Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hanging With the Mall Rats; Waiting for the Doors to Open

Like thousands of other Mall rats yesterday, the Wons joined a group huddled in tents on the National Mall, waiting for the country to open up:

President Obama paid a visit Friday to a group of activists who have been fasting for weeks in the hopes of pressuring Congress to pass new immigration laws.

The President and his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, visited the group on the National Mall to lend support for the cause. The "Fast for Families" protesters have given up all sustenance except water during their protest, which they hope will force lawmakers to take up immigration reform measures pending on Capitol Hill.

Obama Immigration Reform

I must say, the illegal aliens undocumented workers community organizers certainly have acclimated to our customs quickly. 

Anyway, we couldn’t fully support their protest, because Lady M is not about to miss a meal, and we had lunch waiting other official photo ops duties back at the Big White:

Michelle Obama Michelle Obama Receives Official 36cN16JV0JWlAwaiting the arrival of the official Big White Winter Holiday tree.

Michelle Obama Michelle Obama Receives Official gVSoPGAlZZllSmelling the official Big White Winter Holiday tree

Michelle Obama Michelle Obama Receives Official irSih2E1B6blAs you can tell, it didn’t smell much better than the Mall rats tent

As I mentioned the other day, people always tend to gravitate towards what they know best. In Big Guy’s case that includes organizing anti-American leftists Down at the Mall. So, feeling bad that in the past he’s had no time for Easter, Netanyahu, Benghazi, D-Day, Gettysburg, the flat-earth society, or to write code, he made time time to head over to the National Mall to meet with the squatters who are occupying one of our national parks.

The Obamas spoke with the activists for about half an hour.

”The President told them that it is not a question of whether immigration reform will pass, but how soon. He said that the only thing standing in the way is politics, and it is the commitment to change from advocates like these brave fasters that will help pressure the House to finally act,”

Other cheer leaders have been dispatched all last week to keep the occupiers’ spirits up and attract the eye of the MSM:

According to the White House, others who have visited Fast for Families in recent weeks are Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Labor Tom Perez, chief of staff Denis McDonough, Director of the Domestic Policy Council Cecilia Muñoz and Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett.

Butt since that strategy didn’t really work, Val-Jar broke the news to Big Guy and Lady M that they were going to have to show up themselves in order to attract the media’s attention – as they are still distracted by the Obamacare-fail and Black Friday brawls. So that, and the smells, probably explain MO’s less than enthusiastic demeanor.

Afterwards, we all headed back to enjoy a luncheon of leftovers from the Thanksgiving Day feast, including the 9 varieties of pie we enjoyed this year. By my estimate our part in the official fast lasted 32 minutes.

In addition to the mall brawls I see this interesting piece of news from around the country yesterday: Mitt’s son, Josh Romney, jumped in to save 4 people by getting them out of car their car that crashed into a house near Salt Lake City.

Screenshot Studio capture #1527

Josh, below, with the picture of the car he attached to his tweet: "Was first on scene to big accident, see pic of car in the house. I lifted 4 people out to safety. All ok. Thankful."


Josh, of course, was instantly ridiculed for his “humblebrag” tweeting about his involvement in the rescue. I think the Instapundit summed it up best: “That’s more than Obama saved in Benghazi.”

benghazi_cloud_white_house_10-28-12-2No, we haven’t forgotten yet.

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Homeless for the Holidays or Improving the Odds

If you’re looking for a racist holiday to protest (and who isn’t?), I can’t think of one that fits the bill better than Thanksgiving. So given it’s roots in the  “mass murder, forced relocation, theft of land and other injustices” to Native Americans, I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that the holiday, with very little notice has seamlessly transformed itself into “Gray Thursday” before sliding headfirst into “Black Friday.”

Accordingly, the doors of commerce were flung wide open a day earlier this year to welcome the manic shoppers who wished to get a jump on the next secular holiday, formerly known as Christmas: the day a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer appeared to bring joy to the world.


So don’t worry, these people aren’t homeless. They’re just camped out, waiting for the doors of Macy, J.C Penny, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. to officially kick off the season of…what? I’ve forgotten. Well, never mind, it doesn’t matter, as long as you get out there or online and buy buy buy!

not homelessNot homeless, just waiting for the “Best Buys”

As you know, the Wons, Along with the Wee Wons and the Old Won participated in our annual photo op at the Big Box Food Bank the day before Thanksgiving,

Michelle Obama xy-oOfxI4MimYeah, give me a wide-angle shot on camera B…

handing out food to the few people left in Washington D.C. who are not either working for the federal government or currently the beneficiaries of our SNAP program. Which,as David Plouffe reminded us in his Thanksgiving email message, is actually part of our economic recovery program:

Screenshot Studio capture #1524Screenshot Studio capture #1523

And in keeping with our new Thanksgiving tradition of using the holiday for propaganda messaging purposes, his email was accompanied by this stark reminder of exactly who the enemy is:

Screenshot Studio capture #1525

So here’s your economics lesson for today:

The economy is a zero sum game, if you get a bigger piece of pie, somebody else has to get a smaller piece. Butt the Federal Government’s Budget (and I use the term loosely) is not a zero sum game. Which is to say, government spending can grow at an unbridled rate without forcing cutbacks elsewhere, butt only if we spread more of Joe the Plumber’s wealth around.

I know, I know: “Butt MOTUS, we’re more interested in the pies served at the Big White Thanksgiving dinner than the economic pie.” Okay, here you go: this year we had 9 – that’s right, NINE – kinds of pie to choose from! Huckleberry Pie, Pecan Pie, Chocolate Cream Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, Peach Pie, Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Banana Cream Pie, and Coconut Cream Pie.

The chocolate cream, coconut cream, peach and pecan were all new this year, and a previous standard, cherry, was dropped from the lineup. Possibly because of its association with George Washington or Twin Peaks.



obama washington lieMy book says there’s nothing honest about the black cat.

bo food bank fakeWhich one of the Wons is wearing their real feelings in this photo op?

Anyway, sorry to intrude on your Black Friday shopping extravaganza with today’s economic lesson. I just don’t want anyone going out there and spending money they don’t have, will have to borrow and won’t ever be able to pay back.

Today’s holiday message, which is part of our new federal holiday tradition, was brought to you, in part, by Propaganda ‘R Us.


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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving email For Friends and Family

Just as 9/11 was fundamentally transformed from a Day of Remembrance to a Day of Service,  the Wons are  pleased to announce that as of this year Thanksgiving has been fundamentally transformed as well. No longer just a simple day to give thanks to the Almighty for His bountiful graces, from now on it will be a day to acknowledge your almighty government for the same things. 

In his Thanksgiving email missive, David Plouffe reminds us all to be grateful for the vast spread of food stamps

Screenshot Studio capture #1522


and Lady M reminds us of the value of government propaganda to advance your agenda. In a complimentary initiative, one of our  NGO’s (“non-government” organization), Organizing For America, reminds everyone to do their best this Thanksgiving to convert their Obamacare denier friends and relatives to Obots and jump aboard the O-train. Just remember, once you have them under your spell, they will have to wait till tomorrow to actually sign up:  the non-functioning call centers are not open on Thanksgiving day, not even after 6:00 PM. So they’ll have to wait for Black Friday. Can I say that?

Therefore, as you go about preparing your Thanksgiving feast this year, remember:  we are no longer celebrating the imperial white man’s colonization of the Native Americans’ land. After all who would want to commemorate an event that left nothing but a trail of death, destruction, small pox, gun violence and substance abuse in its wake? Instead, try to keep your focus on civic minded activities, like community organizing for action. And what better way to do that than to spread the good word of Obamacare to your friends and relatives?  Plus, proselytizing sure works up a good appetite!

So if, like MOTUS, are unable to be there in person for your family’s  annual Thanksgiving gathering, butt still wish to participate in the OFA propaganda campaign, perhaps you can just cut and past a copy of  MOTUS’ email to send along to your loved ones. That way they’ll know you’re thinking of them and don’t want them to miss out on the opportunity to get signed up for Obamacare .


The White House
Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dear Friends and Family:

Now that Thanksgiving is even more important than ever, I'm sorry I won't be there with you to facilitate "The Talk"

Screenshot Studio capture #1520

I'm sure you’re all capable of  complying with this directive enthusiastically without further training, butt if you are having trouble getting the ball rolling, here are some official talking points handed down from The Regime:

Start by asking: “Have you thought about signing up for health insurance on the new marketplace?”

Offer to walk them through it: “Would you like to take some time with me to sign up right now?”

Ask them to make a plan, and commit to it: “When do you plan on signing up?”

Don’t forget to follow up: “Have you signed up yet?”

Just be sure that you’ve brought all the required materials:

  1. Your Social Security Number
  2. Information about your employer and income— either a pay stub or a copy of your most recent W-2 tax form
  3. If you currently have health insurance, you’ll need your health insurance card or paperwork that includes a health policy number



P.S. "We are on correct path, comrades" (h/t: vereteno)

Indeed: Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! And remember, we shall prevail.

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What Are You Thankful For?

I’m sure you got your email from Lady M:

Organizing for Action


Barack and I have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, and that includes people like you who've been by our side, working for change right from the beginning.
Because of your hard work, passion, and dedication, we have accomplished so much over this past year. We've continued to create jobs and rebuild our economy. We've cut carbon pollution so we can preserve our environment. We've witnessed historic victories for equality across the country, all the way to the Supreme Court. And soon, millions of Americans will finally have access to quality, affordable health care -- many for the first time.

Before we all celebrate with our personal traditions tomorrow, I want to start a new one -- I'm hoping that you'll take a moment to share what you're thankful for this year:

OFA will be gathering some of these notes and sharing them on I can't wait to see what you have to say.

Thanks so much for everything you're doing -- and from our family to yours, happy Thanksgiving.


P.S. -- As you spend time with loved ones this holiday season, be sure to talk with them about what health care reform can mean for them -- OFA has some tips to help get the ball rolling.

Paid for by Organizing for Action

Contributions or gifts to Organizing for Action are not tax deductible.

This email was sent to:

Organizing for Action, P.O. Box 66732 Washington, D.C. 20035


And, like me, I’m sure you already clicked the linkie and submitted some of the things you are thankful for this year:



Be sure to snag a screen shot so all of us can enjoy, vicariously, what you’re grateful for too.  Just a word of caution:

Don’t use your real email address. NSA’s already got it!!!

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This year, invite a “turkey” TO dinner instead of FOR dinner


Screenshot Studio capture #1519Whether you like your bird long and lean, like Big Guy, or short and fat, like Chris Christie, Healthcare for the Holidays has a turkey for you!

Just in time for the holidays: Organizing For Action (OFA) has sent their fellow Obots a handy tip sheet to help them discuss Obamacare with friends and family who are not Obots.

President Barack Obama’s deputies at Organizing for Action are urging supporters to give an Obamacare pitch to their relatives during the most iconic of American family and religious events.

“Take advantage of downtime after meals or between holiday activities to start your talk,” says OFA’s marketing script, titled “Health Care for the Holidays.”

This is simply ridiculous. Have you ever known an Obama acolyte who needs instructions on how to annoy and harass non-believers like “the uncle who feels the need to spout off about Obamacare?” Me neither.

I guess this is really a worrisome time of year because even the Washington Post issued “A guide to surviving Obamacare debates at Thanksgiving.” Their missive contains specific examples of hypothetical issues which may arise, like:

“Your grandfather has some concerns about getting death paneled.”

Along with helpful tips and answers to their own hypothetical situation:

You can reassure any elderly relatives that there is absolutely, definitely, without a doubt no death panel in the Affordable Care Act. There is an Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAP), which would be allowed to recommend payment cuts for doctors who serve Medicare patients. This board is not allowed to deny patients' care; they only get to tinker with reimbursement rates. [ed. Until such time as HHS determines that “payment cuts” include the withholding of certain treatments. Or until they write a new regulation (to control run-away “payments”) that gives them the right to “tinker” with what will turn out to be your “end-of-life treatment.”].

And besides, the IPAB isn't going into effect this year so kindly point that out to your 85 year old grandmother, who will probably be dead of natural causes before the Death Panels come into their full power. Or she could just take the pain pill.

death panelWhat do you have against Planned Grandparenthood anyway?

Butt enough about unpleasant holiday traditions; did you see Big Guy in Hollywood yesterday? He sure did get a lot of the glitterati roiled up, complaining about being inconvenienced – a word not usually found in their daily lexicon. Even the original good-times-Charlie Sheen was rankled by “the inane chaos” caused by Big Guy’s visiting entourage. Heck, Barry should have known better than to come for a visit during the Hollywood happy hour (9-5).

First BO visited his Presidential campaign launch pad and previous world headquarters, DreamWorks studio, to give a speech on dreams and schemes. First, addressing economics he called Hollywood “a bright spot in the economy:”

tn-gnp-me-obama-pg-001They don’t call it “Tinsel Town” for nothing.

next, he spoke about comprehensive immigration reform:

“As I was getting a tour of DreamWorks, I didn’t ask, but just looking at faces I could tell there were some folks who are here not because they are born here, but because they want to be here.”

obama_dreamworks_131126_16x9_608Look, there’s one right there! (note: it’s not racial profiling if done by a half-black President)

And last, butt not least, Obamacare - once again known as the “Affordable Care Act” for some reason; I take it it’s a branding issue.

Getting into the spirit of the original Thanksgiving, Big Guy used the opportunity to “touch some Indians” (h/t Dennis Miller) at the studio. First he shook hands with Jim Parsons, star of The Big Bang Theory, and then Steve Martin who apparently doesn’t shake hands. He probably has some type of germ fetish – I think that’s common in Hollywood - and was afraid of catching small pox or something.

Screenshot Studio capture #1509Screenshot Studio capture #1512

So instead of extending his hand he offered Barry a wing, claiming he “had a cold” and didn’t want to contaminate Big Guy. Right. Someone should refer Mr. Martin to a shrink who can liberate him from his fears of catching HIV through casual contact. Or whatever his obsession is all about.

jim-parsons-steve-martin-barack-obamaBarry “touches Indians” with Steve Martin

Well I’ve got to run now; I have to bake some pies for tomorrow.  I’ll have to describe Lady M’s lovely new Thanksgiving frock and ‘shoppe in more detail at a later date. In the meantime I’ll just leave you with this lovely portrait of Lady M’s wings incredibly toned arms to reflect on.

Mo whoYeah, really. That’s Lady M - more or “less” IYNWIMAITYD.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

“My mama used to say, petty is as petty does.”

There’s an old saying: “when in doubt, do what you do best.” In Big Guy’s case, that means the fall back position will always be campaigning.

Obama-sunglassesCampaigning; with…“swag”

So Barry used the occasion of his Left Coast personal appearance and fundraising tour to take to the soap box to push for comprehensive immigration reform. And to bash his enemies; no, silly, not the jihadists, the Republicans.

And Obama left no doubt about who it was he blamed for the lack of progress on reforming the immigration system.

"The only thing standing in our way right now is the unwillingness of certain Republicans in Congress to catch up with the rest of the country," he said.

Although, the last time I looked, everyone from Paul Ryan to Marco Rubio had jumped aboard the train leaving the station for some form of common sense legal immigration reform plan. To be clear, that’s not the same as “illegal” immigration reform, aka, amnesty, that Big Guy favors. So maybe he’s just saying that he’s not going to rest until every wetback illegal alien undocumented worker is granted membership in the Democratic party citizenship.

Even so, I don’t know why Barry would say such a thing; it makes him sound a wee bit divisive – even derisive. Which is okay when you’re campaigning, butt once you’ve WON it seems a little, well, peevish. Although that could just be me - reading motivations into his words and deeds.

peevish bo o

All I know for sure is the campaigning is not going to stop any time soon because there’s not been much else to crow about around here lately, hence, Big Guy doesn’t really have anything to do.

And a lot of our favorite nut hunting squirrels are hibernating for the nuclear winter.


So, since what Big Guy “does best” is community organizing, look for more Presidential actions that include these basic OFA principles:

  1. find a good grievance to hawk
  2. using the grievance, pit one side against the other
  3. agitate the side with the “grievance” to the point they’re willing to make a lot of noise and march around making demands of the side causing the “grievance”

The beauty of combining community organizing skills with the power of the Presidency is that if your rabble rousers aggrieved parties are not given adequate redress through normal channels, there’s always the power of the Presidential pen(s).

President Barack Obama signs a bill in the Oval Office,  August 7, 2009.    (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House. Executive Orders ‘R Us

Don’t’ look for the agitating and  campaigning to end any time soon. We will continue to ferment unrest until such time as we can declare disaster status at which point we will send in the Presidential Pen:

executive order pen photo op_thumb[1]

to sign an Executive Order to right the wrongs that the Do-nothing-Congress has refused to address.

The moral of today’s story: a pen in the wrong hand

bo see this pen

is more dangerous than an assault rifle in the right hands


Be sure to tune in tomorrow when we’ll cover how best to use the Organizing For Action talking points on Obamacare to ensure a spirited conversation around your family’s Thanksgiving table.

Should be fun!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Hey Harry, you’re not the only guy with a nuclear option.

bo yankee doodle

Yankee Doodle went to town
Riding on a pony;
He stuck a feather in his hat,
And called it macaroni.

Let me see if I have this straight: We’ve been secretly - and unilaterally1 - negotiating with Iran for the past year on what they have to do in order for us to (unilaterally) lift sanctions against them.

This weekend Big Guy announced (unilaterally) that he and Val-Jar Jean Carré reached a nuclear weapons deal with Iran.

untitledWhoa! Looks like somebody got sucker-punched.

Don’t be concerned by the lack of transparency in this deal, it’s really more of a 6 month layaway option on a deal.

iran deal layaway copy

Here are the basic terms of our nuclear weapons lay-away plan:

  • Sanctions against Iran are lifted for the next 6 months
  • Iran can continue enriching uranium during this time - which is better than the previous offer they had from the UN, which required that enrichment be stopped before sanctions could be lifted.
  • With sanctions lifted and enrichment continuing, it will be easier for Iran to get spare parts to complete the assembly of their nuclear weapons;
  • This, in turn, will ensure that Iran actually has fully operational nuclear weapons in place with which to negotiate the terms of its nuclear disarmament. And the disassembly of the nuclear weapons they’ve, uh, just assembled. 

Here’s a bit more detail:

Iran, deal of the century

Am I missing anything? No? I didn’t think so. No wonder the French called it “a sucker’s deal” - before they decided to go along with the sucker.

suckersHello, Suckas!!

In addition to other laudatory terms, the secret layaway plan (rumored to have been brokered by Iranian-born special counsel to the President, Val –Jar2 I can neither confirm nor deny, despite our ongoing commitment to transparency3 around here)  has been hailed as an “unwise” “historical mistake” and a “Foreign-Policy Disaster.”  Aside from that, I think it’s gone over pretty well; nobody was talking about Obamacare on the Sunday shows for a change.

So now you understand why we had to break Barry’s transparency pledge4 to the American people…again. We simply couldn’t go public with this information before hand; just look at all the bipartisan disdain that’s been heaped on Big Guy once he did go public.



1unilateral - adjective

1: (of an action or decision) performed by or affecting only one person, group, or country involved in a particular situation, without the agreement of another or the others. "unilateral nuclear disarmament"

2: Obligating only one of two or more parties, nations, or persons, as a contract or an agreement.

2 An Israeli television network reported Sunday night that Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser to President Barack Obama, has been holding secret talks with the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, Ali Akbar Salehi, and that the international negotiations underway in Geneva are merely a “facade” covering up a deal whose terms have already been decided.

Exactly one year ago, the Israeli newspaper Ynet reported that Jarrett was beginning to communicate behind the scenes with representatives of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Israeli government officials are reportedly angry that the Obama administration has reportedly not been keeping Israel abreast of the latest developments regarding talks with Iran over curbing the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

However, “White House National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan said that the report about the deal was “absolutely, 100 percent false.” So case closed: denied by low level Big White functionary, so you can take that to the nuclear arms bank.

3trans·par·en·cy - noun

1:  something transparent; especially: a picture (as on film) viewed by light shining through it or by projection

2:  the quality or state of being transparent

3: as used in science, engineering, business, the humanities and in a social context more generally, implies openness, communication, and accountability.

 4trans·par·en·cy (noun) and Open Government: (

“My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government.  We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government.”

“Government should be transparent.  Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens about what their Government is doing.”

imagesCAHQB7GQ“I tell you what cowboy, how about you just get yer’self a lid, stick a feather in it and ride out of town on that little pony of yours.”

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

This Week In Cartoons: First Edition

I’m introducing a new feature today: This Week In Cartoons  where once a week I’ll be recasting the previous week’s news stories as cartoons. To make it more fun.

So let’s get started with Obamacare. Despite all efforts to bury this story, so to speak, it continues to occupy headlines. Last week the big news was that Big Guy extended more enrollment deadlines and pushed a key one back a month till after the November 2014 midterm elections.


Boy, that could make it hard for politicians to run on the virtues of Obamacare, like Nancy Pelosi promised they could. Strangely though, no complaints from any Dems. I wonder why?

bigstock-Cartoon-OUCH-Vector-201473722That hurts! Maybe they should just take the pain pill

Meanwhile, we’re working hard to provide everyone with additional services such as our new, free, do-it-yourself clinics located conveniently in big box stores across the country.

self-help healthcare 

Next, there was also the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address that Barry was too busy to attend:


And Harry’s historic change of the filibuster rule in the Senate:

calvin ball anthem

Butt remember; when you agree to play  Calvinball, where all rules are mutable, the score can turn on you in a D.C. minute:

calvin ball be careful what you wish for

Lesson: be mindful of the rules of engagement, as the whole thing may backfire on you.


Which brings me to the deal John-John and Big Guy struck with Iran overnight. Boy! That’s one that will be tough to stuff back in the bottle! Not that we’ll have to, of course; butt it really isn’t all that easy to just get rid of a bomb.

Anyway, like I said, be careful. The whole thing can blow up in your face.


And that covers the big stories in cartoons. There were also a few minor stories that I should probably touch on:

A jumbo Boeing Dreamliner landed at the wrong airport in Kansas because the pilot couldn’t read his own handwriting. Maybe we should add cursive back to the Common Core Curriculum and have kids practice writing again.

bart pork not a verb

And you probably read that Katie got the boot from ABC and is now poised to move to Yahoo’s “global news anchor.” Great gig – sort of like Shep Smith’s leaving his 7:00 news show to anchor the new “Breaking News” desk.

Katie-Couric-twerkingI know: I promised cartoons. Butt Katie has become a caricature of herself.

The Kennedy progeny, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, assumed the reins as U.S. Ambassador to Japan, no doubt due to her diplomacy skills and articulate powers of persuasion.


Either that or, like I said, it was her provenance.


And finally: Lady M revealed her one sartorial regret: shorts! That’s right, MO regrets having worn those short-shorts on vacation back in 2009.

wrong trousers

Apparently she’s unaware of any additional fashion faux pas she’s committed, and feels she’s already paid restitution for that one small mis-step.

 bart chalkboard

And that about wraps it up for the inaugural This Week In Cartoons. Don’t forget to come back next week when we’ll have a brand new week’s worth of news to abuse and I’ll once again attempt to summarize it with a pastiche of parody, distortion, ridicule and lampoonery. I don’t know about you, butt I know I’m looking forward to it.

Cartoon - Pelosi

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