Saturday, January 23, 2016

Check Your White Privilege

In this the eighth year of Barry’s historic, post-racial presidency, history is about to be made again. A blizzard! In January! And even this historic event is marred by ongoing racism in America. I mean, DC is practically buried in white privilege today.

white house in snow

Yeah, I said it: white privilege (WP). And while the Snow gods are trying hard to spread the wealth around, some people are going to get way more than their fair share. As usual this unfair distribution will impact minorities and women the most as they attempt to stock up on necessities to weather the storm.

xferguson-market-looting-575x337_jpg_pagespeed_ic_5STByAw-OKThe mostly male yutes elbow women and children out of their way as they stock up on essentials at the liquor store.

And as the weekend progresses it could get even worse, as meteorologists are forecasting thunder snow in some areas. If you’re a weather–geek I guess thunder-snow is very exciting:

Butt remember, they can also be quite dangerous so let’s be careful out there.


The storm's bullseye appears to be directly targeting Washington and Baltimore. Accumulations of 18 inches or more are expected. And throughout the region people who have “an invisible package of unearned assets” – i.e. white privilege – will remain sheltered in place enjoying their WP while somebody else does all the heavy lifting.

black snowman

My advice if you are in the storm’s path and have a Netflix account is to binge-watch their original series Lilyhammer. It’s a little dark, a lot funny and decidedly not politically correct as it makes fun of the Norwegians’ attempts to assimilate Muslims into their Nordic culture. If you were a Soprano fan you’ll surely like this,


and even if you weren’t, you might. Sadly there were only 3 seasons made, butt that should get you through the weekend.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

And The Clintons Just Keep Fighting. For Us.

Because the vast rightwing conspiracy continues to advance the story that Hillary’s top TOP secret unsecured emails jeopardized U.S. lives and operations, and because Bernie could be said to be surging in the polls, she was forced to roll out the old Bubba to woo the ladies back into her web.

And while it sure looked to me like Bubba had a fly on his forehead in that video,


I must have had yesterday’s Shinola on my mind because it turns out it wasn’t a fly after all, it was just a boo-boo.

Screen Capture #084

Whew - those corners are sharp! And the years have taken a toll on Bubba; he can’t duck and cut as quickly as he once could.

ashtray cigar

I wonder if Hilz was upset because she’s losing to an old white guy or because she heard that Bubba scheduled his next stump speech in Vegas during the annual national porn convention.

Screenshot Studio capture #2492Caption Contest!

In a world that has been turned upside down by Hope ’n Change it’s somehow comforting to know that some things never change - Bill and Hill, still fighting…for us.

Screen Capture #087


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Thursday, January 21, 2016

In His Final Year, Obama Proves He Knows Sh** From Shinola

Big Guy visited Detroit yesterday to take another victory lap for having saved GM (and whacking bin Laden).

obama shinolaBO visits a Detroit-based Shinola store proving he knows…well, you know.

While he was in Motown BHO addressed the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan which is 70 miles northwest of Detroit (not that it matters butt Flint is ranked the 10th most liberal city in America, just behind San Francisco).

President Barack Obama, in Detroit on Wednesday for his first visit to the North American International Auto Show, weighed in on the Flint water crisis at the top of his speech to autoworkers and their families at a UAW education and training center, saying of Mayor Karen Weaver and the residents of Flint, "we're going to have her back and all the people of Flint's back."

david-petraeus-061510jpg-3c8c6124c9be762f_largeA word of advice Mayor Weaver, when Barry has your back make sure you line up good counsel

Both Detroit and Flint are “chocolate” cities (h/t  Ray Nagin, ex-mayor of New Orleans and convicted felon) who haven’t embraced a Republican in any capacity including dog catcher since sometime in the 60’s. I bring this up only because some people believe this is just another racist plot. Like Detroit, Flint has been mishandling its finances and operating in deficit spending for decades. It caught up to them in 2002 when the State was required to appoint an emergency manager to straighten out the mess, which worked until 2011 when the city again fell into serious financial distress requiring the appointment of a second emergency financial manager. Detroit also had an emergency financial manager appointed in 2013, butt they just went full-bore and filed Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

During its second financial emergency Flint decided to save money by switching it’s water source from the Detroit system - which delivers Lake Huron water to Detroit and most of southeast Michigan - to its own system getting water from the Flint River. You may recall that most people in Detroit think that water is a human right and as such don’t pay their water bills. Since somebody has to pay for all the water plant facilities and pipelines this caused the Detroit system to raise rates for suburban and exurban users who now pay some of the highest water rates in the country despite being surrounded by an embarrassment of clean, fresh water supply.


Butt back to Flint’s water disaster: switching from the Detroit water system to the Flint river supply turned out to be a bad call in that a) the river water is polluted and corrosive,

Although the state assisted Flint in switching its drinking water supply back to Lake Huron water from Flint River water in October, there are concerns that lead problems persist due to damage the corrosive river water caused to the water distribution system.

and b) apparently nobody in charge knew what they were doing, from the processing plant operators to the EPA.

flint-water-top-compressedIf they did, could you get this kind of water out of the taps?

So while BHO declared the water situation a Federal Emergency, freeing up $5 million in federal aid to immediately assist with the public health crisis, he denied Gov. Rick Snyder's request for a disaster declaration as the lead contamination of Flint's drinking water is a man-caused disaster. Try using that excuse in New York after Iran lobs one of their nukes into the middle of Manhattan.


Meanwhile I understand that none other than Lady M herself will be making water deliverys to Flint to alleviate the racist genocide that’s occurring there.

mo water jugs[3]

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Refusniks and Bad Pennies

It appears that the freed Iranians in our latest felons for hostages swap are refusniks: they refused to go home to their beloved Iran. That’s right, they decided to stay right here in the good old US of A enjoying the freedoms guaranteed by our constitition. Because America needs a few more illegal alien felons roaming about.

The good news: at least none of them are known terrorists. Still, they are free to roam about the country continuing their lucrative careers by jeopardizing national security, violating (newly imposed) trade sanctions and hacking into unsecured servers in the former Secretary of State’s bathroom. Well at least we might finally find out what was actually in Hillary’s email.

So, as I said the other day (trigger warning) “Heck of a job Brownie!”

iranian deal

I think this is the kind of deal that The Donald speaks of when he criticizes Barry and his merry band of boys and girls at the negotiation table. So while my favorite analogy - “How about I trade you my new Mercedes for one of your old shoes.” – still applies,  I think it may be appropriate to coin a new one: “How about I trade you $160 billion for 7 bad pennies.”


In other Justice Department news;  following the “snubbing” of black actors and directors in this year’s Oscars nominations it is apparent that simply being an Equal Opportunity Employer is not adequate for Hollywood. Therefore Barry will be issuing an exectutive order instructing the Civil Rights Division and the Department of Labor to enact and enforce new Affirmative Action standards for all Hollywood studios and the Academy.

The new order will not impose quotas (which are illegal) butt will require that future Oscar nominees and winners – still selected on “merit” - include peoples of color proportionate to their representation in the industry. Currently that would be around 50% if you count the white people pretending to be black.

black actors

And while they’re at it, the new rules for Hollywood will require the studios to eliminate the use of the terms “Best Boy” and “Dolly Grip” due to their obviously sexist roots.

Anyway, next time we want to make a swap with the enemy, I suggest we give them seven of our bad Penn-ies.

sean penn pawn useful idiotLooks like a good hostage to me.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I Don’t Think It Means What You Think It Means.

RIP Glenn Frey 1948 - 2016

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
"Relax, " said the night man,
"We are programmed to receive.
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave! "

Note to Boomers: Apparently you can check out. Plan, and pack, accordingly.

boomer trailer

And in Martin Luther King Day news: I see the University of Michigan joins with #BLM, race baiters and racists everywhere to mandate classes in White Privilege for their business school students. Because indoctrination does not stop at the high school diploma anymore.

The University of Michigan has added a three-year diversity requirement to its Ross School of Business undergraduate curriculum that, among other things, will teach their students how race, gender and sexual orientation “connect to larger systems of power, privilege and oppression.”

Well how about that? Seven years into our first post-racial presidency we have to mandate indoctrination on the art and artiface of identity politics. And at one of the country’s best undergraduate business schools (ranked 4th - for now) no less.


Post Racial: I don’t think it means what you think it means professor. 

The classes, which include “Identity 101” and “Entering into, Engaging with and Exiting Communities across Difference”, are mandatory for graduation and emphasize “identity, diversity and experience,” said Lynn Wooten, associate dean for undergraduate programs.

There are mandatory "reflection papers" to discuss your identity and confess your guilt and no "vague generalities" are allowed.

Reflect on this: with out-of-state rates approaching $60k per year it doesn’t strike me as good value to waste 3 courses (1 in the sophmore, junior and senior year) beating the white privilege myth further into the heads of our country’s future titans of industry. Butt that’s just me; a guilty receipient of white privilege that allowed me to obtain everything I worked hard to achieve. It’s so unfair.

White Privilege_73b698_4873377white chocolate weasels and mice_thumb[2]“Served,” I don’t think it means what you think it means buddy.

Moral of the story: Save yourself a lot of money on a college education and just read the books yourself.


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Monday, January 18, 2016

#We Can’t Wait!

There was another Democratic debate last night? Why was I not advised? Not that I would have watched it anyway as it was Lady M’s birthday (52!) which takes precedence over everything. I’d do a highlight reel of last year’s fashion high points butt NBC Washington has already done that. It’s almost identical to the fawning review MO got after her first year “in office”  from the LA Times.

Here are a few of the points made in this year’s version, which I’ve taken the liberty of illustrating for them:

“Since arriving at the White House in 2009, FLOTUS became known for her keen sense of style, with many comparing her to Jackie Kennedy Onassis, the glamorous wife of former President John F. Kennedy.

mo and jackie

jackie O

Nailed it!

From her down-to-earth J. Crew garb

jcrewWho practically invented the mini-me sweater with boob belt look

to more high-end labels like Oscar de la Renta Obama Kennedy Center Honors

and Vera Wang,

vera wang Stick with Oscar unless you want to look “hot to trot”

Mrs. Obama never disapoints her fashionista fans. And whether she's mixing prints,

mixed print mo

showing off her enviable arms (trigger warning!)

Screen Capture #079

or brightening up an entire State of the Union address in a marigold sheath,

michelle_obama_fashion_nina_ricci_cardigan_city_hall_oslo_norway_december_2009With or without the matching foil coat and non-matchy cardigan sweater

we're going to miss the anticipation that comes with waiting to see what Michelle Obama is going to wear at any given event come 2016.”

That’s an error, I think they actually meant 2017, as we have another 12 months to “anticipate” what Lady M will be sporting. Butt what can you expect, it’s just NBC-Washington; it’s not like they’re an arm of some big media conglomerate or anything.

Butt since we’ve still got nearly 12 full months of anticipation, what do you think we have to look forward to?

More leaning backwards?


Bling-wear?these legs don't match mo

Artful accesories?mo big bo[8]

Or perhaps Death to America?

mo flag dress photoshopTrigger warning! Photoshop

Butt yeah, 2017 is going to be rough, what with both BO and MO withdrawal. How will we manage?

trumps cruz

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Would You Vote For Ted Cruz, Even If…

As my poll yesterday indicated there is still a lot of controversy over Ted Cruz’s eligibility to hold the office of POTUS. If we were talking about another dark-skinned Democrat this might not be an issue butt since we’re dealing with a white-Hispanic R-Word the words of former Democrat Speaker of the House Tom Foley apply: “The nature of the evidence is irrelevant; it’s the seriousness of the charge that matters.”  So there will be inquiries, probes, investigations and ultimately  the “science” of eligibility will be “settled” by the courts as all “real science” is.

ted cruz-superman copy (2)Watch out for incoming Krypton!

I note that some of you are still a bit uneasy with Mr. Cruz, aside from the question of his citizenship, feeling that he may be too much of an ambitious politician. Fair enough; always a good idea to be wary of anyone running for office, including The Donald. He may well be be running because he loves America and wants to make it great again, butt if you are running for office you are in fact a politician and as Lord Acton reminded us, power does tend to go to one’s head. The Donald’s melon is pretty big to start with, and it’s not as if he’s a stranger to politics and politicians as he’s been buying them for years.

Having said that, let the record reflect that I’d vote for whoever the R-word nominee is against whoever the “I hate America and want to make it more like Europe” party picks. And I’d race to the polls to vote for The Donald, butt I’d camp out overnight to vote for Ted Cruz.

So I don’t think there’s anything anyone can say to talk me out of it;  I’d vote for Ted Cruz even if he “shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.”

Does that make me a bad person? 


I suppose so, butt as long as you vote for a vampire slayer what difference at this point does it make?

In other news today:

obama-kerry-embrace-AP“Heck of job Brownie!” (Microagression trigger!)

Lurch and Smirch announced the swap of 5 American hostages for 7 convicted Iranian felons, $100 billion, a pathway to nuclear weapons and one propaganda video staring American sailors. Once again, good work boys! Especially the part about this not setting  a precedent. While I’m very happy for the hostages and their families I don’t see how this doesn’t set a precedent, unless they’re dealing with a President Cruz or Trump next time.


I Approved this message copy

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