. Since her “staffer” has apparently turned out an inconvenient truth she’s being deep-sixed (euphemistically speaking). Because, sadly, when your desire to win is stronger than your sense of personal loyalty, integrity or allegiance you will do anything, to anyone, in order to do so. Like The Won before her the lure of the gold ring requires the campaign bus to run over a lot of bodies. In Barry’s case it left tire marks on Grandma – a typical white woman, Reverend Wright, “who was like an uncle to me,” and Bill Ayers, the author of at least one of Barry’s two virtue packed autobiographies, was relegated to “just some guy in the neighborhood.” So take heart Huma, you’re in good company if not good hands.

See? You don’t have to work for Donald Trump to find out “you’re fired.”


Smells like team spirit to me.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Don’t Take the Blue Pill

I will say that yesterday’s Halloween party was better than the one during the 2012 presidential election.

Screen Capture #103

As you may recall, we had to cancel the party altogether that year, due to the strain of the campaign.

111124-pumpkinWhat do you mean we’ve cancelled Halloween!?! I’ve been working my butt off!

I did find the theme for the WON’s very last Halloween blast - Alice in Wonderland - rather interesting however.

red queen & mad hatterWM copy

Not that it wasn’t appropriate - as we’ve discussed our Down the Rabbit Hole Administration more than a few times (here, here, here, and here for starters) over the years. 

It just that the motif seemed a bit odd given the latest brew-ha-ha over the newest imperial Queen with her eyes on the White House command post. The mess associated with her deciding she was above the law that dictates handling of official State Department email has landed her faithful handmaiden in some very hot water which could require her being jettisoned overboard. Because Hillary knew NOTHING!

hillary red queen

            King of Hearts: What do you know about this unfortunate affair?
            March Hare
: Nothing.
            Queen of Hearts
: Nothing whatever?
            March Hare
: Nothing whatever!
            Queen of Hearts
: That's very important! Jury, write that down!

I’m not saying that there is any actionable intelligence to be gained from the Hillary/Huma emails on the Weiner’s computer, butt it does seem rather obvious that they never should have been there. And Huma’s claim that “she doesn’t know how they got there” is a bit disingenuous given that she told the FBI last April that she “routinely forwarded” her State Department emails to one of her two other email accounts:

Abedin told investigators in her April 5 interview that she “routinely forwarded e-mails from her account to either her or her account so that she could print them.” She explained that “it was difficult” to print from the State printer, so she printed the documents at home.

Uh, I don’t think that was by accident. “it was difficult” because YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT!! It’s illegal to copy, forward or even take notes on confidential materials. The printing “difficulty” was a feature, not a bug.

alice and the centipedeSorry Alice, you don’t have the correct password

Butt hey: Russians! Unprecedented! Too late!



My advice to all involved parties is: Don’t take the blue pill.


red blue pill

Because, you know…

Alice-in-Wonderland-Alice-001“If you drink much from a bottle marked 'poison' it is certain to disagree with you sooner or later.”

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Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! It’s the day ghosts across America get out and vote, either early or absentee.


And when they do, they overwhelmingly vote Democrat.


So get your black hat out:

black hat society

Pick up some treats

halloween candy cornThe original food pyramid

Don’t forget your costumes – for you and your best friend:

halloween kitty hostagesblog

Load your iPhone with some appropriate music:

halloween jazz playlist

And cook up something a little spooky for dinner.

halloween ghost potatoes

Just for today try to forget about the Republicans’ “politics of destruction,”


and try not to think about DJT’s demeaning objectification of women:

jLo moons for hillarySpecial concert to support the Nasty Woman. When others take it high, we take it JLo

Seriously, I know Progs believe that women should all vote with their vaginas -

obama's lady parts

butt JLo really takes that concept to a whole new sub-floor level. I wonder if it leaves Lady M shaken to her core.

Also try to ignore Harry Reid’s current ruse. His latest “Pants on Fire” Four Pinocchio allegation is that Comey is suppressing information about Trump’s ties to Russia. It carries exactly as much veracity as his lie that Romney didn’t pay taxes for 10 years.  Progressives really need to review the moral of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Anyway, big preparations are underway for tonight’s last historic Obama Halloween party at the Big White. I’m sure it will be another eye-popping affair.

bomo halloween6

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

“It’s Not Just Strange, It’s Unprecedented!”

Yesterday a Huma-less Hillary pandered to Hispanics at a campaign stop in Miami where Jennifer Lopez provided a free concert in  support of Hilz.

lopez clinton

Clinton lashed out at her Republican rival, accusing him of stoking fear, disgracing American democracy and insulting "one group of Americans after another. Yahoo News

Strangely, some people feel that letting your campaign operatives foment violence at your opponent’s rallies could be construed as insulting, fear-inducing and providing “a direct assault on democracy and the rule of law." Butt those people would all be Deplorables so their vote doesn’t count.

In Daytona Beach earlier Hillary addressed the reopening of the FBI probe of her emails. And she took the issue head-on, in that way she has of being simultaneously shrill, arrogant and demeaning:


"It's pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election," Clinton told supporters in Daytona Beach, Florida, where the crowd booed at the mention of Comey's letter. "In fact, it's not just strange, it's unprecedented and it's deeply troubling because voters deserve to get full and complete facts." CNN

Again, some people feel that it was strange, unprecedented and deeply troubling when Comey initially closed the case finding nothing to see there. And they see this move as an indication that he finally decided that voters do deserve to get the full and complete facts.

Suffice it to say that Hillary is peeved. And she still can’t figure out how she’s not 50 points ahead:

“Beats me. Aside from all the criminality and the lying... there is the general unpleasantness.” (Daniel Greenfield)

I would say the more germane question at this point is why isn’t she 50 points behind.

I have a family commitment across state today and won’t be here much, so let’s make this a play along. Let’s provide Hilz with the top 100 reasons she isn’t 50 points ahead. I’ll get things rolling with reason #100: Because the Clintons believe that rules, large and small, are only for the little people. Clintons New Chappaqua House Renovated Without Permits. You take it from there.

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