Saturday, October 10, 2020

The 2020 Joe Biden “Ass Hattery” Award

Here’s a classic display of Democrat’s emphasis on adhering to the letter of the law rather than the intent:

Now who looks too stupid to “follow the science” with regards to the spread of the cooties? And this, even after Jake Tapper took the effort of schooling Joey on the CDC’s proper coughing technique:

So I’m awarding this honorary degree to Joey “I’d-be-delighted-to-compare-my-IQ-to-yours” Biden for general proficiency in the subject matter,

as well as for his uncanny ability for completely missing the concept.

Winner of the 2020 Joe Biden “Ass Hattery” Award

Why wouldn’t you want to  turn the keys to the Department of Justice over to this ethically challenged genius?

Calvin and Hobbes Letter of the Law

Nuts indeed.

Friday, October 9, 2020

If You Can’t Impeach Just Screech, Screech, Screech!

Speaking of Drama Queens:

How the 25th Amendment to the Constitution works

Nancy promises her base yet another way to depose the President: the 25th! I doubt she’s ever actually read the 25th Amendment but that’s okay, that’s what she has little people for. And those bears of little brain have determined that this is a perfectly legal way to pull off the coup. If you can’t impeach you must overreach!

Keep it up Nancy, but be advised that you’ve just activated the turnabout-is-fair-play rule: we demand to see all of Joey Baby’s medical records as well. You know, just to demonstrate that he possesses the physical stamina and mental acuity necessary to be leader of the free world. And while we’re at it, what medications are you on Madam Speaker? I mean, you are third in line.

Wait - I thought ‘Orange Face Bad’

As usual it depends on who’s wearing it.

So if you can’t impeach, just screech, screech, screech!


Thursday, October 8, 2020

Forget the Ham, Go With the Piglet

One Thing That Has Gone Wrong In America Is The General Acceptance Of Bad Ham. – Jim Harrison

Fact. And the worst of these bad hams are on the political stage.

Daily Kos

Before continuing I should stipulate to the following: I am neither a misogynist nor a racist. I don’t find Kamala Harris despicable because she’s a woman, nor because she’s black-ish.

Rather, it’s because she’s an unprincipled opportunist and a liar, among her many other unseemly characteristics.

Lauded: Harris received plaudits from a number of Hollywood stars on Wednesday

If you had a visceral, negative reaction to Kamala’s performance last night it’s most likely because she reminded you of someone you really, really don’t like. Her acting style – from the same studio and coach as Michelle’s I would suggest – produces an easily recognized, dislikable character we’ve all known somewhere.

She’s the disloyal, backstabbing “friend,” the co-worker who lies about you to the boss, the drama queen who keeps things stirred up to deflect from her own shortcomings. We can’t wait to rid ourselves of the smirky, smarter-than-thou, abrasive, condescending, preachy, bitchy, friend, relative, spouse (most likely ex) or co-worker character.

Pro tip for the lefties: real Americans can spot the fake sincerity a mile out. We don’t buy the method acting expression of disingenuous concern: the theatrical furrowed brow, forlorn head shake,  excitable bouncy-up-and-down-in-the-chair and breathless “concern voice” doesn’t play well in Middle America.

Kamala Harris railed against Donald Trump during Wednesday's vice presidential debate in Utah, claiming when she first heard the report claiming he only paid $750 she thought the they meant to say $750,000Congrats, you’ve got the bouncing up and down on your tail nailed

Pin by Bonnie Sunday on Cartoon characters | Bouncing tigger, Tigger,  Disney characters

America, we don’t need any more bad ham.

Hi, I’m Kamala, and I’m a bad actor.

When going into big headwinds a big bear and a little piglet will serve you better than a couple of hams

12 Most Beloved A.A. Milne Quotes to Take You Back to the Hundred Acre Wood  - Goodreads News & Interviews

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

When We Were Very Young

I’ve never been a big fan of Eddie Van Halen’s songs –

Eddie Van Halen Dead at 65 After Battle With Throat Cancer - E! OnlineEddie Van Halen with Valerie Bertinelli circa 1980

although I do recognize that he was a legendary, hard working, hyper-talented guitarist.

Eddie Van Halen plays guitar in 1993.

Nor was I a fan of Peter Fonda’s modest talents, although he did deliver an iconic movie.

Peter Fonda in Peter Fonda in Easy Rider circa 1969

But as both of them have now shuffled off this mortal coil it does give me pause to reflect on the passage of time.

The 60s and 70s were consumed with bad fashion, Vietnam, drugs, sex and rock and roll – not necessarily in that order. The Reagan decade was filled with hope and economic growth while simultaneously worrying that the Japanese (the Japanese!) were stealing our industrial lunch bucket as their cars began to overtake Detroit’s in both numbers and reliability. The 90s? The Go-Go-Go decade: tech stocks, IPOs, excess up the wazoo and the Y2K panic. The aughts brought us terrorists, TSA, homeland security, FISA, Amazon and social media. Followed by the teens which provided technology and platforms for people to weaponize all of the above.

So here we are: the first year of the next decade. A Chinese launched pandemic is being used to destroy America’s economy in hopes of undermining President Trump in order to replace him with another globalist toady. The Deep State is slowly being unveiled, most recently by the declassification of documents that reveal the chicanery involved in the last presidential election. The current election is being undermined by the Democrats demand for vote-by-mail, the FA (the operative term for the group formerly known as “ANTIFA”) continue to riot at will and the Media – the group theoretically responsible for keeping society in general and politicians in specific accountable – refuses to do any honest reporting of any of it.

Ah well, at least we’re finally in a decade with a real name – “the 20s” – instead of a wimpy non-decade sounding name like “the aughts” and “the teens.”

So I guess we just keep truckin’.

Katie J Is On Her Way: What A Long Strange Trip It's Been...

The Grateful Dead, indeed.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The Irony of Metaphors

When President Donald J. Trump walked out of Walter Reed Hospital, returned to the White House, removed his mask and told the country to “be careful” but “don’t let the coronavirus dominate your life!”

The media immediately lost their collective hive-mind, ripped off their metaphorical masks of impartiality and let their hate and vitriol come spilling out. The Victory Girls nailed it:

The unhinged reaction just doesn’t offer any other interpretation. If Orange Man can’t be dead, then Orange Man needs to be on his deathbed until at least November 2nd…

There are only three ways that we are ever going to be able to move beyond COVID-19 – either by use of a vaccine, excellent therapeutics, or herd immunity. Out of the three options, only the latter two are what we have right now.

They point out that instead of being grateful that the survivability rates of COVID-19 have improved and that the therapeutics in use are working, our media is cheering for…the Coronavirus. None more so than the alleged “conservative” Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin,

who has been tweeting so hysterically that someone really ought to do a wellness check on her. Her derangement has spread all the way from ranting about Trump, to demanding that his doctor be stripped of his medical license, to wanting to defund Walter Reed.

It’s not healthy to seek out your free therapy from a Twitter echo chamber. Seriously.

The media are so self-absorbed they don’t even know when they are beclowning themselves.

We Can No Longer Trust a Beclowned American Media… | askmarionWhite House Press Corp waiting their turn to ask questions

Next thing we know they’ll start barking at the moon. Oh wait…

These are the people complaining about speaking in tongues? And need I even point out that if WE called these women dogs, metaphorically speaking, we’d be the bad guys?

First the Left kills irony…

They sure do know how to suck the joy out of life

now it looks like they have metaphors in their sites as well. Soon all they’ll have left in their “quiver” will be  oxymorons.

No, Democrats Won't Do a Switcheroo To Dump Biden For CuomoLike “Catholic Democrats”

Monday, October 5, 2020

Wheels Up

Against all odds – if Democrats are to be believed – we’ve made it to the The First Monday in October. The Supreme Court, one justice short, will convene its new session.

This year at the Supreme Court: Gay rights, gun rights and Native rights

There’s much work to be done before November 3rd: a new justice to confirm, a sea change to navigate,

Steven Getman: The Supreme Court starts on the first Monday in October

and a yuge election to win. It’s going to be a busy month.

WHAT'S UP? October 2020 Skywatching Tips From NASA... | Weather Blog |

While it seems we have plenty of time, stay on your toes. It will go by in the blink of an eye.

Maybe that’s why we’re getting an extra, rare, blue moon this month.

So wheels up Team America! We’ve got a VSG President to re-elect. And getting ACB confirmed is part of the pre-flight check.

P.S. Also against all odds, our 74 year old (obese, if you believe the Left) President got the Chinese Corona Virus, is responding to treatment and seems to be doing well enough to go home today.

This could be the Democrats worst nightmare.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Keep The Faith

I’m not going to kid you, I was very worried when they took the President to Walter Reed. “Don’t worry” they said, it’s just “an abundance of caution.” But experience tells us me that when caution is necessary it’s due to an abundance of things to worry about.  So it is a great relief to hear that as of late yesterday our President is doing much better - with no fever and normal oxygen levels. Of course we also learn this morning that it was a spiked fever and a rapid drop in blood oxygen levels that led to his admission on Friday. Thus we are reminded yet again that there are no certainties in this life…and that “officials” never tell you everything.

But if you want to put your money on a horse, I’d advise that we all go with our iron horse: the man who keeps chugging along no matter what is thrown in his path in a relentless drive to Make America Great Again.

Our Old Locomotive Breath

So get your own steam engine fired up…

and keep the faith.

We have a lot of freight to haul.