Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Like Watching A Child Play With A Loaded Pistol

outsourcers dream miller

“Outsourcer’s dream?”  Try “sorcerer’s” dream…the apprentice is simply an inert conduit.

sorcerers apprentice joe

In semi-related news, I see they’ve finally found an acceptable fall guy (who isn’t female with a Hispanic surname) for Alec Baldwin:

The assistant director of “Rust” who reportedly handed Alec Baldwin the prop gun that killed Halyna Hutchins was fired from a previous production gig over another firearm incident…Halls had shouted that the weapon was a “cold gun” — meaning it was safe to use — before giving it to Baldwin, according to a search warrant issued on Friday.

Which I guess makes Baldwin - the guy who actually drew the gun, pointed the gun and pulled the trigger - nothing more than an unwitting accomplice to the disaster; an inept sorcerer’s apprentice.  Just like Joey.

loaded gun

But still guilty.