Saturday, May 19, 2018

Let’s Get This Party Started!

To be clear, I have zero interest in the Markle Sparkle. But a combination of creaky bones and allergies that have packed my sinus cavities with concrete got me up extra-early so I switched on the TV and between a choice of mass school shooting coverage and wringing of hands and a royal wedding I’ll take the royals.


A royal wedding outside of Hollywood is a strange affair in the 21st century. Sort of an anachronism within an anachronism.  My only comment is that there hasn’t been so many people of colour at a British royal wedding since, well, ever.

markle mom

The spectacle will be awesome, what with all the royal hats.


And I understand the meat pies are pretty good too.


I tell you what, I’m going to turn the reins over to you for commentary on the fashions, guests and food. I hope everyone enjoys the wedding. I can neither confirm nor deny that the official wedding cake is the classic Spotted Dick.


Take it away folks, I understand the nuptials are about to begin. Let’s get this party started!

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Friday, May 18, 2018

“I Hate All Of You”

Is it FLOTUS Friday already? Where does the time go?

As you know Melania is still recuperating at Walter Reed, leaving Fake News to speculate on why she’s still there (Has she refused to return to the White House? Does her husband still beat her?) since they know, in their vast experience, that this procedure is usually done as an outpatient procedure.

Meanwhile Fake News has temporarily diverted its No-Good-News-About-Trump machine to the most recent manufactured outrage: Trump referred to the animals in the M-13 gang as animals! I don’t know, what else would you call people who decapitate their victims and cut out their hearts? Surgeons?

And might I just point out that Obama’s relationship with animals hasn’t always been PETA friendly either:

"… I was introduced to dog meat (tough), snake meat (tougher), and roasted grasshopper (crunchy)." – Dreams of My Father

bo-dogcone copyIf I had a dog it would look just like the one Obama ate

Anyway, let’s wrap up the week with a little light hearted controversy ahead of the weekend.

Who knew we were all pronouncing “covfefe” incorrectly?

Screenshot Studio capture #3618

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Spying On Trump: “an exceptionally, exceptionally sensitive issue”

As it turns out the FBI knew that if they got caught illegally and unconstitutionally spying on an enemy of Deep State it would look bad:  AWESOME!

spying on trump

You’re not likely to get one by the FBI.


Under John Brennan, the CIA operated as an opposition research outfit for the Hillary Clinton campaign. It appears from leaked news stories in the British press that Brennan’s oafish spying on Trump began around April 2016, right after Trump’s biggest primary victories. As it became urgently clear to Brennan that Trump was going to face off against Hillary, Brennan turned to “intelligence partners” in Europe for dirt on Trump. But they didn’t have any, save some pretty skimpy material on “contacts” between Trump campaign officials and Russians…

(Brennan) referred to the FBI/CIA’s spying on the Trump campaign as an “exceptionally, exceptionally sensitive issue.” [ed. Most illegal activities are.]

From Russian Roulette, the post election book by David Corn and Michael Isikoff.

Brennan dimly understood that there would be hell to pay if it came out that Hillary partisans in the U.S. government were spying on her opponent’s campaign, making use of opposition research that she had purchased. But Brennan, who was auditioning to be Hillary’s CIA director and choking on his anger at the thought of Trump as president, couldn’t help himself apparently.”via American Spectator

Gee, I’ll bet that information would have been more interesting during the election.

Have at it people. It has finally stopped raining after a 40 day deluge and I have 3 decks (why did I ever think THAT was a good idea?) needing a summer facelift.

dutch-country-road-farm-early-sun after rain

So up and at ’em: those decks aren’t going to power wash and seal themselves!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tom Wolfe: “You’re Either On the Bus… Or Off the Bus”

 “Dear Mother, I meant to write you before this and I hope you haven't been worried.... I have met some Beautiful People...” Tom Wolfe, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

R.I.P. Tom Wolfe, the wickedly clever writer who viewed American culture with a clear eye, a steady gaze and chronicled it with a creatively fanciful tongue. Although not a Boomer himself, he did designate them as the “Me Generation.” He also coined some 150 additional  terms as cited in the Oxford English Dictionary

In just one book, published in 1970, Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers, Wolfe coined three terms:

tom wolfe radical chic

Radical chic (“the fashionable affectation of radical left-wing views”),  mau-mauing (“using menacing or intimidating tactics against”), and flak catcher (“one who deals with and deflects adverse or hostile comment, questions, etc., in order to protect a person or institution from unfavorable publicity”).

A compilation of two essays, the book is an examination of the intricate dance of black rage with white guilt. The first half of the book is set in Leonard Bernstein’s Park Avenue duplex where the conductor had assembled many of his wealthy socialite friends to meet with representatives of the Black Panthers and discuss ways to help their cause. Wolfe termed the liberal guests, mostly from the world of arts and journalism, the "radical chic." He described their behavior as “white guilt” and considered their “armchair agitation” strictly a social activity, intended to make them feel better about themselves.

The second half of the book takes place in San Francisco’s Office of Economic Opportunity where the bureaucrats (Flak Catchers) are antagonized by hustlers from the Black and other minority communities (Mau-Mauers). The Mau-Mauers barter items such as ice picks, switch blades and razors - theoretically confiscated from gangs - for seemingly endless funds made available from anti-poverty programs. Another black/white dance guaranteed to accomplish nothing.

Although this book is nearly 50 years old it is still as accurate today as it was then, which tells you all you need to know about the Democrats’ “Great Society.”  Update the tales with the names of current “woke” celebrities and increase the percentage of Hispanics in the mix and virtually nothing has changed…in 50 years. Except for the original cover of the book, which no longer passes muster with the PC police.

radical chic

The two essays in this book however display what was heralded at the time as “new journalism.” Wolfe, along with Hunter S. Thompson, Truman Capote, Norman Mailer and Joan Didion, invented the genre. 

New Journalism is a style of news writing and journalism, developed in the 1960s and 1970s, which uses literary techniques deemed unconventional at the time. It is characterized by a subjective perspective, a literary style reminiscent of long-form non-fiction and emphasizing "truth" over "facts," and intensive reportage in which reporters immersed themselves in the stories as they reported and wrote them. This was in contrast to traditional journalism where the journalist was typically "invisible" and facts are reported as objectively as possible…

The phenomenon of New Journalism is generally considered to have ended by the early 1980s. - Wiki

The genre, intended primarily for literary magazines, did not go away with the demise of most “literary” magazines. Instead, “new journalism” simply migrated to straight “journalism” where it has become common place to inject yourself into the story and relating the facts as you fancifully see fit. It is now “advocacy journalism” and it is mainstream. That was, of course, never Wolfe’s intent.

As Wolfe helped define it, the "new journalism" combined the emotional impact of a novel, the analysis of the best essays, and the factual foundation of hard reporting. He mingled it all in an over-the-top style that made life itself seem like one spectacular headline. San Francisco Chronicle

So rest in peace, Tom. It’s not your fault. A great many good concepts have become perverted when they fall into the hands of less skilled practitioners.

But it was a great ride! tom wolfe acid

“Everything was becoming allegorical, understood by the group mind, and especially this: "You're either on the bus...or off the bus.”

Tom is off the bus now, but we’ll always have his social X-rays; so thanks for that.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Don’t Mind Us, We Don’t Really Exist

The unraveling of the story about the FBI mole within the Trump campaign has caused me to stop, drop and roll. I’m re-wondering everything I ever knew for sure. I’m starting to reconsider whether all the conspiracy theories I dismissed out-of-hand in my youth might in fact be true after all.

twain for sure

What if Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, the FBI, the CIA, the Pentagon, the KGB et al...really did assassinate JFK?

What if the CIA, or the Pentagon, actually did mastermind the Watergate break-in?

What if the Bushes, père and fils, really did have a pact with the Bilderbergs to implement the New World Order?

What if Rosie was right and 9/11 really was an inside job?

What if the fluoridation program really was a Communist plot to take over America (there is a great deal of evidence supporting this)?


What if there really are aliens amongst us (again, a lot of evidence of this)?


Information coming to light about how the Deep State actually works is even forcing me to reassess everything I  know for sure about Edward Snowdon’s crime. He seems a dangerously misguided idealist whose method of divulging the secret (some would say illegal) collection of data by the CIA/NSA was neither wise or savvy. Especially given that he now resides in Russia, sitting in the lap of one of our arch enemies; but who’s to say for sure? Maybe he’s really a double agent. How would we ever know?

I mean, some of these agencies are so secret even the President doesn’t know about them. From the Archives of the Occupation, 2009, Barry runs into one of his spooks, from a spook agency he doesn’t even know about, at lunch: In which the president discovers an American intelligence agency at Five Guys

Obama: What do you do Walter?
Walter: I work at, uh, NGA, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Obama: Outstanding, how long you been doing that?
Walter: About six years
Obama: Yea?
Walter: Yes.
Obama: You like it?
Walter: I do, keeps me...
Obama: So explain to me exactly what this National Geospatial...uh...
Walter: Uh, we work with, uh, satellite imagery..
Obama: Right
Walter: [unintelligible] systems, so...
Obama: Sounds like good work.
Walter: Enjoy the weekend.
: Appreciate it.


It’s people like Obama who make the Deepest of Deep States possible.

old spooks and spies

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Monday, May 14, 2018

PDJT v. Evil Super Hero. Put Your money on PDJT.

President William J. Clinton

President George W. Bush

President Barack H. Obama

All promised to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel back to Jerusalem.

They Didn’t.

President Donald J. Trump promised to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel back to Jerusalem

He Did.

See the difference?

JerusalemPresident Donald J. Trump: Making the World Great Again – By Making America Great Again since January 19, 2017 

Meanwhile in Iran, the mullahs and MPs burned American flags and chanted “Death to America” after President Trump followed through on another campaign promise and deep sixed the one-sided Obama Iranian Nuke deal that was so popular with John Kerry (and the mullahs).

iran u.s. flag burning

Oh, and our “allies” - Great Britain, France and Germany  - are not with us on any of this. They’re with John F’n Kerry. Hope that works out for them.

john-kerry“I'm John Kerry, and I'm reporting for duty!”

If by “reporting” you mean inflict himself on, and by “duty” you mean treason.

kerry syndrome separated at birth non-superheros_thumb[1]

(Apologies for reposting this, but Syndrome, the evil superhero, keeps imposing himself on us)

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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day Mom

It’s mother’s day, don’t forget to get mom some flowers. It doesn’t matter if you pick them, plant them or purchase them.

praire dog brought you flowersEvery mom loves flowers

To celebrate mothers is to celebrate life. If you’re fortunate enough to still have your mom with you, give her a hug. If not, honor her memory by recalling the good times you had when you were both young.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there – and to everyone else who has - or ever has had - a Mom!

flowers queen ann's lace

P.S. I would suggest you put politics aside today, even though Liberals don’t seem able to. Then again, they never seem to know how to celebrate life.

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