Friday, August 21, 2015

Hands Up! Or I’ll Shoot!

It’s been quite a week for little old ladies:

  • First we have Hillary, in what certainly must have been a display of somewhat-early-onset-Alzheimers. She claimed no knowledge of what is, was, or should be classified; and demurred that the complexities of government security clearance was beyond her ken. It’s as if she was a helpless little girl faced with a big bad math problem too tough for a little girl to solve, or something. Employing the old anti-feminist “dust rag” defense she deflected the entire controversy by metaphorically flicking it off.

Clinton-Shrug-570x383Hands up! Don’t Shoot! (take 2)

dont-mess-with-old-ladiesGo ahead punk, make my day!

The 2 assailants were “described as Hispanic men in their mid 20s.” Of course they were; as Jeb told us, they came for love.

DISCLAIMER: I am not the one responsible for calling a woman in her “late sixties” elderly. Some punk in San Francisco did that.

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