Saturday, October 30, 2021

Black Caterday

Okay, who did this?

black kitty bats who did thisThe Black Bat Cat Squad

And as if Halloween isn’t scary enough as is, there’s this:

The Space Weather Prediction Center has issued a Strong Geomagnetic Storm Watch for Oct. 30 through Oct. 31. This watch has been posted due to a significant solar flare and Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun that occurred in the late morning on Oct. 28…The Space Weather Prediction Center has posted a level G3 Geomagnetic Storm Watch, which is considered strong.

“Strong” is smack dab in the middle of the 1-5 scale. So don’t expect much in the way of power system interruptions, but do expect, if you’re far enough north – and Michigan is – some spectacular Northern Lights like these previous events produced.

northern lights marquette michiganMarquette, MI

northern lights sleeping bear baySleeping Bear Bay, MI

early morning northern lights over presque isle marquette miPresque Isle, MI

Gillman-Aurora-Mackinac bridgeMackinac Bridge, MI

Viewing the Aurora, as with so many things in life, all boils down to timing and location, location, location.

one not like other

And if you don’t believe me just ask this calico cat who staked out his location for viewing the Halloween festivities with great care and timing.

8ndi2tywvav71One of these things is not like the others.

Happy Caterday, Aurora Borealis, and likely official-Halloween-trick-or-treat-and-party day. Knock yourselves out with the sugar.

Friday, October 29, 2021

Selections Have Consequences

Look, I know Halloween isn’t until Sunday. But let’s face it, tomorrow night is going to be official Trick or Treat night most everywhere so you have to start preparing today. Here are a few tips to ensure your Halloween revelry will go as smooth as possible.

First: While not mandatory, home decoration has grown increasingly important over the past 2 decades. This year will be much more challenging due to all those pesky supply chain problems crimping our ability to buy more crap from China. Creativity may be required.

 well played big orange house on the cornerWell played big orange house at the end of the block, well played!

Costumes, which have become de rigueur for the ‘treaters’ as well as the tricksters, may be in short supply as they also come mostly from China. Again, you may have to resort to some creative DIY tactics to set yourself apart from the run of the mill witch and goblin crowd.

cat meme costume“Oh yeah? Stop Meme.”

Finally – and we’ve discussed this before – you will want to ensure that you have an adequate supply of proper  treats, and that generally involves chocolate. Don’t think you can get away with handing out any old thing.

halloween apple

Remember: selections have consequences.


I only mention this as the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion Keynesian spending plan promises everyone full-sized Snickers bars but will end up handing out only hated (and racist) black licorice. That will not sit well, especially with the peeps who’ve grown accustomed to torching stuff when they don’t get what they want. It’s the Keynesian way.

Note: After wrangling with the Zazzle people, Raj informs me that the “Let’s Go Brandon. MAGA” stickers are now available once again at the MOTUS Store. The Wuhan Cootie Collection however remains on lock-down.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Score One For The Patriarchy!

I’m so old I remember the tired old feminist gibe about it taking 2 men to replace a woman. Perhaps that was a bit of hyperbole, given that it’s sometimes the other way round.

discrimination reverse

Daily Mail

Ten million dollars, wow! Now that sounds like hyperbole. The damages seem high I know, but then, Donald Trump was still in office when they fired him. Ten months into Joe Biden sized inflation that sounds about right, doesn’t it?  

These are the stickers Raj made for me. I’ve found them quite useful.

Way to go David and David’s attorneys! Even if there were valid reasons for your firing – and I’m not saying there were - thank you for making an example out of these practitioners of the jackassery game of “diversity and inclusion” in which white males are always the pawn. Seriously, don’t any of you people have sons?

Wake up Wokesters: if you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

verdictActual Jury verdict in the David Duvall v. Novant Health case

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

A Little Halloween Love Bird…

We’re headed off to Ann Arbor at 0700 as Raj has an early hour EMG. If you don’t know what an EMG is consider yourself lucky because as a rule it means you have nerve damage, plus it’s, um, kind of painful. Yuk.

So here’s all I’ve got today: a very cute but holiday, and gender, confused peach faced love bird.

halloween bird with candy corn eggs

First of all, it’s Halloween, bird brain, not Easter; no eggs involved. Secondly, this is Herbert, the peach faced love bird. He’s a boy. For goodness sake, males do not lay eggs. Nor do they have babies. How difficult is this? It doesn’t matter how much lipstick you put on, if you were born a Herbert YOU. CANNOT. HAVE. BABIES.  Halloween is scary enough, we don’t need to make it any creepier.


So, Herbert, allow me to extend a bit of practical advice: since you appear to be approaching peak ripeness,

love bird ripeness

might I suggest you fly off and hide somewhere until you hit the mushy stage? I’ve been “mushy” for awhile now and can attest to the fact that when you get there, nobody bothers you much anymore. In fact you become almost invisible which leaves you free to conduct stealth missions.

baby candy corn costume

Just don’t get carried away with the knitting needles and nobody will get hurt.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Like Watching A Child Play With A Loaded Pistol

outsourcers dream miller

“Outsourcer’s dream?”  Try “sorcerer’s” dream…the apprentice is simply an inert conduit.

sorcerers apprentice joe

In semi-related news, I see they’ve finally found an acceptable fall guy (who isn’t female with a Hispanic surname) for Alec Baldwin:

The assistant director of “Rust” who reportedly handed Alec Baldwin the prop gun that killed Halyna Hutchins was fired from a previous production gig over another firearm incident…Halls had shouted that the weapon was a “cold gun” — meaning it was safe to use — before giving it to Baldwin, according to a search warrant issued on Friday.

Which I guess makes Baldwin - the guy who actually drew the gun, pointed the gun and pulled the trigger - nothing more than an unwitting accomplice to the disaster; an inept sorcerer’s apprentice.  Just like Joey.

loaded gun

But still guilty.

Monday, October 25, 2021

Stay Above The Fray: It’s Good For The Soul


autumn season of the soul neitzche

A season for quiet reflection.

Autumn leaves at the Carl Sandberg Estate the afternoon before the first snow.

A time to choose the high road,

bridge into the woods

and stay just a bit above the fray.


The perspective is better there.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Guaranteed House Fire

Although Halloween isn’t until next Sunday I declare today the start of Halloween week as the local Authorities have relegated Saturday, October 30th as Trick-or-Treat day.

So time to turn your thoughts to the holiday that officially launches the Christmas season.

You might want to consider what sort of treats you intend to hand out as trick-or-treaters have grown much pickier and judgmental over the years.

halloween candy

Also note that while in days of yore disgruntled looters would be satisfied simply egging old Crabby Appleton’s house, the hijinks of the disaffected and disappointed have escalated in recent years.

APP-Portland-Rioter-Running. with umbrella

Disgruntled Portlandians express their displeasure last Halloween


So think about that bag of candy before tossing it in the cart: just like in real life not all treats are equal.

candy corn

And do not even THINK about the old banana/candy corn trick: so NOT funny.

candy corn on cob bananaGuaranteed house fire