Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Nothing Better Than a Good Cat Fight

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It might have been helpful had she told the country about this while Hillary was running for the highest office in the land:

'I smell a rat. This is not a good idea.' Susan Rice tells how the Benghazi scandal took a toll on her family and reveals her mother warned her not to stand in for 'wiped out' Hillary Clinton and do the TV interviews that ultimately sank her career. - Daily Mirror

She also says she believed she was harshly criticized due to her race and gender.


Of course - as opposed to being criticized for lying through her teeth to protect a snake and a weasel. Of course we are to believe it was because she was a black woman; a white guy would have gotten a pass for lying on every Sunday news show about how a stupid video caused a “spontaneous: jihadi attack that left 4 Americans dead in a foreign consulate.

Ironic side note: “Rice lamented how her son, a college senior and former head of the Stanford College Republicans, is a Trump supporter.” Lucky for him it sounds like he inherited his grandmother’s common sense.