Saturday, April 18, 2015

Little Man, Big Job: The Obama Doctrine of Withdrawal.


I think we’ve all been struggling to explain Big Guy’s foreign policy. Fortunately, the New York Times has finally done it for us: At Global Economic Gathering, U.S. Primacy Is Seen as Ebbing.

As world leaders converge here for their semiannual trek to the capital of what is still the world’s most powerful economy, concern is rising in many quarters that the United States is retreating from global economic leadership just when it is needed most.

no, no don't bow“America Bows Out”

“I’ve been searching for a word to describe it, and the one I use is ‘withdrawal,’ best I can come up with,” said Edwin M. Truman, a former Obama Treasury official now with the Peterson Institute for International Economics. “We’re withdrawing from the central place we held on the international stage.”

Of course the NYT thinks this is accidental - which is silly; everything is proceeding according to plan: BHO thinks America shouldn’t be any bigger, any stronger, any wealthier (especially wealthier) than any other nation. Once you understand his objective, everything else becomes perfectly understandable: the apology tour, the open borders, the mounting generational debt, the decimation of the military, the feigned deference to foreign leaders, etc., etc..


In other words, BHO is consciously uncoupling us from being THE preeminent World Power by doing everything within (and outside, to the extent he can get away with it) his power to topple our unearned position on the top of the totem pole. He wants to level the playing field; make all countries equal. The first part – toppling America’s power - seems to be working; at the Spring meeting of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Washington D.C. many have already concluded that the United States is:

on the verge of ceding the global economic stage it built at the end of World War II and has largely directed ever since. “It’s almost handing over legitimacy to the rising powers,” Arvind Subramanian, the chief economic adviser to the government of India, said of the United States in an interview on Friday.

That doesn’t seem a good idea to me as “rising powers” aren’t usually, uh, ready to handle that sort of responsibility. Butt if Big Guy thinks it’s a good idea…

china-building-aircraft-runwayChina builds island with a military airstrip in the middle of the disputed South China Sea 

Experts say that is giving rise to a more chaotic global shift, especially toward China, which even Obama administration officials worry is extending its economic influence in Asia and elsewhere without following the higher standards for environmental protection, worker rights and business transparency that have become the norms among Western institutions.

What!? China doesn’t follow the Western rules of law? Big Guy sounded a bit disappointed to learn that China wouldn’t follow his lead toward global equality:

President Obama said last week that he had concerns of China using “its sheer size and muscle to force countries into subordinate positions.”

Who’d a thunk that? I can only imagine what they’ll do after they take over the World Bank, economic leadership and their military is three times the size of ours. Oh well, I guess we just follow our President’s lead and HOPE they do the right thing once they become Emperor of the Universe. Otherwise Barry might live to regret giving up all our economic power, military might and international prestige to those inferior, unworthy, ungrateful little gnats.

TODAY’S EXTRA-CREDIT QUESTION: How is it that a narcissistic megalomaniac manages to bow, repeatedly, in deference to so many world leaders?

bow to japan china palestineBHO, bowing to Japan, China, Palestinian honor guard

HINT: the further he bows down, the more superior he feels.

shadowBO, bowing to his own shadow

bo shadow2

While America threatens to become butt a shadow of its former self


I leave you with the words of a wise old bulldog:


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Friday, April 17, 2015

FLOTUS Past and FLOTUS Present Demonstrate the Danger of Gaseous Veggies

 “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary! That’s all I ever hear!” (apologies to Marcia Brady)

It was inevitable; when you’ve been the center of the universe for so long there was bound to be a little blowback when a former FLOTUS tries to take center stage again.

Especially when it’s time to open the Garden of Good and Evil and all the usual paparazzi are busy chasing after the old interloper’s Scooby van instead of filming the ritual of the annual rhubarb dance, (first seen here in 2010:

rhubarb dance2Getting back to our roots, 2010 edition of the “rhubarb dance” with former Chef Sammy

rhubarb danceOh yeah, it’s a real thing

Except for the dearth of media coverage, this year’s event - which took place on Tax Day - was no different. First we had the arrival of the Queen of the Rutabagas,

slide_418220_5325658_freeHellooo! I’m baa-ack!

followed by the annual rhubarb dance – a pagan ritual imploring Gaia to protect us from global warming deniers for another year – and finally the planting of this year’s crop of cruciferous vegetables, where they are all laid to rest.

slide_418220_5325654_freeTurnips to the left, rutabagas to the left of left

Most of the actual  planting of the Won’s Victory Garden is conducted by little children who have been inducted from around the country for this special work. Lady M serves as head horticulturist, instructing the children on the proper care and tending of the turnips and a rutabagas. 


What’s the difference between turnips and rutabaga?

Difference-between-turnip-and-rutabaga I’m glad you asked!

turnip vs rutabaga 2.jpg.opt857x642o0,0s857x642

TMI? Okay, let’s keep this simple:


They are both root vegetables and a part of the Brassica genus.

The confusing part is that there are many similarities: they’re both root vegetables, and share a similar shape, colour, texture and flavour. However, there are many differences as well. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between these two awesome root vegetables.


Turnip leaves are usually light green, thin and hairy, while the rutabaga’s leaves are bluish-green, thick and smooth.

hillary mo 55

Okay, that wasn’t really helpful. What else?

While both turnips and rutabaga can have a purple crown, rutabagas are typically larger than turnips.

hillary mo queens

Nope, still having trouble here.

Rutabagas have a rough exterior that is normally coated in wax.

hillary mo waxphotos courtesy of Madame Tussaud’s

Wow! I had no idea this would be so hard! Let’s try one more thing:


They share similar textures since they are both root vegetables that are crunchy when raw and have a tender bite when cooked.

fffa and sffa

Again, I got nothin’ people. I think the only logical conclusion we can draw is - what difference, at this point, does it make?

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Butt Hilz Was Yesterday and Yesterday’s Gone.

Senator Marco Rubio kicked off his campaign for President this week with an unexpected generational throw down.

"This election is a generational choice about what kind of country we will be," Rubio said Monday night as he kicked off his bid for the White House.

…"Just yesterday, a leader from yesterday began a campaign for president by promising to take us back to yesterday," Rubio said. "Yesterday is over -- and we're never going back."

I should be offended as I’m quite sure Marco’s speech was – in addition to being part of the Republican War on Women - an ageist assault on everyone over age 50. So at the risk of showing my hard drive’s age, I give you this flashback from deep within (yesterday’s) rock and roll vault:

I loved you all the summer through

I thought I'd found my dream in you

For me you were the one


But that was yesterday and yesterday's gone

Hillary Clinton Appears Arlington and Adams Syphilis Bitch

We walked together hand in hand

bill hill grow old with me

'Cross miles and miles of golden sand


But now it's over and done


'Cause that was yesterday and yesterday's gone


We had such happiness together


I can't believe it's gone forever


Wait 'til summer comes again


I hope that you'll remember when


Our love had just begun


I loved you yesterday and yesterday's gone


We had such happiness together


I can't believe it's gone forever

Clinton Miami

Wait 'til summer comes again


I hope that you'll remember when


Our love had just begun


I loved you yesterday and yesterday's gone


Yesterday's gone


Yesterday's gone


Yesterday's gone

hillary winged sunglassesHillarious-copy

And on an unrelated note, don’t forget that today is High Five Day!

high five

Hilz was last seen in Iowa, working on the concept butt failing miserably:

hillary witch

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tax Day: A Good Day For a Class War

So, it’s tax day.


And you know what that means: it’s the day we celebrate the redistribution of wealth rather than its creation. It’s the day the government decides how much of what you make belongs to them - to give to somebody else. Or more to the point, it’s the day the ‘have lot’s’ ante up for the benefit of the ‘have gotz’.

It should be interesting to see how President–in-waiting Hillary, champion of the proletariat, celebrates the day. She will most likely  emphasize the the income gap between the haves and the have nots because nothing stirs the heart to action like a good old fashioned class war.


Before proceeding I request that we stipulate to one fact: America does NOT have a class system -  a social order in which your future status is proscribed by the class you were born into. Despite ongoing efforts to kill it, the American Dream is still possible; you can rise from poverty to become rich and powerful. If that were not the case Bubba and Hilz (est. net worth $55 million) would not be members of the 1% club today.

bill_hillary_rectWho’d a thunk?

Nor would Barry and Lady M (est. net worth $12 million, so far) be assured an entry card to the 1% as soon as they leave office.

wedonegood“We so earned this!”

Since income inequality for Progressives has come to represent the source of all evil and the root cause for the world’s social, racial and economic problems, that’s where Hilz will be mining her gold:

Striking a populist note, Clinton, who announced on Sunday she was running for president in 2016, said American families were still facing financial hardship at a time “when the average CEO makes about 300 times what the average worker makes.”


“Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times. But the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top. (i.e. Bill and Hill)”

I guess we have Barack Obama to thank for that; after six and a half years of trying to level the playing field, here’s all we have to show for it:

The top 20% of taxpayers are still paying 84% of taxes!

    • top 20% pay 84%
    • middle 20% pay 6%
    • bottom 20% pay –2.2%  - Stuart Varney, Fox news

And the top 10% pay nearly 70% of taxes! I wonder how much more Hilz thinks she and Bubba should pay? This should prove to be interesting.


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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

“Munch”-Hausen By Proxy–It’s a Real Thing

Here is Lady M, encouraging little children to develop and submit their very own “healthy lunch” recipe in order to win an invite to her Children’s State Dinner.

Apparently she is unaware of a new pandemic sweeping the country that could be as serious as the obesity epidemic: orthorexia-nervosa. I’m deathly serious, it’s a real thing:

 A new type of eating disorder is emerging where people are becoming obsessed with eating to improve their health.

Victims of this 'health food eating disorder' may exhibit the following symptoms:

  • may be 'plunged into gloom' by eating a piece of bread
  • gluten-bad

  • may become anxious about when their next superfood hit of kale, chia or quinoa hit is coming
  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADinner will be ready in 4 hours!

  • Exaggerated focus on food can be seen in raw, clean and paleo dieters
  • healthy school lunch

    Although not currently listed in the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5) orthorexia nervosa is clearly an eating disorder. What else would you call a person obsessed with “righteous eating” that involves dietary fads “that promise superior health by restricting whole food groups without a medical reason or even a valid scientific explanation.”

    Gluten-Free-MenuI’m pretty sure Lady M isn’t suffering from this disease herself, although she may be promoting it. And she may have a related disorder - “orthorexia nervosa by proxy” (related to M√ľnchausen syndrome by proxy) – in which the sufferer is obsessed with imposing “righteous eating” habits on everyone else.

    First lady Michelle Obama visits students making smoothies with fresh fruits and vegetablesI will not eat  Yes you will eat your vegetables!

    Worse, I think our President-in-Waiting may be developing a full blown case of this disease. Did you see what she ordered when she and Huma slipped into the Chipotle incognito by avoiding interaction with the staff and ignoring all of the “real people” there?

    hillary chipotle

    Either that or she’s just trying to establish her Hispanic bona fides before Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz try to  claim Latino roots.

    Butt I have good news – Tito’s Vodka is Made in America AND Gluten Free!


    Now both Lady M and Hills are free to go about their daily pathologies completely guilt free and without a whiff of hypocrisy. Bottoms Up!

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