Monday, August 28, 2023

A Late Summer Mutt Day

I can’t believe it’s already sweater weather here.

october sweaters

While some of you are still baking we have early fall-like temperatures here requiring a sweater even during the daytime. Too soon, too soon!

Right boys?

dogs the boys go swimmingOne last swim before Labor Day

Happy Mutt day to all.

P.S. A good read for those of you who would like to continue jousting with our betters:

No Masks, Please, We’re Rational. Mask mandates are starting to return despite 97 percent of Americans having acquired Covid antibodies and all the evidence that the mandates failed to make a difference in Covid infections or mortality (including a recent study in The Lancet  reporting that the only significant effect of the state mask mandates in the U.S. was a decrease in fourth-graders’ test scores). Yet the media are urging the return of masks, and the CDC, unlike every country in Europe, continues to advise masking toddlers. The maskaholics’ faith remains as strong as that of the Cambodian villagers who protected themselves from the coronavirus by erecting magic scarecrows in front of their huts.