Saturday, January 23, 2016

Check Your White Privilege

In this the eighth year of Barry’s historic, post-racial presidency, history is about to be made again. A blizzard! In January! And even this historic event is marred by ongoing racism in America. I mean, DC is practically buried in white privilege today.

white house in snow

Yeah, I said it: white privilege (WP). And while the Snow gods are trying hard to spread the wealth around, some people are going to get way more than their fair share. As usual this unfair distribution will impact minorities and women the most as they attempt to stock up on necessities to weather the storm.

xferguson-market-looting-575x337_jpg_pagespeed_ic_5STByAw-OKThe mostly male yutes elbow women and children out of their way as they stock up on essentials at the liquor store.

And as the weekend progresses it could get even worse, as meteorologists are forecasting thunder snow in some areas. If you’re a weather–geek I guess thunder-snow is very exciting:

Butt remember, they can also be quite dangerous so let’s be careful out there.


The storm's bullseye appears to be directly targeting Washington and Baltimore. Accumulations of 18 inches or more are expected. And throughout the region people who have “an invisible package of unearned assets” – i.e. white privilege – will remain sheltered in place enjoying their WP while somebody else does all the heavy lifting.

black snowman

My advice if you are in the storm’s path and have a Netflix account is to binge-watch their original series Lilyhammer. It’s a little dark, a lot funny and decidedly not politically correct as it makes fun of the Norwegians’ attempts to assimilate Muslims into their Nordic culture. If you were a Soprano fan you’ll surely like this,


and even if you weren’t, you might. Sadly there were only 3 seasons made, butt that should get you through the weekend.

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