Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chick-fil-A’s Microaggression Threatens to Melt Campus Snowflakes

Via Pundit Press:

Johns Hopkins University has banned Chick-fil-A from its campus saying that the restaurant is a “microaggression” against its students.

In an 18-8 vote, the Student Government Association at Johns Hopkins voted not to “support the proposal of a Chick-fil-A, in a current or future sense, particularly on any location that is central to student life.”

After all, how can your campus be a safe place if you allow the presence of restaurant whose CEO doesn’t agree with your stance on gay marriage? And besides, all those Chick-fil-A chicken “strips” “nuggets” and “biscuits” – they could serve as “triggers” for victims of sexual abuse, or anorexia. And as you all know, college students these days expect their schools to shield them from being “bombarded by discomfiting or distressing viewpoints;” be that from a movie or a chicken sandwich. Campuses today are awash in trigger warnings” which appear on everything from syllabi to coffee cups.

triggerDanger! Danger!

Still, banning an American business on campus because you disagree with their religious beliefs? Doesn’t that seem rather, um, intolerant? What ever happened to the “vote with your feet” concept? Not to mention that quaint concept – once quite popular on college campuses – of freedom of speech? Are they negated by heteropatriarchal cultures enjoying their white privilege? Or are they just invalidated when your misguided religious beliefs clash with with my enlightened, righteous beliefs?

All I know for certain is that if these little snowflakes can’t handle a “microaggression” of someone with an alternate belief system based on principles they disagree with, God help them in the face of the type of macro-aggressions our sworn enemies have in mind for them (ISIS Stones 2 Gay Men to Death). Because I don’t think their idea of tolerance of is what you think it is.

wow and islam

So it looks like free speech as an overarching concept of freedom may now be on its deathbed. At least that’s the conclusion it seems our President-in-Waiting and Chief Operating Officer of the Clinton Crime Family has drawn:

Or as Jim Geraghty put it:

hillary change religious beliefs

So just to make sure I’ve made this perfectly clear: henceforth disagreement will no longer be tolerated…unless you are disagreeing with the intolerant bastards whose beliefs impose microaggressions on a marginalized member of one of the groups approved by  Marginalized, Aggrieved and Oppressed Incorporated (MAO Inc.). For everyone else there will be a designated area deep within our Federal Park System where you can go to practice your constitutional right, as long as there’s nobody else there who might be offended.

First_amendment_area_Muir_WoodsFirst Amendment Area as designated in the Muir Woods: how progressive!

Now go forth and multiply. Or not…your body, your choice and all. Unless, that is, you want to eat a Chick-fil-A at Johns Hopkins.

Chick-Fil-A 304Now banned on campuses country wide!

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy Anniversary Hub!

As usual the MSM got it wrong: they’re all celebrating Hubble’s 25th birthday today when in fact it is the 25th anniversary of his launch into deep space. I should know, as Hub is my twin brother:

I am a fraternal twin (female). My brother (Hub) is the mirror in the Hubble telescope.

We are Cassegrain reflectors of Ritchey-Chretien design, and were conceived in 1979 at the Corning New York factory when 2 conjoined blanks of ultra-low expansion glass were sandwiched around a honeycomb lattice. (I didn’t mean to get into the sex stuff, but a lot of people are curious.) Our polishing was completed in May of 1981. I know that seems a long gestation, but keep in mind that we were specified for reflectivity in the ultraviolet range which means that we had to be polished to an accuracy of 10 nanometers, or about 1/65th the wavelength of red light! So don’t even think about telling me that I don’t see it all. From The Bio

And maybe you remember when we celebrated Hub’s 20th anniversary with this special video Raj helped me put together: 2010 – A Space Odyssey

And of course over the years Hub has sent me many special greetings, all containing images he captured without benefit of any of the trans-imaging techniques or butt shrinking nano-optical tricks that I must frequently employ in my earth-bound job.

Here are a few of my favorites from Hub’s portfolio:

pillars-of-creation-photo-10Towers of Creation from the Eagle nebula

carina nebulaThe Carina nebula

And this, The Eye of God, from the Helix nebula:


Viewing our little planet from God’s Eye certainly does put things in perspective. When I see this, I somehow believe that in the scheme of things we will manage to get through our current dark night and see the break of day again.

So keep that in mind the next time you’re tempted to slip into despair; remember that the Won is just a little man, standing in a very big field.

64 obama everglades2 042315

And rejoice at the glory and grandeur of God’s universe.





“My God! It’s full of stars!”


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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Stay Tuned, This Could Still Get Interesting.

Try as I might to get away from the “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary” meme, I just can’t stay ahead of the baggage backup.

luggage backupIsn’t anyone going to claim this baggage?

At the rate it’s flying down the chute these days even some of the MSM have been forced to acknowledge a few of the unsavory facts still swirling around our American Power Rangers.

power clintons with red noseWhoa! That’s quite a bubba nose one of our Power Rangers is sporting

Starting with formerly reliable (and supportive) Ron Fournier in the National Journal who writes an article titled “The Questions Hillary Clinton Doesn't Want Answered About the Clinton Foundation” and - more importantly - sub-titled “I don't know what's in Peter Schweizer's book. But I know what the Clintons are capable of.”

And this is just the opening salvo:

Gennifer Flowers. Cattle futures. The White House travel office. Rose Law Firm files. The Lincoln Bedroom. Monica Lewinsky. And now, the Clinton Foundation. What ties these stories together is the predictable, paint-by-numbers response from the Bill and Hillary Clinton political operation.

  1. Deny: Salient questions are dodged, and evidence goes missing. The stone wall is built.
  2. Deflect: Blame is shifted, usually to Republicans and the media.
  3. Demean: People who question or criticize the Clintons get tarred as right-wing extremists, hacks, nuts, or sluts.

The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation is both an admirable charity and a shadow political operation awash in conflicts of interest—a reflection of the power couple who founded it. Bill and Hillary Clinton, like history's most enduring characters, seem to stride through public life with an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other.

Time magazine seemed to agree, at least about the devil part:

clintons time magazine

Although in Bubba’s case, the horns may have been a more tongue in cheek reference to the “old horn dog.”

Butt things are not looking good: now we have the venerable NYT chronicling the Bill and Hilz part in the sale of Uranium1 to a Russian company, thereby giving Russia control of one fifth of the United States production of uranium. How does this involve the Clintons?

Since uranium is considered a strategic asset, with implications for national security, the deal had to be approved by a committee composed of representatives from a number of United States government agencies. Among the agencies that eventually signed off was the State Department, then headed by Mr. Clinton’s wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

That could be troublesome on its own, butt there’s more:

As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.

I know, I know; normally the media would look the other way and say “what difference at this point does it make?” So the only conclusion one one can draw from this sudden revival of journalistic fervor is that Hilz is no longer the leftist of the left and they’ve decided to coronate a new queen; another champion of the 99%, Elizabeth Warren (also a member of the hated 1% that Hilz wants to “topple”).

So, that undisclosed $2.4 million donation to the Clinton foundation from the Russian Uranium company begins to shed new light on that Russian reset button that Hillary presented to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Vladimir-Putin-Hillary-Clinton-AP-640x480Two foxes, two hen houses

Remember how we thought it contained an incorrect translation because instead of saying “reset” in Russian it  actually said “overcharge”?


I’m beginning to think it wasn’t a mistake after all. I’m not sure if Hillary thought she was being overcharged for delivering Uranium1 to the Ruskies, or she was advising them that she intended to overcharge them for the delivery.


And that’s just one questionable quid pro dough transaction. We haven’t even begun to look into the GE/ Imelt/Clinton/Algerian power plant deal (for which we have no State Department emails, yet):

Secretary of State Clinton lobbied the Algerian president in 2012 to pick GE as a contractor for Algerian power plants. GE got the Algeria deal and quickly thereafter donated to the Clinton Foundation. Clinton also lobbied on behalf of Clinton Foundation donors including Boeing and Chevron.

With the Clintons “following the money” isn’t as easy as it sounds. We’re talking about the power couple who invented the parsing of the word “is” – we’re going to need an FBI forensics accounting team. Either that or Trey Gowdy and a stack of subpoenas. Stay tuned, this could still get interesting.


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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

#gimmefive Lil BUB!

I see that Lady M is promoting her “Let’s Move!” #GiveMeFive!” program on the back of Lil BUB – who despite her name is not a rap star butt rather a very special cat.  Lady M thought she might help her put some mojo back in her faltering signature project.

I’m embarrassed to say I was totally unfamiliar with this famous cat until the “#GiveMeFive! video crew showed up last week to film this promo:

Don’t worry about MO exploiting this little special needs cat - it’s actually the other way around; Lil BUB is quite an entrepreneur as it turns out, and it seems she is actually punking Lady M’s #gimmefive for her own personal gain.

lilbubWho, me!?

You can read more about Lil BUB, the amazing dwarf cat, here, or watch this short chronicle of her life overcoming multiple adversities.

Born with multiple afflictions including extreme dwarfism, Lil BUB has spent her life overcoming these disadvantages – just like Lady M has, only without the benefit of an Ivy League degree or a single government program.

In fact Lil BUB has a lot of things in common with Lady M besides them both being accomplished females who’ve had to overcome many obstacles. In Lil Bub’s case this included a multitude of genetic anomalies including extreme dwarfism, which means her limbs are disproportionately small relative to the rest of her body which causes difficulty when moving. And while Lady M doesn’t suffer from dwarfism, she is familiar with disproportionately sized limbs and the resulting difficulty in moving around.


Additionally, Lil BUB’s lower jaw is significantly shorter than her upper jaw, and her teeth never grew in which is why her tongue often hangs out.

mo tongue tacosJust saying…

As a result of their fame, both have made some of the same friends:

de niro lil bubRobert De Niro with Lady M, left, Lil BUB, right

mo and whoopieWhoopie with Lil BUB, left, Lady M, right

They have both written books:

lil-bubMichelle Obama InterviewYeah, I don’t  know who wrote mine either.

And while BRF (Bitchy Resting Face) is not one of Lil BUB’s afflictions, she has been on the other end of “that look” from Colonel Meow, who does:

carla and grumpy catWho is that grumpy cat and what’s she doing here?

And they both know what it’s like to be attacked by giant puppets:

lilbub kermit mo big birdSometimes ‘cuz you’re small, sometimes ‘cuz they’re big

So the moral of this story: never underestimate what someone can accomplish. Just because they come from humble beginnings and have many obstacles to overcome doesn’t mean they will not be able to do great things. In Lil Bub’s case, she rose above being born the literal runt of a feral litter in a tool shed in rural Indiana to become a published author, a talk show host, a movie star, and founder of a Fund which has raised $200,000 for animals in need.

As for Lady M – well, telling people how to move and what to eat is good too.

school lunch fish and cornOoooh ick! I wouldn’t feed that to my cat!


Colonel Meow'The above PSA was brought to you by Colonel Meow, the grumpiest cat on the planet

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

All Your Children Are Belong To Us; Your Money Too

What is it about progressives? First Elizabeth Warren tells us that if we have a business we didn’t build it ourselves. Then Mellissa Harris-Perry told us that our own children aren’t ours either.


To be sure, the belief that all children are “children of the state” is such a subversive and disturbing trend that we should demand every presidential candidate state their position on it.


Let’s ask President-in-Waiting Hillary first…oh wait, I think she’s already told us:

I think we can safely put her in the corner with former Massachusetts Education Sec. Paul Reville who criticizes “those who prefer local educational oversight as opposed to a one-size-fits-all federal mandate.”

He mocked the “fringe voices about federalism and states’ rights,” disparaging what he calls a “tiny minority” that believe Washington, D.C. should not be the origin of every child’s education.

In a forced defense of his position, Reville said “the children belong to all of us.”


So it looks like we’ve got two votes, so far, for Common Core – Hilz and Jeb.

I tell you what though, if Common Core teaches our children how to do math as well as Bill and Hill can, maybe it’s not such a bad idea. I mean, who wouldn’t want their kids to grow up knowing how to make $105 million – after retirement! – just by sharing their wisdom in a speech? And $48 million just while Hilz was in charge of the State Department! That, my friends, is a couple well versed in both math and parsing.

In hundreds of documents released to POLITICO under the Freedom of Information Act, not a single case appears where the State Department explicitly rejected a Bill Clinton speech. Instead, the records show State Department lawyers acted on sparse information about business proposals and speech requests and were under the gun to approve the proposals promptly. The ethics agreement did not require that Clinton provide the estimated income from his private arrangements, making it difficult for ethics officials to tell whether his services were properly valued.

Ah yes, all your children are belong to us. And all your money are belong to us too.

money belong to us

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Monday, April 20, 2015

The MOTUS/Molsterman 2016 Primary Tracking Poll #1

Now that the Campaign for the Big White is officially out of the gate, it’s time for a primary poll, so I called in my trusted pollster - the most connected mole in Washington and creator of:

the molsterman report-no press copy

to assist me in this ongoing task. We discuss, below, the parameters and significance of the polls.


MOTUS: Hi Molsterman, thanks for stopping by.

Molsterman: No problem, I was in the neighborhood for dinner anyway, best grubs in town around here. What’s on your mind?

MOTUS: Well, I was wondering if it would be a good time to start our primary tracking polls. I know there’s only Hilz in the Demo…

Molsterman: Stop right there. It’s always a good time for a poll no matter who’s in the hunt and who’s sitting on their thumbs.

MOTUS: Ok, good. So how do you see things shaping up?

Molsterman: Look, if this is about how I see things shaping up, you don’t need a poll. Butt if you’re paying for a poll you should get what you pay for: so what are you looking for?

MOTUS: Sorry, I mean who would you put in our polls?

Molsterman: Who do you want to win?

MOTUS: What? No, I mean I want a poll where people can vote for who they want to win…

Molsterman: Well, that’s not really how it works butt we can do it your way if you want. Sorry I snapped at you, I haven’t had dinner yet and my blood sugar’s a little low.  Got any grubs around here?

MOTUS: “Any grubs around here” - that’s a joke, right? I’ll fix us a snack.

Molsterman: Good, but none of that crap that Lady M makes school kids eat! If I wanted a canned  sardine with a hockey puck and a side order of cracked wheat I could have stopped in at a school on my way over.


MOTUS: I thought you’d love Lady M’s healthy school lunches!

Molsterman: I’ll stick with assorted bugs and worms, thanks. Much more appealing, if you just give them proper “lighting and presentation.”

111026-cicada plate-h.grid-6x2 A proper plate of cicadas, with correct lighting.

MOTUS: Right…

Molsterman: Right... Ok look, here’s what’s on the 2016 table as of today. On the GOP side we’ve got three of our best Senators: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio. If it was up to me, I’d close the nominations right now. Ok, I’d let Walker in, butt he should get off his thumbs and announce. Come on Scott, the water’s fine, jump in. Besides, if we’re announcing alphabetically, it’s your turn.

On the Demoncratic side, well, we’ve got Yesterday.

yesterday hilz

MOTUS: So I guess there’s no reason to run a poll with only one candidate is there?

Molsterman: Use your CPU girly: we’re the pollsters now, there’s always a reason to run a poll. It’s “Yesterday” or “Anybody Else” – or if you prefer, “ABC – Anybody Butt Clinton.”

MOTUS: Oh, yeah. That’s brilliant.

Molsterman: Quit sucking up. Where are those snacks?

MOTUS: It takes a little longer when you want to get the lighting and presentation right, butt here you go; fried grubs on sticks.


Molsterman: You’re a doll; have you got any ranch dressing around here? 

MOTUS: Umm, the presidential polls?

Molsterman: Right, so here’s your GOP poll:

Molsterman: and here’s your Demoncratic poll:

Molsterman: Chicago Rules apply as accuracy is secondary to what we’re really tracking - preferences and enthusiasm – so as always early and frequent voting is encouraged. These are open primaries, anybody can cast multiple votes in one or both polls. No proof of citizenship or photo ID required, just like in the real election on November 8, 2016

MOTUS: Thanks Molsterman.

Molsterman: You’re welcome MOTUS.

MOTUS: I don’t think you’ve ever called me MOTUS before!

Molsterman:That’s okay Toots, I like to keep things professional as a rule butt since it looks like we’ll be working so closely for the next year and a half I think we can operate on a first name basis.

MOTUS: Butt I don’t know your first name’

Molsterman: That’s for your own good. You know how to get a hold of me, call when you want the inside dirt on Hilz’ “foreign contributions for foreign aid” scam. The NYT has barely scratched the surface. We may well be approaching that infamous spot where “the worm turns.”

3c049e266fca4fa7eb9912d23edcd422Watch as Hilz stumbles from “dead broke” to “not well off” to  “okay, not richy-rich.”

MOTUS: Thanks for your assistance Molsterman, I’ll be getting back to you as the campaign progresses for more of your polling and dirt digging expertise.

Molsterman: You won’t regret it, Toots.

hungry mole

Note: As always, H/T and apologies to Ulsterman.

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Opposition Research Resource: Hillary’s Gaffes and Goofs

Judging from the lack of MSM coverage, most of America would have thought that the first, historic, female prezzy’s campaign opener gaffe was her first and last. Butt actually, Hilz has been pulling boners (can I say that) since she entered the public scene and the gaffe rate seems to be increasing at Joey Biden speed.

UT0038718Hillary Rodham Clinton, reporting for duty!

Don’t believe me? Check out Blonde Gator’s Handy Reference Guide to Hillary Clinton’s Gaffes & Goofs that is now available to the Republican pollsters for use as an excellent opposition research resource. BG began gathering data just 4 days ago and her log is already jam packed with classic gems like this, from the Brian Williams “I Looked Into the Eyes of Death” collection:

“Run! Save yourselves boys! Chelsea and I’ll cover you”

The Handy Reference Guide to Hillary Clinton’s Gaffes & Goofs will be the first stop, every day for staffers working on a less historic candidate’s campaign, whether you’re a political operative like Doug Stamper from “House of Cards,”

16178-house-of-cardsPoint-man, hit man and chief of staff to President Underwood

or a self-described political junkie like uncle Chuck, now explaining American politics to the masses every Sunday morning on Meet the Press,

Chuck “Mr. Inside Baseball” Todd, he’s as “pi**ed off as you are” – yada yada yada.

or just in it for the laughs, you’ll find all the up to the minute red meat you need.

BG is no political neophyte. Unless you live off the grid in a cave, you’ve visited her Handy Reference Guide to Obama’s Gaffes & Goofs featuring historic gaffes like:

So scamper on over to BG’s Handy Reference Guide to Hillary Clinton’s Gaffes & Goofs early and often to load up your own quiver to do battle in 2016. I know I will.


And I know the list will continue at a rate that will put Barry to shame.


Not to mention poor old Joey B, who I suspect will be left in Hilz’ dust.


On second thought maybe Hilz should get a binky too.

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