Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Scare-questor - the 2 Percent Solution: BYOB

I see that Big Guy’s on the road again today. He’s campaigning against his it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time sequester. On second thought, it looks like that 2 cent solution will grind the the transportation system (not to mention your vacation at national parks) to a halt, along with the rest of the economy; which is apparently chugging along just swell otherwise, thank you very much.

suck lemonAt $1.25 each, don’t expect life to go around handing out lemons anymore. Find something else to suck on.

So, Big Guy wants you to call/write/email/text your Congressmen and Senators to badger them to do things Big Guy’s way. Which is to say, those of you lucky enough to still have a job will have to pay a little more of your fair share up front.

I guess everyone around here can expect a pay cut (well, not everyone). I should have known better than to ask Lady M about my pending 65% pay cut: all she did was complain about the fact that she hasn’t seen a paycheck “since what’s-his-name took office.” Great. Now she sounds like everybody else I know.

**sigh** I can’t even threaten to go on strike, apparently my contract doesn’t include that provision. So expect to see a lot more of these “toned” (wink) arms.


and these furtive “come hither” stares:


Anyway, after Sunday night’s twofer (Big White Governors Ball preceding Lady M’s Oscar winning performance)

Iranian moFunny, we never hear anything about the Iranian war on lady parts.

Bo had a breakfast meeting with the governors and thanked them for not taking any of the silverware the night before. Which seemed a bit odd since disappearing silverware isn’t normally a problem at the Governors Ball. In fact the only time we had that problem, it was Bush’s fault. For stealing the election or something. Butt I guess we expected that people would feel, well, entitled to something, given the changes we were forced to implement this year:

New Governor’s Ball Rules, ahead of sequester cuts:o-CASH-BAR-570 ** offer applies only to Republican Governors

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