Sunday, February 11, 2024

Living In Evil Times Doing The Best We Can

biden and the light bulb

People have argued for years that it doesn’t make any difference who you vote for. Even putting the stolen election aside, the blithering, blathering – literally -  out of touch dementia patient in office proves the premise. Staffed by an army of mostly incompetent functionaries the business of government continues on. not missing a beat. So yes, I’m finally ready to concede that maybe it doesn’t make any difference. Ugg.

We truly do live in evil times.

evil time

So enjoy the Super Bowl if you’re so inclined; a respite from reality won’t hurt and might help.

I thank everyone for your prayers, my anemia is beginning to abate. My hemoglobin is climbing, although still below normal it’s going in the right direction. Feeling strong enough to start physical therapy again this week as balance/walking remains a concern. Last brain MRI questionable so follow up in March. The fight continues.

May you all have a blessed, peaceful week.