Saturday, October 12, 2019

Fo Mo Years!

According to my calendar today is Weiner Dog Day: The day your favorite Doxie emerges from your lap to check his shadow and predict the outcome of the next presidential election. The Shadow knows…

Ignore all the Never-Trumpers recently reemerging from under their rocks to once again proclaim the end of (their) civilization as a direct result of the Trump Presidency. At this point they are simply another chapter of the useful idiot arm of the Democrat party. In the unlikely event that any of them are actual conservatives and therefore salvageable I present this (adapted) list of positions that President Trump has held and advanced in his two and a half years as Commander-In-Chief; they are surprisingly more conservative than the last 2 “conservative” Republicans we elected to the office.

  • Most pro-life president we’ve elected 
  • Most pro-Israel and pro-Jewish-American president we’ve ever had
  • Promotes the importance of securing our borders to maintain America as a sovereign country
  • Appointed outstandingly conservative, constitution-respecting judges
  • Cut taxes and smashed regulations to unleash the U.S. economy to improve all Americans’ lives
  • Exposed the liberal media machine, greatly increasing Americans’ understanding of media bias
  • Turned CNN into a punchline
  • Punctured the inevitability and power of political correctness
  • Refused despite tremendous pressure, to gut our Second Amendment rights
  • Improved the lives of minorities while pointing out how the hypocrisy of Democrats destroys them
  • Taken on China, our biggest foreign national security threat, and is restoring the global balance
  • Consistently respected the Constitution
  • Not a socialist

Maybe he’s not everything you’d like in a candidate but tell me, who is?

So I’m with the Doxie: Trump’s muh mane man! Fo Mo years!

Friday, October 11, 2019

At Least We’re Not Cuba!

A traffic sign on Monticello Road in Napa notifies people of the PG&E power shut-off Wednesday.Power shutoff instituted by PG&E because potential "Diablo" winds might bring down their transmission lines and trigger catastrophic fires.

I’m so old that I remember when the prime responsibility of your state’s Public Service Commission was ensuring the public utilities under their jurisdiction were physically and financially capable of delivering the services they were chartered to provide.  Accordingly, the PSC role was to balance citizens' need for reliable services and reasonable rates with the need for utilities to earn a reasonable return on investment.

When both sides of this contract begin to operate outside the parameters of their respective charters, i.e. the utility fails to provide basic maintenance services to maintain the integrity of transmission lines and the PSC to verify they have done so…

Image result for public service electric company tree clearancePublic Utility budget line item: tree clearing of lines

and instead begin to pursue and promote a “green energy” agenda, this is what happens:

More than a million people in California were without electricity Wednesday as the state’s largest utility pulled the plug to prevent a repeat of the past two years when windblown power lines sparked deadly wildfires that destroyed thousands of homes. – AP

But goodness, don’t you love it when liberal worlds collide?

A Tesla charging station for electric vehicles is taped off along Devlin Road during the PG&E power shut-off in Napa.A Tesla charging station for electric vehicles is taped off along Devlin Road during the PG&E power shut-off in Napa. – SFChronicle

Who here thought they’d ever agree with Gavin Newsome? I know, but when he’s right he’s right: “California governor says broad power shutdown to prevent fires 'unacceptable.' Ya think?

You know how your liberal friends and relatives like to chide you by asking “what does ‘make America great again’ even mean?”? Now you have an easy answer…it means not operating like a third world nation where the streets are awash in human filth and the lights are unreliable. In other words, it means not being California.

Image result for cuban streetsAt least we’re not Cuba!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Throwback Thursday–Joey Biden Edition

Q. Is there anything in the world as catchy as that old Rupert Holmes** song, “Escape” aka The Pina Colada Song?

A. Yes, a good parody of it starring Joey B.

…if you have half a brain

Joey B: enriching his family through politics for decades. Currently looking to “Escape” while continuing the lucrative family business for eight more years.

**Frequently and incorrectly attributed to Jimmy Buffet

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Nothing Better Than a Good Cat Fight

Image result for cat fight

It might have been helpful had she told the country about this while Hillary was running for the highest office in the land:

'I smell a rat. This is not a good idea.' Susan Rice tells how the Benghazi scandal took a toll on her family and reveals her mother warned her not to stand in for 'wiped out' Hillary Clinton and do the TV interviews that ultimately sank her career. - Daily Mirror

She also says she believed she was harshly criticized due to her race and gender.


Of course - as opposed to being criticized for lying through her teeth to protect a snake and a weasel. Of course we are to believe it was because she was a black woman; a white guy would have gotten a pass for lying on every Sunday news show about how a stupid video caused a “spontaneous: jihadi attack that left 4 Americans dead in a foreign consulate.

Ironic side note: “Rice lamented how her son, a college senior and former head of the Stanford College Republicans, is a Trump supporter.” Lucky for him it sounds like he inherited his grandmother’s common sense.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The World According to Calvin: It Just Needs a Little Tweak

Elizabeth Warren is determined to set herself apart from the rest of the Democrats-for-Socialism candidates running for president.

Rather than an arch-foe of capitalism she’s presenting herself as its savior. Accordingly, in addition to redistributing the wealth of the filthy rich she intends to do the same to corporations, the wealth generators. As such she will introduce her Accountable Capitalism Act tomorrow.

Under her bill corporations with more than $1 billion in annual revenue would be required to obtain a corporate charter from the federal government (currently granted by states). Such charters will mandate that companies not just consider the financial interests of shareholders but also employees, customers, and the cities and towns where those corporations operate. Because why should people who have invested in a company be the only beneficiaries of their profits? I wonder if the bill will also mandate that employees, customers, and the cities and towns where those corporations operate kick in to cover any losses the corporation incurs. Because I can assure you that under Warren’s plan there will be lots of losses to “spread around.”

By the way, Germany – which is more accustomed to state control than America is - has a similar system in place called “codetermination,” which sounds a lot like codependency. And we all know how unhealthy that kind of relationship is.

So, take away point: Elizabeth Warren is 110% in favor of capitalism! As long as she can tweak it a little:

ETA: I forgot to mention that Lizzie’s bill would create a new Office of United States Corporations within the Department of Commerce, which would be responsible for granting (and revoking) the charters – all of which will require the establishment of reams of administrative rules and regulations which in turn will require a huge new bureaucracy. Yay! More government!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Mirrorless Monday: Through the Looking Glass Edition

Have you wondered what the difference between a whistleblower and a leaker is? Or indeed, the difference between “blowing a whistle” and conducting a soft coup?  Allow me to explain by way of two simple illustrations:

1. On the one side you have reality, which is generally what you see reflected in a mirror:

2. On the other side you emerge in Wonderland…

where everything is curiouser and curiouser. Which is to say, fake news and all the requisite Red Queens, Mad Hatters, Tweedledees and Tweedledums.

And here I thought we would exit Wonderland once Obama left office. Obviously it’s a bit more complicated.

But here we are approaching the holiday season with our country -- despite record-low unemployment, growing salaries, and a near-record stock market -- riven as never before since that original Civil War, the madmen and women in Washington driven by a bloodlust more appropriate to the Middle Ages. Will they come to their senses and start addressing matters that actually have to do with people's lives, not their own puny ambitions, and petty hatreds? Unlikely.– Roger Simon

Because, Wonderland. Where pencil necks are the norm.

Image result for alice through the looking glass long neck

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Be Strong Enough To Offend the Weak of Mind

Go forth into the mist…

and captivate or vex to the best of your ability.