Wednesday, June 23, 2021

“Expansion” Good: “Restrictions” Bad. Got It?

Meanwhile, back in the Upside Down/Backwards world of Washington:

upside down and backwards

Senator Chuck Schumer, explains why we need to pass the Democrats’ “For The People (ha!) Act” which would allow unscrupulous members of his party to vote 2 or more times and otherwise cheat in federal elections with impunity. He also explains that it’s necessary because the racist Republicans – those dastardly demons of anti-diversity - have passed state laws making it harder for them to do so – and that’s unfair or something. 

He explained how Republican state level reform will kill democracy:

"Republican legislatures are making it harder to vote early, harder to vote by mail, harder to vote after work. They're making it a crime to give food or water to voters waiting in long lines."


“Even worse, it has poisoned our democracy, eroded faith in our elections which is so detrimental to the future faith people need to have in this democracy.” – Yahoo

Again, upside-down and backwards. But let’s face it, it’s all about the narrative and who controls it.

The For the People Act aims to set up automatic voter registration, expand early voting, ensure more transparency in political donations and limit partisan drawing of congressional districts, among other provisions. Democrats pushed for the reforms before the 2020 election, but called them more necessary to protect the democratic process after former President Donald Trump’s false claims of electoral fraud sparked an attack on the Capitol and restrictive state voting measures. - CNBC

Because “expansion” good: “restrictions” bad. Got it?

sparrow mirror upside downI don’t see the problem

For the record, the Republican minority blocked the Senate from debating the bill last night so anticipate the argument to move on to eliminating the filibuster.