Friday, March 1, 2013

CPAC 2013: “Vote Like Your Lady Parts Depend On It”


Yesterday I told you about the CPAC People’s Choice Awards for the best conservative blog and I’m sure you have all voted for our loyal patron and full time conservative warrior Doug Ross. Unfortunately, I must report to you today that the politichicks are kicking his butt and VOTING ENDS TODAY! This in the middle of the Conservatives’ well publicized war on women! Sheesh!

While I ♥ the politichicks, we must win this for Doug! So please scamper on over to the CPAC People’s Choice Awards and vote for our loyal patron Doug Ross!

Now you may say, “Butt MOTUS; I voted yesterday and you said Chicago Rules are not in effect.” Well, it doesn’t not working like it does IN Chicago. More like it does in the Chicago suburbs. I discovered that everybody can, apparently, vote once per IP address each day! So I voted from my bunker again today! Oh, and I also voted on my android (your iPhone should work too) and from Starbucks, Panera, Five Guys Burger & Fries and everywhere else I happened to be with free wifi! We can win this one for Doug, butt today is the LAST DAY FOR VOTING!!!

While you’re exercising your right to vote for Doug, scamper on over here and “Like” the CPAC Video Contest entry: Imagine the Conservative movement, by our very own Citizen Director!

CPAC challenged home-schooled, high school, college and graduate students to post short videos on the topic: “The Future of the Conservative Movement: Timeless Principles, New Challenges.” Winners will receive fabulous cash prizes, to be announced at CPAC 2013 and have their video showcased. Raj, Little Mo, Dewey and moi have already watched and “Liked” it! So, scamper on over, “Like” Citizen Director’s Imagine the Conservative movement and let’s bring this one home for CD too! We have the power!

Now garter up your lady parts (boy parts if you’re a dude) and go out and vote for Doug Ross and “Like” CD’s video!

That is all.

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