Saturday, March 2, 2013

In The Words of the Wordle Wizard of Oz

I’m not sure what you’re supposed to do with this:

OBAMANOTADICTATORTricky Dick, Slick Willie and the Wordle Wizard           H/T Instapundit

Since it’s on Facebook I guess you could just “like” it.

4 pinocchiosButt it might be more fun to assign WaPo Pinocchios to see who wins.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Chicago. And. All. That. Jazz.


this commercial message brought to you by MO and NikeThings began well enough; completely covered in a pinstripe pant suit with pearls

Let’s see: first we cancelled gym classes across the country in order to inject more important topics into the school curriculum like sex education, diversity, global paranoia, self-esteem, nutrition and sex education.

Now Lady M wants to reintroduce “activity” classes in order to eliminate the fat behinds the kids are getting due to lack of gym class and because they’re no longer allowed to run around and play dodge ball at recess.

162851167Things began to go downhill once everyone “Nike-ed” up

CPAC 2013: “Vote Like Your Lady Parts Depend On It”


Yesterday I told you about the CPAC People’s Choice Awards for the best conservative blog and I’m sure you have all voted for our loyal patron and full time conservative warrior Doug Ross. Unfortunately, I must report to you today that the politichicks are kicking his butt and VOTING ENDS TODAY! This in the middle of the Conservatives’ well publicized war on women! Sheesh!

While I ♥ the politichicks, we must win this for Doug! So please scamper on over to the CPAC People’s Choice Awards and vote for our loyal patron Doug Ross!

Now you may say, “Butt MOTUS; I voted yesterday and you said Chicago Rules are not in effect.” Well, it doesn’t not working like it does IN Chicago. More like it does in the Chicago suburbs. I discovered that everybody can, apparently, vote once per IP address each day! So I voted from my bunker again today! Oh, and I also voted on my android (your iPhone should work too) and from Starbucks, Panera, Five Guys Burger & Fries and everywhere else I happened to be with free wifi! We can win this one for Doug, butt today is the LAST DAY FOR VOTING!!!

While you’re exercising your right to vote for Doug, scamper on over here and “Like” the CPAC Video Contest entry: Imagine the Conservative movement, by our very own Citizen Director!

CPAC challenged home-schooled, high school, college and graduate students to post short videos on the topic: “The Future of the Conservative Movement: Timeless Principles, New Challenges.” Winners will receive fabulous cash prizes, to be announced at CPAC 2013 and have their video showcased. Raj, Little Mo, Dewey and moi have already watched and “Liked” it! So, scamper on over, “Like” Citizen Director’s Imagine the Conservative movement and let’s bring this one home for CD too! We have the power!

Now garter up your lady parts (boy parts if you’re a dude) and go out and vote for Doug Ross and “Like” CD’s video!

That is all.

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Woodward Draws a Charging Foul on Team Obama

You’re probably wondering which “Senior White House Staffer” yelled at Bob Woodward for over a half hour. Apparently the disagreement was over Bob’s insistence on maintaining a smidgen of journalistic integrity with respect to reporting on the origin of the Grand Sequester Bargain. Bob stood firm that it was originally BO’s idea; even in the face of withering disapproval and untold backlash that’s bound to kill the career of the veteran Washington Post reporter - who was the first to break the Watergate scandal that brought down the Nixon White House.

Butt, as the Plouf-daddy points out, Bob’s pretty much outrun his usefulness around here.

Screenshot Studio capture #955

I’m not at liberty to divulge the name of the official yeller of course, butt if you guess on your own that’s not my fault. Let’s review the usual suspects:

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

If You Make Me Decide You’ll Regret It

The Zip reports that Big Guy will decline the offer from the GOP to make sequester cuts as he sees fit:

President Obama told Virginians that he doesn’t want Congress to give him the authority to implement the sequestration cuts as he sees fit, just minutes after denounced the law for requiring across-the-board cuts.

See, here’s the thing: BO doesn’t do decisions. He gives orders; big difference:

“You don’t want to have to choose between, let’s see, do I close funding for the disabled kid, or the poor kid? Do I close this Navy shipyard or some other one?”

For example, when you make decisions people can hold you responsible: definitely not in BO’s handbook. He gives orders, you take the blame. Got it?

ObamaNotMyFault2Blaming Bush since 2008

Butt hey, if the GOP is just looking for someone to make decisions for them, I have a couple of suggestions:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Scare-questor - the 2 Percent Solution: BYOB

I see that Big Guy’s on the road again today. He’s campaigning against his it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time sequester. On second thought, it looks like that 2 cent solution will grind the the transportation system (not to mention your vacation at national parks) to a halt, along with the rest of the economy; which is apparently chugging along just swell otherwise, thank you very much.

suck lemonAt $1.25 each, don’t expect life to go around handing out lemons anymore. Find something else to suck on.

So, Big Guy wants you to call/write/email/text your Congressmen and Senators to badger them to do things Big Guy’s way. Which is to say, those of you lucky enough to still have a job will have to pay a little more of your fair share up front.

I guess everyone around here can expect a pay cut (well, not everyone). I should have known better than to ask Lady M about my pending 65% pay cut: all she did was complain about the fact that she hasn’t seen a paycheck “since what’s-his-name took office.” Great. Now she sounds like everybody else I know.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Beam Me Up, Jim

I wasn’t going to do a review of the Oscars today, because really: what’s the point? I was planning to skip my commentary and just link you to this guy, who seems to know more about Hollywood than anyone could possibly wish to know.

Then, it happened: Lady M decided to butt in, so now I’ve got to say something about the Academy Awards. So here goes: Worst. Oscars. Ever.

o om

Seriously bad. Worse than a bad migraine bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. And not just because our First Lady decided her presence would add something to the most egregious showcase of self-love ever invented.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

And now, a word from Dewey

Dewey from Detroit would like me to tell you that - after a rather long hibernation - he has returned to work.

Today’s thoughts are on “Why Detroit Still Matters” and he hopes you will enjoy it.

Arnold Nursing Home, 7 Mile Road; photograph by Andrew Moore from <i>Detroit Disassembled</i>, just published by Damiani and the Akron Art Museum. For a slide show of Moore’s photographs, see the NYR blog,<br />In Detroit, God has left the building.

Organizing For Amerika, One Moron At a Time.

Big Guy’s former political reelection arm, Organizing For America, has morphed into  “Organizing for Action.” It’s still “OFA” so they can keep the cool logo!

Now, you might think that this “executive arm of the invisible government,” (h/t Cajun) sounds like a partisan liberal Democratic propaganda organization, butt I assure you it’s not. If it were, it would not be eligible for tax exempt status as a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(4) of the IRS code.  As such, they are not allowed to promote any political party, platform or candidate in the pursuit of manipulating public opinion.

With that in mind, OFA recently launched a new solicitation page to gather your stories about Gun Violence.