Friday, September 9, 2022

The Last of the Greatest Generation’s Leaders Checks Out

Despite the fact that royalty is an anachronism, Elizabeth was a remarkable Queen for 70 years.

paddington and queen elizabeth

RIP Ma’am. Your work is done and it’s time to head home. Your son’s turn to try to save the world, and good luck with that you Green Weenie. “The Queen is dead, long live The King!” Or not, as the Good Lord sees fit.

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Summer’s Last Hurrah

beach stairs

Embrace it and let it sustain you through the winter.

Of course workers aren’t what they used to be… 

pizza staff shortages

Nor is Labor Day. It is now just a holiday that marks the end of summer and back-to-school with parades, picnics, barbecues and fireworks. Big Labor ‘representatives’ hauling down big salaries will still give big speeches tomorrow in support of their Democrat advocates while giving lip service to the working man. But they no longer represent their interests of employees, having managed to exploit the working man to their benefit as effectively as any robber baron ever could.

May you enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.