Sunday, March 7, 2021

The Left: Taking The Progress Out Of Progressive For Over a Century

Anybody else keeping track of the score in the Culture War?


Probably not as there are no actual rules and therefore no way to tally the results. But there are a lot of keen observations out there:

The culture war becomes more infantile by the day. Quite literally. The big talking points of the past few weeks have focused almost exclusively on children’s TV shows, toys and authors.

kermit potato suess

So let’s see:

First Disney Plus slapped a warning label on The Muppets Show, due to the ‘negative depictions and / or mistreatment of people or cultures’ it apparently features, acknowledging the ‘harmful impacts’ these puppets have inflicted on generations of youngsters.

Then there was the de-gendering of Mr Potato Head. Hasbro announced that the beloved toy brand would drop the honorific, so as to make it more gender inclusive…

Then they came for Dr. Seuss, as it were.

Honestly, I still have no idea why 6 of the Dr. Seuss books have been cancelled and am not inclined to find out. Despite criticism they can’t seem to help themselves.

The pattern keeps repeating itself. Wokists do something mad and when you point this out to them they accuse you of being mad. The people who think that the mascots on Uncle Ben’s rice or Aunt Jemima’s pancake mix are essentially propping up white supremacy are perfectly sensible. Anyone who says ‘hang on a minute’ is crazy.

The claim that critics of cancel culture are obsessing over random examples might hold some water if there weren’t so many examples. Since the Black Lives Matter protests exploded last year, the hitherto esoteric idea that all culture must be cleansed in order to bring about a just society has gone mainstream and led to countless ‘cancellations’.

As if by magic, the left beclowns itself yet again, thus proving their critics correct: this time it’s Pepe LePew.


This new charge was led by a NYT columnist, you know America’s newspaper of record that couldn’t bring itself to break the story of Harvey Weinstein, Mr. #MeToo himself. I guess they don’t want to miss the boat on the next big rapist.

Screen Capture #931

Charles Blow took to Twitter to defend the statements in his column and expand on them

I would note that Monsieur Le Blow looks a bit like a skunk himself,

NYT publishes column claiming Looney Tunes character Pepe Le Pew  'normalized rape culture' | Daily Mail Online

although I’m sure that pointing that out is reason enough to get me deplatformed. Nevertheless, he seems to have totally missed the point that Pepe’s character (a cartoon, I remind you) was…a skunk. A loser who never won the favor of the fairer sex - because he was a skunk, catch my whiff?

Honestly, I’m surprised the left insists on keeping this up as it doesn’t seem to work out all that well.

lose the indian keep the land

The left: taking the progress out of progressive for over a century.