Saturday, June 26, 2021

There’s Been a Slight Discrepancy…

The hand review of Maricopa County votes began in late April, after Arizona’s state Senate seized the ballots and voting machines from the county using a legislative subpoena. It has continued through this week and a final report is expected soon. No matter the result Senate President Karen Fann has said the goal of the review is not to overturn Biden’s “win” in Arizona but to look for ways to improve future elections.

If that’s the goal I’d suggest they, along with other states that likewise wish to “improve future elections,” begin by making it much harder for fraudsters to steal the vote; even if Facebook believes such thinking is a sure sign of crazy, racist white supremacism.

stop the steal2stop the steal22jpgHere’s a pair of angry white supremacists if ever I’ve seen one

Back to the hand count: this has been floating around the inner-tubes. Is it accurate? Is it even real?

there's been a slight discrepancy in the arizona vote counts

I don’t know. But it seems to indicate a…slight discrepancy between official vote counts and actual ballots in the recount. But isn’t the real issue that it is so completely believable?

In fact I’ll bet there are even a fair number of people on the Left who - in their heart of hearts - know it could  easily be true. The other half are delusional enough to believe that a majority of their countrymen would actually choose to elect a demented dimwitted fool along with her senile sidekick.

kamala-biden-astrology-1605292993Cackles and Gaffels

Bear in mind that Saturday’s child, being required to actually work hard for a living, is not amused by any of this.

po'd cat

And there will be payback.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Some How. Some Way.

Don’t you love it when the Left finally decides that taking up arms is a good thing…and their President threatens to nuke Texas in order to prevent future “insurrections” like the unarmed January 6th “attack” on the Capital? Truly an amazing moment in American history.

So…turn in your arms, they’re useless against the government’s far more sophisticated weapons and delivery system!


And Crazy Old Joe is just crazy enough to be convinced he should use them against American citizens in order to seize their arms, suppress another “insurrection” and preserve the ruling class.  The subsequent genocide would be blamed on Crazy Old Joe’s dementia but his actions will have by then quelled the “troublemakers” and persuaded any remaining 2nd Amendment advocates to surrender their arms to the government overlords.

In that scenario (which is growing easier and easier to imagine in these mad times) America would then be like every. single. other. country on earth that ever embraced a Marxist regime: genocide followed by complete and total economic implosion. Thus the circle will be complete: American exceptionalism to American Totalitarianism in less than 250 years.

Oh -  and let’s be clear: along with your 2nd Amendment rights, all other rights go out the window too once the restraints on the Left’s ability to dictate have been lifted. If you don’t believe me check in with the good people of Hong Kong. They were promised democracy and autonomy too, but when those promises are backed by a godless corrupt Communist regime they are, as always, hollow and meaningless.

Jimmy Lai, a textile tycoon, founded the paper in 1995. But Lai has also been a dissident and a thorn in the side of the Communist Chinese for a long time. Now Lai sits in prison after being convicted of his participation in pro-democracy rallies in Hong Kong, most recently in 2019. He’s been imprisoned since December, denied bail, and will remain there for about 14 months. Beijing calls Lai a traitor and “anti-China” for his pro-democracy activities.

So when Joe Biden lets slip the fact that your guns are powerless against the unrestrained power of the U.S. military do not take it as just a gaffe by some old demented rube who somehow got “elected” to the seat of the U.S. Presidency. These are the people who invented the say-anything-do-as-you-please government lie.

I will say that even up to this point I’ve always considered the odds of armed conflict against our own people/government to be extremely slim. But I’m currently recalculating the odds.


And so as this year’s Fourth of July celebration approaches pull out all the stops. Read the Declaration of Independence. Read the Constitution – to any and all who will listen. Attend your local parade armed with flags and noise makers. Let your voice be heard some how, some way. Lest it be too late.

freedom eagle

Thursday, June 24, 2021

I Blame Guns

I’m so old I remember when this sort of thing** only happened in third world countries:

surfside condo3


Oh wait…

Denver left la rightThird World tent cities in Denver, left, and LA

I don’t know about you, but I blame guns.

ladies with guns

Those foundations didn’t just shoot themselves out from under the building.

**Except in the case of Muslim terrorism


Wednesday, June 23, 2021

“Expansion” Good: “Restrictions” Bad. Got It?

Meanwhile, back in the Upside Down/Backwards world of Washington:

upside down and backwards

Senator Chuck Schumer, explains why we need to pass the Democrats’ “For The People (ha!) Act” which would allow unscrupulous members of his party to vote 2 or more times and otherwise cheat in federal elections with impunity. He also explains that it’s necessary because the racist Republicans – those dastardly demons of anti-diversity - have passed state laws making it harder for them to do so – and that’s unfair or something. 

He explained how Republican state level reform will kill democracy:

"Republican legislatures are making it harder to vote early, harder to vote by mail, harder to vote after work. They're making it a crime to give food or water to voters waiting in long lines."


“Even worse, it has poisoned our democracy, eroded faith in our elections which is so detrimental to the future faith people need to have in this democracy.” – Yahoo

Again, upside-down and backwards. But let’s face it, it’s all about the narrative and who controls it.

The For the People Act aims to set up automatic voter registration, expand early voting, ensure more transparency in political donations and limit partisan drawing of congressional districts, among other provisions. Democrats pushed for the reforms before the 2020 election, but called them more necessary to protect the democratic process after former President Donald Trump’s false claims of electoral fraud sparked an attack on the Capitol and restrictive state voting measures. - CNBC

Because “expansion” good: “restrictions” bad. Got it?

sparrow mirror upside downI don’t see the problem

For the record, the Republican minority blocked the Senate from debating the bill last night so anticipate the argument to move on to eliminating the filibuster.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Summer Enlightenment

summer longfellow


Proof that time flies by: I completely missed this year’s summer solstice in which the longest day of the year ushers in the season’s languid, slothful days as we march inexorably towards the shortest. It is a lovely, ancient rhythm, you just need to get used to it.


One way or another we all do.



enlightenment ocean

My languid day begins at the dentist so I bid you adieu for the time being.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Open Thread At The Circus

Consider this an open thread, I know, I know – they’re all open threads, but I mean officially.

Somebody who shall remain nameless was allowed to book his own PT appointments and inexplicably scheduled them all very early. This from a guy who has hated mornings and everything related to them other than coffee for as long as I’ve know him. He claims that with the first appointment of the day, which he discovered from his last round, that they aren’t as busy and you don’t need to wait as long to use the equipment (which of course still needs to be decontaminated between each torture victim) and icing station. And while that makes sense I still blame the drugs. Discharge instructions should be expanded to read “do not drive, operate any heavy equipment, make any financial decisions or appointments.”

But here we are, stuck with weeks of extreme physical therapy sessions scheduled at an extremely early hour so there will be many open threads.

Have fun, don’t pick on each other and whatever you do, don’t feed the animals any sugar.


They’re already a little hyper-active these days.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Happy Father’s Day - 2021

People make fun of Hollywood’s idealized family of the 50s.

best tv dads ever

But I would point out that every single episode of every one of those shows taught a life lesson geared to values that - at the time – consisted of a universal moral code: the value of telling the truth, the virtue of hard work, patriotism, what it means to be honorable, why loyalty matters, what personal responsibility consists of. In other words bedrock American values that are often looked down on, snickered at and scorned by today’s cultural elites in Hollywood, education and Washington.

Ever since that era Hollywood has been offering so-called family shows showcasing escalating Socialist/Marxist propaganda and the demise of the nuclear family: single moms struggling to survive in a sexist/classist world, two mommies/daddies struggling to raise their children in a homophobe world, People of Color struggling – with everything, everywhere. In the process the values on display in pop culture morphed to relativism so gradually few noticed.

From the raunchy Two and A Half Men in which two ostensibly straight brothers try to raise the son/nephew to Modern Family  where you get a bit of everything,

modern-family-og-minModern Family is genuinely funny in large measure because they have fun with stereotypes of all ilk

to The Fosters – (full disclosure: I’ve never seen an episode) a multi-racial Lesbian couple raising 1 bio son and 4 adopted teenagers.


Hollywood can’t kill the traditional  family soon enough it seems. The nuclear family if not dead is on life support, struggling under the weight of an anachronistic paternalistic world. Instead we end up with True Crimes shows of sex trafficking, child abuse and sexual identity confusion. We’ve come a long way baby and the Left would have us believe that’s a good thing. Bio Mom, Bio Dad and their two bio kids is no longer valid. “Family” has been co-opted to mean whatever they say it means. If society moves any further along the alternate lifestyle continuum Bio Family might turn out to be downright subversive.

calvin subversive dad

Well here’s to good old fashioned, subversive Bio Dads everywhere:

military dad

If more kids had more of these “subversive” Dads instead of the likes of self-centered “Pops”

daddy dearestI wonder if Pops gets 10% of Hunter’s painting sales?

we might not be in the mess we’re in now. I do hope that history doesn’t have to report of our time that for the want of a few good Dads the world was lost.


Happy Fathers’ Day to all the good ones out there!