Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Real Reason…

dogs cats

This is an interesting article claiming that while man domesticated animals such as dogs, horses, goats and pigs, cats pretty much just domesticated themselves: Ancient DNA Shows Cats Domesticated Themselves – Why Are We Not Surprised?

‘Domestic’ house cats look pretty much exactly like wild cats…research reveals that wildcat ancestors share essentially the same genetics as house cats today…

It was the cat, itself, who came to prize the territory around the homes of the ancient farmer, or the wharf of the ancient mariner. They were drawn to a plentiful supply of prey in the form of rodents—which brought their species and ours to be inseparably linked.

Or as Glenn Reynolds succinctly noted: They basically just showed up and demanded to be fed.

More from the article:

The two lineages of cats—the European forest cat (felis silvestris silvestris) and Southwest Asia/North African wildcat (felis silvestris lybica)—are solitary hunters that lack any strong social hierarchy, which would make them poor candidates for domestication by humans.

Rather than merging social hierarchies and breeding selectively like humans did with wolves—cats simply existed in close proximity to humans, without ever fully entering societal processes.

So essentially they come for food, pretend to be domesticated to curry favor with the proprietor, perform the occasional useful task when and if they feel like it,


and demand you adapt to their habits rather than the other way around. Now what does that remind me of?  Oh yes, the “migrating” mousers.

Biden Shirts“They basically just showed up and demanded to be fed.” In return they promise to vote Democrat

The moral of this story is the real reason that dogs have masters but cats have staff:

If you didn’t make 'em you can't break 'em.

trump norman rockwell

Much to their perpetual frustration.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Just Pay Separate Processing And Handling Fees

BIDEN VOTER: "They're dropping bombs in Syria​ right now—and those bombs are kinda expensive​ for a dude who owes me $2,000."

Don’t worry Dude, help is on the way! You’ll be getting that  “Covid relief” check Uncle Joe promised you any day now which, along with your extended unemployment check, will allow you to fish right on through the summer. And all you have to do is give Pops his customary cut.

biden a little tasteC’mon man! All I want is my customary “little taste”

How cool is that? That’s how all Democrat scams work. This well-timed solicitation letter that MOTUS received in the overnight email drop illustrates perfectly.

You see, one of the hazards of having once served in the White House as the official Mirror Of The United States (MOTUS®) during the Obama Occupation is that you never, ever get off their email lists. One has to admire the DNC’s quick-response agility in capitalizing on their “Rescue Plan” that promises 85% of Americans a short-term windfall. They waste no time in reminding that 85% of the terms and conditions of their scam (you owe them). This is how all Democrat-delivered kickbacks graft payoffs windfalls work, regardless of your position on the pyramid.

See the source imageRemember: “Pops” gets his 10% off the top no matter what

Check out this DNC solicitation (actual email letter, except I replaced the live links), it’s how professional grifters work:

Dear Motus,

President Biden just addressed our nation and today signed one of the most consequential pieces of legislation in modern history -- the American Rescue Plan. I hope you'll give me a chance to explain why this bill is so important and how it was made possible by grassroots supporters like you.


The American Rescue Plan will have a tremendous impact on the lives of Americans. 85 percent of households will receive checks for $1,400 per person, which means a typical family of four making $100,000 a year will receive $5,600 in direct relief. It also cuts child poverty in half and lowers health care premiums for millions of families. That’s so important, Motus.

But here’s the thing: Not a single Republican voted for the bill. Not only does this show that they’re more interested in serving themselves and their wealthy donors -- it proves this legislation was made possible because of our victories last election cycle.

real election results germany sidney powellMake that the “so-called victories”

Our majorities are slim -- but our majorities are precisely why Democrats were able to get this critical bill through Congress! And building back better in the years ahead will require we not only defend our majorities, but build on them. So, I’ve gotta ask: INSERT LINK HERE SOLICITING YOUR DONATION TO COMPLETE THE DEMOCRATS’ RUINATION OF OUR NATION

Every penny will help fund the organizing efforts, data and technology upkeep, voter protection, and more it will take to elect Democrats across the board in 2021, 2022, and beyond.

If you've saved payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:


On the campaign trail, President Biden and Vice President Harris promised the American people that they would provide relief for the economic and health crises posed by the coronavirus.

Trump's triumph in 2016 gives rise to grassroots activism in the Lehigh  Valley - The Morning CallBiden, Harris promising relief on the campaign trail


And with the signing of the American Rescue Plan, they delivered on that promise.

Now, it’s our job to make sure that we not only defend our Democratic majority, but expand upon it in the years to come. That will mean funding efforts to communicate the impact of the American Rescue Plan, organize our communities around that knowledge, and mobilize them in the next elections.


    So we can be China’s dog for generations to come


Jose Cornejo
Email Director
Democratic National Committee

P.S. Today, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law to deliver immediate relief to millions of Americans who are weathering the storm of the coronavirus crisis. Only if you are able, INSERT ANOTHER LINK HERE  SOLICITING YOUR DONATION TO THE DNC TO COMPLETE THEIR RUINATION OF OUR NATION, IN CASE YOU FAILED TO CLICK THE FIRST, SECOND OR THIRD LINKS to help expand our Democratic majorities and open the door for more legislation like this in the years to come.


Well done, Jose, Email Director of the Democratic National Committee. Doing what politicians have always done best: raising money for the ruination of a nation.

biden blue dog collar

Donate today and get this Biden dog collar absolutely free!

(Just pay separate processing and handling fees)

Thursday, March 11, 2021

How About I Trade You My Black Hole For Your Star and Declare Victory?

Well this is interesting, in a rather bleak way:

New Kind of Space Explosion Reveals the Birth of a Black Hole: 

A supernova-like explosion dubbed “the Camel” appears to be the result of a newborn black hole eating a star from the inside out.


SS22588626The explosion, known as a “transition,” is bluer than an ordinary supernova

Well of course it’s “bluer” than an “ordinary” supernova: the destructive capabilities of such an event — known as a transient —  are absolute.   The working theory appears to be that the event is “a “failed supernova” scenario, where a black hole quite literally eats a star from the inside out.”

Yeah, I’d say that sums it up quite simply.


It also describes the state of the country currently.

A Congress riven along party lines approved a landmark $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill Wednesday, as President Joe Biden and Democrats claimed a triumph on a bill that marshals the government’s spending might against twin pandemic and economic crises that have upended a nation…For Biden and Democrats, the bill is essentially a canvas on which they’ve painted their core beliefs — that government programs can be a benefit, not a bane, to millions of people and that spending huge sums on such efforts can be a cure, not a curse. The measure so closely tracks Democrats’ priorities that several rank it with the top achievements of their careers. - NPR

Politicians dreams, like those of astrophysicists, appear to depend on a working understanding of infinity. But let’s get back to the recent space explosion – apparently not all “transitions” are equal.

They quickly get bright, then fade fast. They’re also hot, which makes them look blue. But these “fast blue optical transients” are not identical.

crazy joeA fine specimen of one of those “fast blue optical transients”

“The explosion itself and the sort of zombie afterlife behavior, those are quite similar,” said Anna Ho, an astrophysicist at the University of California, Berkeley…

The events all appear to be some sort of explosion from a star that collides with nearby gas and dust. “But the collision stage where you’re seeing the explosion collide with ambient material, that has shown some variation in the amount of material lying around and the speed in which the shock wave from the explosion is plowing through the material.”

Congress OKs $1.9T virus relief bill in win for Biden, DemsExample of some of the ambient material plowing through our material with shocking speed


The process begins when a massive star…reaches the end of its life and exhausts its fuel. Its core then collapses, beginning what would normally be a regular supernova, where infalling material rebounds back out, leaving behind a dense object called a neutron star.

But in cases like the (current transient) “something unusual happens in the process to core collapse…what we claim is that instead of collapsing to a neutron star, it collapsed straight into a black hole, and most of the star fell into the black hole.

And it all happened so quickly the Democrats hardly noticed, as they were all so blinded by our light.

Oh my God! It’s filled with stars!

But what the hell, you say, this black hole doesn’t send mean tweets so we’re all good, right?

joe biden reporting for duty - dootieJoey: putting the “Dem” in Dementia since who knows when

P.S. The fact that this current “transition” has been named “the Camel” is purely koincidental. Then again, there is no such thing as a koincidence.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

About Those Cages

Yes, it’s Chicken Hump Day again.


Now about those cages, you know, the ones Obama built to hold unaccompanied “minors” on the border back in 2014.

obama cages and tinfoiltinfoil ready for the broiler

Well, we’re not talking about them…again. Nor are we talking about anything else border related because, um, Biden is “president” now?

Psaki Says ‘No Need to Put Labels’ on ‘Challenging’ Situation at US-Mexico Border

But of course there’s no reason to slap a label on it, labels are only for losers, not robust regimes administrations like Joey’s. And there’s no need to talk about “kids in cages” either. Everyone knows that was Trump’s doing. And labels are only necessary for orange Presidents who tweet mean stuff. When a black-ish President puts kids in cages it’s because he’s providing humanitarian aid to those less fortunate waifs. And when very white Presidents who have lost their their weak grip on reality do it it’s because – well, we’ll circle back to that later.

But since it’s Chicken Hump Day I will only note that during those wonderful Obama caging years the kids did look a lot like caged chickens.


In fact it looked like they were getting wrapping up and prepared for roasting.

But let’s not put a label on it” 

See the source image

Labels are reserved for Orange-Man-Bad Presidents. Him you are free to label “racist” for enforcing US border law’ and  “Xenophobe. In. Chief.” for temporarily suspending immigration due to the spread of Coronavirus from China and the rest of the world. And while you wouldn’t normally be able to simultaneously label him as being culpable for spreading the Coronavirus he was trying to keep out of the county, you can if he tweets mean things.

And even RINOs play that game of chicken. That’s partially how we got where we’re at.

rino chicken

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

We’re Just Here To Comply

Some of you are now be free to move about the cabin.

But don’t forget to maintain your social distancing!

According to the CDC, people who are vaccinated can socialize together without masks.

“A growing body of evidence now tells us that there are some activities that fully vaccinated people can resume at low risk to themselves,” CDC director Rochelle Walensky said during a press briefing today.

People who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can gather indoors with other vaccinated people without masks, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said today. The recommendation is part of the long-awaited guidelines for how people who have received the shots can adjust their behavior.

Thank you CDC! But wait – not so fast. There is small print, and as usual it is confusing, seemingly contradictory and not all that helpful:

People who are vaccinated should still wear masks when they’re in public and while interacting with people who have not been vaccinated. They should also avoid large gatherings.

But the CDC wishes to assure you that:

There's accumulating evidence to show that people who are fully vaccinated are less likely to become infected and also "potentially" less likely to spread the virus to others.

What more could you possibly expect from a…vaccination? Get your happy little vaccination today, and tomorrow we might let you leave your house – as long as you promise to wash your hands and practice social distancing!

big smile for your covid vaccination shotMaybe it’s just me but these people are beginning to look more like clowns every day.

Those who are fully vaccinated can also gather indoors with unvaccinated people in other households as long as those unvaccinated people are at low risk for a severe case of COVID-19. “If grandparents have been vaccinated, they can visit their daughter and her family even if they have not been vaccinated, so long as the daughter and her family are not at risk for severe disease,” Walensky said.

What’s that? You say you want to fly to see your daughter and her family because they live half-way across the country? Sorry, we can’t clear you for that yet.

The CDC is not issuing new recommendations around travel at this time; people should still avoid unnecessary travel.

It’s almost as if they want us to stay scared, or something.

The three COVID-19 vaccines available in the US are highly protective against the disease and will help beat back the pandemic — but none are perfect. While there are still high levels of the coronavirus circulating through most communities in the US, there’s still a small chance someone who has been vaccinated could get sick. Variant forms of the virus that can spread more easily have also been found in most states, and the vaccines are less effective against some of these variants. It’s also possible that someone who is vaccinated could still spread the disease to other people, even though they’re less likely to than someone who has not been vaccinated.

The guidelines will continue to evolve as more people become vaccinated, Walensky said. “Like you, I want to be able to return to everyday activities.”

I’m betting that Rochelle Walensky, like the rest of our ‘betters’ has already returned to her life. It’s just the peons who have to continue to ‘practice’ the rules they decide to deploy.

BradyThank You For Practicing Social Distancing Floor Sign Color: Orange, |  Fisher Scientific

Now that we have so much ‘practice’ with this hocus we’re ready for perpetual Covid Kabuki.


Bring on the boosters!

sad face

We’re here to comply.

Monday, March 8, 2021

The Would-Be-Princess Is Quite The Drama Queen

I take it the Meghan/Harry/Oprah grievance session was aired last night. No, I didn’t watch it, who in their right mind would?  I am certain that the Queen of celebrity interviews arranged a marvelously orchestrated session with her ex-royal subjects.

First Look: Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's Interview with Oprah |

Oprah, I remind you, was invited to the H&M wedding even though she’d never met either of them at the time. That, my friend, is what’s known as long range strategic planning.

Anyway last night’s airing of Oprah’s interview with the world’s most infamous ex-royals was, I’m sure, a big draw. Who could resist this cute-ish couple?

Memorable quotes from Meghan and Harry's Oprah interview - The Boston Globe

I know this is hard to hear and even harder to believe, but Meghan’s main complaint with the Royals appears to be…RACISM!

She made the incendiary and implausible charge that when she was pregnant with Archie, the royal family decreed that her unborn son would be denied the title of “prince” because her mixed race meant he might have dark skin.

Meghan swiftly moved on, claiming that there was a serious discussion inside the royal family about how black her baby might be and the decision to refuse the child any security — zero, zip, nada, Meghan again implying the royals wouldn’t mind harm coming to a royal infant who wouldn’t be 100% white. - NYPost

Such cruelty nearly drove her to SUICIDE!

She told Harry about the ordeal because "I knew that if I didn't say it, that I would do it -- and I just didn't want to be alive anymore," Meghan said. She revealed her thoughts to her husband as they sat on the steps of their cottage. Hours later, the pair had to attend an event in London. "I can't be left alone," she remembered telling Harry, after he suggested she stay home. – CNN

Wow, quite the bombshell interview,

It was the interview that some within Buckingham Palace must have feared -- but Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex's discussion with Oprah Winfrey was more revealing, explosive and potentially damaging to the royal family than many could have imagined.

Allegations of racism within the family itself, and Meghan's admission that she felt suicidal during her pregnancy, have been splashed across newspapers in the United Kingdom.

Throughout their two-hour TV special, both Harry and Meghan spoke with eye-opening candor, delivering accusations and rebukes that outweighed even Princess Diana's landmark interview more than two decades earlier.

Or as the NYPost more accurately described it, “bull.”

For Harry’s two bits, he just wants to school his royal family (that’s “school” not “screw” in case you’re just scanning) on how hard it was for him:

He also hinted that he attempted to reveal to his family the constraints of royal life that he had discovered. "I've tried to educate them," he said.

As for ex-Duchess Meghan, she says speaking for herself is 'liberating.' She certainly chose a strange career for someone who wanted to speak for herself, as actors seldom do.

One last thing, just to set the record straight: it was Kate who made Meghan cry, not the other way around.

meghan cries a littlePoor little misunderstood Meghan

If you’re into celebrity dirt and Royal tell-alls the Oprah hour would have been must see TV. I’m glad I missed it, just reading about it is tedious.

Asked how Buckingham Palace would react to “hearing you speak your truth today**?” Meghan is smugly triumphant.

“I don’t know how they could expect that after all of this time we would still just be silent if there was an active role that ‘the Firm’ is playing in perpetuating falsehoods about us.”

To which Harry chimed in with:

“My biggest concern was history repeating itself,” Harry says, holding hands with Meghan as she gazes adoringly at him, clad in a $4,700 black Armani dress and patting her pregnant belly.

“I’m just really relieved and happy to be sitting here talking to you with my wife by my side because I can’t begin to imagine what it must have been like for (Diana) going through this process by herself all those years ago.”

No wonder some wags are calling the Oprah interview “Diana’s Revenge.”


**Note: “speaking your truth” in today’s parlance translates to “lie”

Sunday, March 7, 2021

The Left: Taking The Progress Out Of Progressive For Over a Century

Anybody else keeping track of the score in the Culture War?


Probably not as there are no actual rules and therefore no way to tally the results. But there are a lot of keen observations out there:

The culture war becomes more infantile by the day. Quite literally. The big talking points of the past few weeks have focused almost exclusively on children’s TV shows, toys and authors.

kermit potato suess

So let’s see:

First Disney Plus slapped a warning label on The Muppets Show, due to the ‘negative depictions and / or mistreatment of people or cultures’ it apparently features, acknowledging the ‘harmful impacts’ these puppets have inflicted on generations of youngsters.

Then there was the de-gendering of Mr Potato Head. Hasbro announced that the beloved toy brand would drop the honorific, so as to make it more gender inclusive…

Then they came for Dr. Seuss, as it were.

Honestly, I still have no idea why 6 of the Dr. Seuss books have been cancelled and am not inclined to find out. Despite criticism they can’t seem to help themselves.

The pattern keeps repeating itself. Wokists do something mad and when you point this out to them they accuse you of being mad. The people who think that the mascots on Uncle Ben’s rice or Aunt Jemima’s pancake mix are essentially propping up white supremacy are perfectly sensible. Anyone who says ‘hang on a minute’ is crazy.

The claim that critics of cancel culture are obsessing over random examples might hold some water if there weren’t so many examples. Since the Black Lives Matter protests exploded last year, the hitherto esoteric idea that all culture must be cleansed in order to bring about a just society has gone mainstream and led to countless ‘cancellations’.

As if by magic, the left beclowns itself yet again, thus proving their critics correct: this time it’s Pepe LePew.


This new charge was led by a NYT columnist, you know America’s newspaper of record that couldn’t bring itself to break the story of Harvey Weinstein, Mr. #MeToo himself. I guess they don’t want to miss the boat on the next big rapist.

Screen Capture #931

Charles Blow took to Twitter to defend the statements in his column and expand on them

I would note that Monsieur Le Blow looks a bit like a skunk himself,

NYT publishes column claiming Looney Tunes character Pepe Le Pew  'normalized rape culture' | Daily Mail Online

although I’m sure that pointing that out is reason enough to get me deplatformed. Nevertheless, he seems to have totally missed the point that Pepe’s character (a cartoon, I remind you) was…a skunk. A loser who never won the favor of the fairer sex - because he was a skunk, catch my whiff?

Honestly, I’m surprised the left insists on keeping this up as it doesn’t seem to work out all that well.

lose the indian keep the land

The left: taking the progress out of progressive for over a century.