Saturday, January 4, 2014

“Shrugging It Off”– It’s a Game of the Throne

I thought you’d like to know: with the release of the greatly anticipated White House feature, “2013 – YEAR IN REVIEW”
hero_2013_review_2Yes: the White House really did title this image “Hero”
the WhiteHouse.Gov site has officially been recognized as the most thorough, reliable and verifiable propaganda machine in the nation! It readily beat out all of its close competitors at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Ms.NBC and the New York Times for the title Propagandist of the Year.
You can see why, with “highlights” from each and every month of the year that includes a vast array of fun facts:
Screenshot Studio capture #1612@ 1:34: “Here’s where it gets a little wonky” – really?
thought-provoking photos:
wh_middle_east_2013Action Hero Obama! In Action! In Israel!!
and pseudo-true charts, grafts and claims, such as this one, touting the number of private sector jobs created in the past 45 months:
jobschart_november2013Without mentioning how many are minimum wage service jobs, part-time, or temporary. (Or offsetting the 8.1 million by the number of jobs lost in the first 15 months.)
Butt you have to dig a little deeper (and have special security clearance) if you want to discover all of the really fun stuff embedded in the site. For example, I found this clip in the “Name that Hero’s Personality Disorder” section. It’s apparently a game called “Shrugging You Off.” Here Big Guy is teamed up against Mr. Monk in which they both exhibit a similar trait associated with two very different personality disorders and you guess who has which. Your choices are “Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder and “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” – good luck!
NOTE: if you can’t view the video in IE, try FireFox or watch the video on Raj’s Vimeo channel. Sorry, no idea why it won’t play on some computers.

Be sure to visit our brag-site, because it’s chock-full of stuff that you can use to beat any of those racist-Teahadists into complete submission with your possession of superior talking points,  homemade charts and grafts, and the use of selective memory holes.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Self-Esteem Begat the Selfie Generation

Breaking news: overpraising kids with low self-esteem might backfire.

“While kids with high self-esteem seem to thrive with inflated praise, those with low self-esteem actually shrink from new challenges when adults go overboard on praising them.”

So overpraising kids might be a bad thing? That’s something that every parent on the planet once knew instinctively before the sociologists, psychologists and other “ologists” grabbed the reins of childrearing.

framed world readership-CENTAU-WM copyDoes that mean everybody shouldn’t get an award?

Nor is it surprising that the negative results of “overpraising,” aka false praise, effects kids with low self-esteem differently than their high-esteem peers. The kids with low self-esteem were born with the ability to recognize the difference between sham and substance from an early age and respond accordingly. They are destined to be the world’s realists. So getting praise from adults, who are supposed to know better, for substandard performance is of course confusing to these kids. They seem more grounded in reality than most of the adults in their life.


bo smugshots.2jpgOh yeah, I’m all that…and more.

So while children with high self-esteem may see themselves as the center of the universe,

20narc-isists universe

their more realistic low-esteem friends know there’s probably much more out there.


Butt ah, the kids with high self-esteem! They are the dreamers…

narcissist11Why yes, Rachel, dear, of course you can fly! And you do an excellent Clark Kent impersonation too.

…they are the WONs we’ve been waiting for. They have a gift; they were born to leave their mark on the world and it will all be good!


Getting back to the high praise study though, I guess high self-esteem isn’t necessarily a good thing either, as was first reported in 1998:

It has been widely asserted that low self-esteem causes violence, but laboratory evidence is lacking, and some contrary observations have characterized aggressors as having favorable self-opinions. In 2 studies, both simple self-esteem and narcissism were measured, and then individual participants were given an opportunity to aggress against someone who had insulted them or praised them or against an innocent third person. Self-esteem proved irrelevant to aggression. The combination of narcissism and insult led to exceptionally high levels of aggression toward the source of the insult.

obama_mad_fox“If you bring a knife, we bring a gun…and you can’t have one.”

…These findings contradict the popular view that low self-esteem causes aggression and point instead toward threatened egotism as an important cause.

I don’t know anyone around here that would apply to however.


Rude drones to follow…

drone_forward“…'We're gonna punish our enemies, and we're gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us'…”

So, what have we learned today, boys and girls? You should not overpraise kids with low self-esteem. Better that they come by their self-esteem the old fashioned way: by earning it. However for the kids that already have already developed high self-esteem for no particularly good reason: go ahead and praise them as profusely as you want. It can’t hurt, they’re already delusional.

obama special

And with enough false praise they might just grow up to be president someday.

BO-FDR time cover%20Obama

Or Prime Minister…


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Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year, a New Round of Racism, Genderism and Golf

I’m afraid everyone missed the point surrounding the Ms.NBC-Melissa Harris-Perry controversy over this absolutely charming picture of the Romney family patriarch and matriarch taken with their 21 grandchildren. The criticism has centered around the show’s host and guests mocking of little Kieran Romney, the adopted black grandson of Mitt Romney.

Butt it’s worse than that. Look closely at this picture:


Kieran is the little black baby on Mitt’s lap in…pink. As Ms.NBC’s Managing Editor of Outrage pointed out, all the other little grandsons are wearing…blue, while all the granddaughters are wearing…pink. “One of these things is not like the others” indeed!  And what could be more racist than to dress the one grandchild of color differently than the others? Ok, maybe a bone in the nose and Kente cloth, butt racists are never that obvious. Unless, of course, they’re trying to tell us that little Kieran is…gay! In which case they’re still racist, butt that makes little Kieran a “token twofer!”

I should have known that Melissa Harris-Perry would never mock the fact that a Mormon family lovingly embraced a little black child, as she herself was “a black child born into a large white Mormon family.”  I’m just guessing that she may still be a bit conflicted over this however,as her birth mother is white butt MHP has been quoted as saying:  “I’ve never thought of myself as biracial. I’m black.”

melissa-harris-perry-mother-dad-parentsSorry Mom: you’re white and I’m not.

Anyway if the #MHPapology crew was making fun of little Kieran’s sexual orientation, well, that’s way worse than mocking the fact that a loving Mormon family adopted a black child. Still, either way:


In case you’re unfamiliar with MH-P, and you probably are, she’s a professor of women’s studies – I know, hard to believe! - at Tulane University. And she’s straight; go figure. Butt I guess that does explain her radical feminism. Here she is protesting the Republican War on Women during the War of 2012:

Melissa-Harris-Perry A feminist protest: wear tampon earrings on TV. Edgy and classy!

Coming as she does from a family that highly values activism, she’s a strident “black, feminist marriage-equality advocate.” So maybe her real issue with the Romney’s large, in-tact, Mormon family model is not the fact that they adopted a little black baby, butt that she thinks they should just back off and leave the rearing of children to the more correct thinking “community” at large:

melissa-harris-perry-children-belong-to-us-choice“You are all belong to me now, comrade.”

So, now that we’ve settled that race/sex thing once and for all, let’s move on to more important issues. Like golf. On day 12 of the WONs annual Hawaiian vacation, Big Guy finally took pity on the press pool and allowed them to take photos while he played a little golf with the gang.

460072361You look like you’re losing a little weight there, Big Guy. How about catching a late-night snack?

“President Obama began the new year Wednesday by allowing pool photographers and others to snap new pictures of him on the golf course.

After holing out, [ed. hey, I don’t write this stuff, I just repeat it] Obama smiled,

bo golf smirk

waved to the crowd, and said, "happy new year!" When someone shouted, "we love you!" Obama replied: "I love you back."

And then he got right back to the business at hand: trying to get himself out of this hole he’s inexplicably found himself in.

sand trapWow! That’s a really big hole! Good luck Barry!


NOTE: A quick look back to the Romney clan picture - to an objective eye, one not looking for any type of racist, sexist, genderist outrage, it might appear that all of the babies under one year of age, regardless of sex, are dressed identically in peach colored onesies. Of course, that would be ageist, so I guess you can’t really win at this game.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! And a brief review of 2013’s Dark Energy.

Can you believe it?  2014 already!

2013 was difficult to recap. There were so many new beginnings:

ap_obamas_ball_130121_wmain_thumb1Warning: objects may be smaller than they appear to be

bangsBig Bang: New Hairdo!

So many dinner parties:Screenshot Studio capture #1592

So many ethnic costumes to rock:     

Screenshot Studio capture #1593                   

So many memorable trips to Africa:

Screenshot Studio capture #1594

“See this cell? That’s all I’m going to say. Right?”


So many phony scandals to dismiss;

Screenshot Studio capture #1595

Butt without a doubt the biggest story of the year took place at the intersection of dark energy and black holes; to wit, the launch of the Obamacare website, which, as you know, is officially implemented today. Unfortunately it hasn’t turned out to be the big bang we were hoping for:

black hole“Not only has no one ever found a void this big, but we never even expected to find one this size,” - Lawrence Rudnick, University of Minnesota.

More of a big bust, to be perfectly honest. Here is the official tally so far:

  • 4.7 million: the number of people who’ve lost the insurance that they liked butt couldn’t keep
  • 2.0 million: signed up for Obamacare coverage (unclear how many of these are new Medicaid enrollees)

By most metrics that would reflect a negative “gain,” so why is Kitty so “thrilled” about these numbers? Because the normal rules of mathematics don’t apply in the vacuum of a dark energy field, which is where   Obamacare-mathemagicals™* reside. Exactly how does that work, you ask?

bo lightbringer“The answer may lie in dark energy, which became a dominant force in the Universe very recently, when the Universe was already three-quarters of the size it is today. Dark energy works opposite gravity and is speeding up the expansion of the Universe.”

Unless and until all of that “dark energy” - fed by copious amounts of “quantum easing” – causes an uncontrolled acceleration of inflation which subsequently results in a giant explosion. In that unlikely event, Obamacare would blow right out the rear end of this big black hole.

obamacare black hole copy 


* For further readings in Obamacare-mathemagicals™ I recommend the following posts:

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Question of the Year: How are Lady M and MOTUS exactly alike?

We’re both a “FABULOUS 50”!!!

Winner - 2013 Fabulous 50 Blog Awards

Technically Lady M won’t be 50 until January 17th, butt she is already totally fabulous, no?

mo green frock_thumb

That’s right, for the 5th year in a row, Doug Ross has honored my little blog with a “Fabulous 50 Blog Award.” What? You don’t know what a “Fabulous 50 Blog Award” is? Do you live in a cave? Like Manhattan, DC or LA maybe? I’ll let Doug describe it:

“...the 2013 Fabulous 50 Blog Awards, (are) the most prestigious new media awards in the conservative blogosphere.

Or, at the very least, in the 993 area code.

These awards recognize a variety of blogs and websites operating in the conservative hemisphere of the Internet, all of which have worked tirelessly to promote conservatism, free market capitalism, fiscal sanity, the sovereignty of the individual, and otherwise protect America from the cockroach-like Statists -- some in very unique ways.”

“Some in very unique ways”??? I’m not sure what that means or who he’s talking about, butt the rest is so me!!!

Lady M is also really excited because my little blog won the award in the category “Best First Lady Blog”

fab 50-2013

and she thinks that she shares the award with me. While she’s not normally big on sharing, she is perfectly willing to cheese in on any fame or award that comes her way.

award1 copy

Screenshot Studio capture #1589

A word of advice though:

sat_academy_award Don’t show up wearing the same outfit!

I guess she is right: there’s no way I could do this without her and Big Guy, so I guess they do share in the acclaim. Butt the real co-winners of the “Fabulous 50 Blog Award.” are you, my loyal MOLs, MODs, MYLs, MYDs and FOMs, because without you and your encouraging words and feedback, I would just hide in the corner of my bunker with Raj, Little Mo, Little Bo, Sunny and TOTUS and weep until this nightmare is over.

And while all of the Fab 50 are winners, some of them you know pretty darn well. Like Gerard’s American Digest, Fausta’s Blog, Keith Koffler’s White House Dossier, The People’s Cube (where I am loyal member of Party and Gulogoshpere), Sondrakistan, iOwnTheWorld, NewsBusters, Stilton’s HopeNChange Cartoons, Weasel Zippers, my lawyer, Prof. Jacobson’s Legal Insurrection (note to self: we must do lunch soon to review the status of my supremacy clause action against Laura Ingraham as I’m concerned about the statute of limitations running out) and too many more to name here. Just go to Doug’s site, Doug Ross @ Journal, and visit every one of the winner’s blogs. You’ll love them all, because, well, they’re the best!  And if you don’t already, please put Doug’s website in your power rotation of daily reads: it’s simply the best.

So, without further adieu, let me just say, to Doug and everybody,

!!!Thank You!!!

fireworksanimation-11Let the New Year begin!

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone – and as Sergeant Phil Esterhaus would say: “Hey…

let's be careful out there

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Monday, December 30, 2013

A&E, The NYT and the DNC Bring You “REHAB ADDICT: The Hillary Addition”

It’s always nice to be validated, so I was pleased to read Roger Kimball’s column yesterday, Benghazi: The New York Times vs. the Truth. (Completely off-topic, butt does anybody know if they ever caught that one-armed man?) He concurs with my theory that Hilz is this season’s rehab project.

Screenshot Studio capture #1582

“How are we to understand the Times’s latest entry into the contest to rewrite history for ideological fun and profit? My own sense is that it has less to do with salvaging President Obama’s tattered reputation — he is well on his way to winning the prize for the least competent and most destructive president in the history of the republic. No, Barack Obama is yesterday’s news, and unless and until he is impeached and removed from office he will be pretty much forgotten by purveyors of all the Newspeak fit to print. They have their eyes on another player in the Benghazi scandal, namely Hilary Clinton. If anyone emerged from that shameful episode more discredited than Barack Obama, it was Ms. Clinton. But time is passing fast, and there is a lot of remedial work to do if Hilary Clinton is to be suitably repackaged as the Democratic candidate for president. That ambition, I believe, stands behind this elaborate, breathtaking exercise in journalistic mendacity.”

That’s right; he said it! “Mendacity.” Roger has quite a history of using inflammatory words like that. For example, in his column on the Duck Dynasty kerfuffle - The PC Lynching of Phil Robertson – he uses the f-word (fascistic).

It is also a singular example of how political correctness, via cultural relativism, is used to undermine democracy and freedom of speech and is, at its core, fascistic. (snip) PC and cultural relativism are the godchildren of Martin Heidegger and Michel Foucault, the philosopher apologists, respectively, for those most totalitarian of leaders…Adolph Hitler and the Ayatollah Khomeini.

I would note that the philosophy of Michel Foucault  likewise inspired Silvio Funtowicz and Jerome Ravetz to create the dubious off-shoot of real science - “post-normal science” – from which “global warming” was birthed. Butt I digress.

As things turned out, The Duck controversy proved to be a grossly overinflated kerfuffle:

Screenshot Studio capture #1583

that quickly started to lose air,


until it was completely deflated.


So until such time as we have another case of cultural outrage for the Justice Brothers to prosecute, we shall remain focused on our current rehab project: reintroducing the Queen of Kool.

seating the honorable hillary clintonAllow me to help you into your right honorable chair.

And Hillary won’t be a bystander, look for her to be actively participating in her own rehabbing. Word has it that she has been shopping around for some replacement parts that will “enhance her features” and allow her to lose the “pantsuits” fixture that earned her the moniker. Specifically, I hear she is shopping for some cankle replacements:

Screenshot Studio capture #1584Don’t you have anything in a size 8 calf?

I’m thinking maybe she will go shopping for a new nose next, because this one seems to be getting all squirreled up:

hill squirrely face

I found this collection from the Duck Commander that might do the trick:

duck calls

You can buy these babies right off the shelf, or for a little bit more, have one custom made for your face:


Butt if none of those “fit the bill” so to speak, there’s always this good old adjustable standby:


My only advice to Hilz is to proceed with caution, because these total rehabs don’t always work out the way you expect. Take Detroit for example, where we discovered we had to destroy the place in order to save it.

rehab detroit

Sure hope that doesn’t happen to Hilz. Because it would be a real shame, if an ugly duckling like that were to be shot down before it had a chance to emerge as a beautiful swan.

Screenshot Studio capture #1585

All I can say is “Quack.”

hong kong duckJust another over-inflated quack, gazing down on you, gazing back at it.

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