Wednesday, March 10, 2021

About Those Cages

Yes, it’s Chicken Hump Day again.


Now about those cages, you know, the ones Obama built to hold unaccompanied “minors” on the border back in 2014.

obama cages and tinfoiltinfoil ready for the broiler

Well, we’re not talking about them…again. Nor are we talking about anything else border related because, um, Biden is “president” now?

Psaki Says ‘No Need to Put Labels’ on ‘Challenging’ Situation at US-Mexico Border

But of course there’s no reason to slap a label on it, labels are only for losers, not robust regimes administrations like Joey’s. And there’s no need to talk about “kids in cages” either. Everyone knows that was Trump’s doing. And labels are only necessary for orange Presidents who tweet mean stuff. When a black-ish President puts kids in cages it’s because he’s providing humanitarian aid to those less fortunate waifs. And when very white Presidents who have lost their their weak grip on reality do it it’s because – well, we’ll circle back to that later.

But since it’s Chicken Hump Day I will only note that during those wonderful Obama caging years the kids did look a lot like caged chickens.


In fact it looked like they were getting wrapping up and prepared for roasting.

But let’s not put a label on it” 

See the source image

Labels are reserved for Orange-Man-Bad Presidents. Him you are free to label “racist” for enforcing US border law’ and  “Xenophobe. In. Chief.” for temporarily suspending immigration due to the spread of Coronavirus from China and the rest of the world. And while you wouldn’t normally be able to simultaneously label him as being culpable for spreading the Coronavirus he was trying to keep out of the county, you can if he tweets mean things.

And even RINOs play that game of chicken. That’s partially how we got where we’re at.

rino chicken