Saturday, August 22, 2015

Islamic Jihadi opens fire with AK-47. Terrorism not ruled out.

sang froid

It happened again: on a train filled with cheese eating surrender monkeys hurtling through the Belgian countryside towards Paris, the Americans came to the rescue:

Crew on Paris-bound train barricaded themselves in their staffroom and locked the door as Kalashnikov-wielding terrorist went on the rampage – leaving PASSENGERS to take him down.

And, as usual, the passengers were 3 Americans and a Brit. When an Islamic terrorist (Can I say that? The French called for caution before jumping to conclusions.) opened fire with an AK-47 (wait, you’re not allowed to have an assault rifle in France!) he was rushed and taken down by Americans Spencer Stone (U.S. Air Force) and Alek Skarlatos (Oregon National Guard) and subdued with the help of California student Anthony Sadler, and British national Chris Norman.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve commended the Americans who “neutralize(d) this extremely violent passenger,” praising them for their “great bravery” and saying that “without their sang-froid we could have been confronted with a terrible tragedy.”

Not exactly like it was the first time though, eh boys?

graves_at_normandy-PThe Normandy American Cemetery, overlooking Omaha Beach and the English Channel. It holds the graves of more than 9,300 U.S. servicemen who died in the D-Day invasion.

Like it or not world, you still need us.


Today’s post sponsored by François, the cheese eating surrender mouse: because MOTUS has a ban on simian references.


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Friday, August 21, 2015

Hands Up! Or I’ll Shoot!

It’s been quite a week for little old ladies:

  • First we have Hillary, in what certainly must have been a display of somewhat-early-onset-Alzheimers. She claimed no knowledge of what is, was, or should be classified; and demurred that the complexities of government security clearance was beyond her ken. It’s as if she was a helpless little girl faced with a big bad math problem too tough for a little girl to solve, or something. Employing the old anti-feminist “dust rag” defense she deflected the entire controversy by metaphorically flicking it off.

Clinton-Shrug-570x383Hands up! Don’t Shoot! (take 2)

dont-mess-with-old-ladiesGo ahead punk, make my day!

The 2 assailants were “described as Hispanic men in their mid 20s.” Of course they were; as Jeb told us, they came for love.

DISCLAIMER: I am not the one responsible for calling a woman in her “late sixties” elderly. Some punk in San Francisco did that.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Fox: “Let me guard those chickens.”


“Nothing in this deal is built on trust. Nothing.” – Jean Carré, June 27, 2015

Nor should they.


“Because of this deal, we will, for the first time, be in a position to verify all of these commitments. That means this deal is not built on trust; it is built on verification. Inspectors will have 24/7 access to Iran’s key nuclear facilities.”Barack Hussein Obama, July 13, 2015

Well, he never said WHOSE inspectors did he? Oh wait, yes he did:

Because of this deal, inspectors will also be able to access any suspicious location. Put simply, the organization responsible for the inspections, the IAEA, will have access where necessary, when necessary. That arrangement is permanent. And the IAEA has also reached an agreement with Iran to get access that it needs to complete its investigation into the possible military dimensions of Iran’s past nuclear research.AP

So I guess we’re okay with the IAEA’s deal with the mullahs to let them inspect the facilities themselves.

Iran's former president, Mahmoud AhmadinejadIran announces it’s new nuclear inspection team led by former president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Iran, in an unusual arrangement, will be allowed to use its own experts to inspect a site it allegedly used to develop nuclear arms under a secret agreement with the U.N. agency that normally carries out such work, according to a document seen by The Associated Press. AP

Because it appears that Big Guy and Jean Carré, agreed to this arrangement:

(snip) The United States and the five other world powers that signed the Iran nuclear deal were not party to this agreement but were briefed on it by the IAEA and endorsed it as part of the larger package. Without divulging its contents, the Obama administration has described the document as nothing more than a routine technical arrangement between Iran and the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency on the particulars of inspecting the site. AP

Unusual? Well maybe a little…

The agreement diverges from normal inspection procedures between the IAEA and a member country by essentially ceding the agency’s investigative authority to Iran. It allows Tehran to employ its own experts and equipment in the search for evidence for activities that it has consistently denied — trying to develop nuclear weapons...AP

Isn’t that a little like – oh, I don’t know – letting Hillary and her staff review her emails for incriminating work-related documents?

hillary delete


159934540“Benghazi, Benghazi – no, I do not recall deleting any emails regarding Benghazi.”

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

“I Know Nothink!”

shrug hillary

A clearly agitated Hillary Clinton answered another round of questions regarding her email use Tuesday in Nevada, telling reporters the story that has followed her campaign for months "has nothing to do with me." - CNN

Just like Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, Chinagate…Bengazi, (see here for complete list) had nothing to do with her. Hilz saw nothing, heard nothing, did nothing, knows nothing. Damn Vast Right Wing Conspiracy! War on Women! Micro-aggressions!

Funny how often the current administration conjures the ghost of Sgt.Schultz.

Screenshot Studio capture #002“I Know Nothink!”

Historical Footnote: 17 years ago this week Hilz’ HINO was forced to admit to having a “wrong” relationship with that woman, Monica Lewinsky. Not sex, butt an “inappropriate” relationship.  Which is why middle school girls do not think giving a BJ is “sex.”  I’m not sure what they think it is, butt I know they don’t consider it sex. So thanks for that advancement of feminism, Bubba.

bill_clinton_yeahihitit“Don’t mention it.”

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Where are OUR Woodwards and Bernsteins?

So, Bob Woodward finds Hillary’s email predicament reminiscent of Watergate.

“So, you've got a massive amount of data in a way, reminds me of the Nixon tapes: Thousands of hours of secretly recorded conversations that Nixon thought were exclusively his.”

Oh sure: missing tapes, missing emails; I see his point.

Watergate, you may recall, began with a break-in at the DNC to steal information that might be useful for embarrassing their candidates. The real scandal involved a cover-up orchestrated by all the President’s men - unfortunately captured on tape. Nixon declared the tapes to be his personal property and refused to turn them over. Until he was forced to; and by then 18 minutes of the tape had mysteriously disappeared. By comparison, Hillary turned over 30,000 emails that she determined to be work-related and simply deleted the 30,000 she deemed to be “personal” and nobody else’s beeswax. And furthermore, she told us “there is no classified material” contained in any of those emails sent and received on her unsecured server:

(h/t: Gateway Pundit)

As with any Clinton statement however, it undoubtedly depends on the what the meaning of “is” is. Let the record reflect that with only 20% of the 30,000 emails that she DID turn over heviewed, State has currently unearthed 305 that contain classified information, some Top Secret.

Nevertheless, there’s a big difference between Watergate and Hillary’s non-scandal. Watergate was about the illegal collection of embarrassing data from the opposing party; today that’s called  “opposition research” and conducted legally by high priced consultants. Hillarygate is about the illegal sharing of top secret documents divulging State secrets, all because Hilz “didn’t want to carry 2 phones.”

clinton victory“I am not a crook”

So my question: if Hillary’s emails sound an alarm at least as urgent as that of the Watergate tapes, where are OUR Woodwards and Bernsteins?


Still in their pajamas I guess.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Pork Chop Hill

Be sure to catch the latest blockbuster: Pork Chop Hill – now playing at a State Fair near you!

hillary-rodham-clinton-enjoys-pork-chop-iowa-state-fair8578370_GPORK CHOP HILL

Hilz had another of her derivative Veni, Vidi, Vici moments at the Iowa State Fair this weekend. While biting into her pork-chop-on-a-stick she again denied any inappropriate behavior on her part regarding her wiped-clean email hard drive, blaming the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy for this witch hunt.

All I can say is ask Major Jason Brezler if it’s okay to send classified material – knowingly or unknowingly – over an unauthorized and unsecured communications channel. If your name isn’t “Clinton” you’ll be put through the meat grinder.

web-front-pork-chop-hillWelcome to the meat grinder.

“What do I care about this stinkin' hill?” – Franklin, Pork Chop Hill

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Our Next First Lady or Laddy: Choose Wisely Weedhopper

In her recent column S.E. Cupp asks Who Are Trump’s Supporters? She seems to think that the conservative base is “too principled” – and she means that in a pejorative way – to chose the chameleon Trump:

The idea that in 2016 these voters would simply turn off their hardwired orthodoxy and support a guy who has voted for Democrats, said "the economy does better under the Democrats," refused to pledge to support the Republican nominee if it's not him, openly defended Planned Parenthood, approved of exceptions to abortion bans, supported a single-payer healthcare system, backed an assault weapons ban and advocated a one-time 14.25 percent mega-tax on the wealthy to erase the national debt is, to put it in Trumpian language, really, really stupid.

Instead, she thinks his supporters are the disaffected moderates:

So who is the Trump supporter, if not the conservative base? I'd argue it's mostly disaffected moderates who no longer strictly identify with either party. They think the political system is rigged. They think politicians are corrupt. They want a total collapse of the ruling political class.

This of course is true as far as it goes, butt ignores the fact that many in the “principled base” have grown equally disaffected and no longer identify with their party either. So this election may not be politics as usual.

So let’s imagine it comes down to this: Hilz and the Trumpster. Now who do you pick? May I suggest you choose whoever would bring the best First Lady or Laddy to the table? And be certain to keep our current standard bearer in mind as you make your selection - the ever fashion forward Lady M:


So here are your most likely final options;

  • If Hilz wins the Dem primary, you get the selfie-taking, man-spreading,  emaciated old horndog:

         russ-smith-chane-behanan-bill-clinton-louisville-3-570x571bill-clinton-in-esquirebubba bill clinton

  • And if The Donald takes it, you get the lovely Melania Trump.

image001h/t Blonde Gator

So choose wisely, weedhopper. I know who gets my vote. Although, frankly, they’re both gold diggers so as they say “what difference at this point does it make?”

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