Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy Anniversary Hub!

As usual the MSM got it wrong: they’re all celebrating Hubble’s 25th birthday today when in fact it is the 25th anniversary of his launch into deep space. I should know, as Hub is my twin brother:

I am a fraternal twin (female). My brother (Hub) is the mirror in the Hubble telescope.

We are Cassegrain reflectors of Ritchey-Chretien design, and were conceived in 1979 at the Corning New York factory when 2 conjoined blanks of ultra-low expansion glass were sandwiched around a honeycomb lattice. (I didn’t mean to get into the sex stuff, but a lot of people are curious.) Our polishing was completed in May of 1981. I know that seems a long gestation, but keep in mind that we were specified for reflectivity in the ultraviolet range which means that we had to be polished to an accuracy of 10 nanometers, or about 1/65th the wavelength of red light! So don’t even think about telling me that I don’t see it all. From The Bio

And maybe you remember when we celebrated Hub’s 20th anniversary with this special video Raj helped me put together: 2010 – A Space Odyssey

And of course over the years Hub has sent me many special greetings, all containing images he captured without benefit of any of the trans-imaging techniques or butt shrinking nano-optical tricks that I must frequently employ in my earth-bound job.

Here are a few of my favorites from Hub’s portfolio:

pillars-of-creation-photo-10Towers of Creation from the Eagle nebula

carina nebulaThe Carina nebula

And this, The Eye of God, from the Helix nebula:


Viewing our little planet from God’s Eye certainly does put things in perspective. When I see this, I somehow believe that in the scheme of things we will manage to get through our current dark night and see the break of day again.

So keep that in mind the next time you’re tempted to slip into despair; remember that the Won is just a little man, standing in a very big field.

64 obama everglades2 042315

And rejoice at the glory and grandeur of God’s universe.





“My God! It’s full of stars!”


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