Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This year, invite a “turkey” TO dinner instead of FOR dinner


Screenshot Studio capture #1519Whether you like your bird long and lean, like Big Guy, or short and fat, like Chris Christie, Healthcare for the Holidays has a turkey for you!

Just in time for the holidays: Organizing For Action (OFA) has sent their fellow Obots a handy tip sheet to help them discuss Obamacare with friends and family who are not Obots.

President Barack Obama’s deputies at Organizing for Action are urging supporters to give an Obamacare pitch to their relatives during the most iconic of American family and religious events.

“Take advantage of downtime after meals or between holiday activities to start your talk,” says OFA’s marketing script, titled “Health Care for the Holidays.”

This is simply ridiculous. Have you ever known an Obama acolyte who needs instructions on how to annoy and harass non-believers like “the uncle who feels the need to spout off about Obamacare?” Me neither.

I guess this is really a worrisome time of year because even the Washington Post issued “A guide to surviving Obamacare debates at Thanksgiving.” Their missive contains specific examples of hypothetical issues which may arise, like:

“Your grandfather has some concerns about getting death paneled.”

Along with helpful tips and answers to their own hypothetical situation:

You can reassure any elderly relatives that there is absolutely, definitely, without a doubt no death panel in the Affordable Care Act. There is an Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAP), which would be allowed to recommend payment cuts for doctors who serve Medicare patients. This board is not allowed to deny patients' care; they only get to tinker with reimbursement rates. [ed. Until such time as HHS determines that “payment cuts” include the withholding of certain treatments. Or until they write a new regulation (to control run-away “payments”) that gives them the right to “tinker” with what will turn out to be your “end-of-life treatment.”].

And besides, the IPAB isn't going into effect this year so kindly point that out to your 85 year old grandmother, who will probably be dead of natural causes before the Death Panels come into their full power. Or she could just take the pain pill.

death panelWhat do you have against Planned Grandparenthood anyway?

Butt enough about unpleasant holiday traditions; did you see Big Guy in Hollywood yesterday? He sure did get a lot of the glitterati roiled up, complaining about being inconvenienced – a word not usually found in their daily lexicon. Even the original good-times-Charlie Sheen was rankled by “the inane chaos” caused by Big Guy’s visiting entourage. Heck, Barry should have known better than to come for a visit during the Hollywood happy hour (9-5).

First BO visited his Presidential campaign launch pad and previous world headquarters, DreamWorks studio, to give a speech on dreams and schemes. First, addressing economics he called Hollywood “a bright spot in the economy:”

tn-gnp-me-obama-pg-001They don’t call it “Tinsel Town” for nothing.

next, he spoke about comprehensive immigration reform:

“As I was getting a tour of DreamWorks, I didn’t ask, but just looking at faces I could tell there were some folks who are here not because they are born here, but because they want to be here.”

obama_dreamworks_131126_16x9_608Look, there’s one right there! (note: it’s not racial profiling if done by a half-black President)

And last, butt not least, Obamacare - once again known as the “Affordable Care Act” for some reason; I take it it’s a branding issue.

Getting into the spirit of the original Thanksgiving, Big Guy used the opportunity to “touch some Indians” (h/t Dennis Miller) at the studio. First he shook hands with Jim Parsons, star of The Big Bang Theory, and then Steve Martin who apparently doesn’t shake hands. He probably has some type of germ fetish – I think that’s common in Hollywood - and was afraid of catching small pox or something.

Screenshot Studio capture #1509Screenshot Studio capture #1512

So instead of extending his hand he offered Barry a wing, claiming he “had a cold” and didn’t want to contaminate Big Guy. Right. Someone should refer Mr. Martin to a shrink who can liberate him from his fears of catching HIV through casual contact. Or whatever his obsession is all about.

jim-parsons-steve-martin-barack-obamaBarry “touches Indians” with Steve Martin

Well I’ve got to run now; I have to bake some pies for tomorrow.  I’ll have to describe Lady M’s lovely new Thanksgiving frock and ‘shoppe in more detail at a later date. In the meantime I’ll just leave you with this lovely portrait of Lady M’s wings incredibly toned arms to reflect on.

Mo whoYeah, really. That’s Lady M - more or “less” IYNWIMAITYD.

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