Saturday, August 21, 2010

Uncle Sam’s Evil Twin

Larwyn sent me this little Dr. Seussical poem that she thought you might like. I think it will lift your spirits while Lady M is chillin’ hers:


Uncle Sam


I do not like this Uncle Sam,

I do not like his health care scam.

I do not like those dirty crooks,

Or how they lie and cook the books.

I do not like when Congress steals,

I do not like their secret deals.


I do not like House Speaker Nan,

Nor do I like that ‘Yes, we can!’

I do not like the spending spree—-

Because I know that nothing’s free.

I do not like the O’s replies,

When I complain about his lies.

I do not like this kind of hope.

I do not like it. Nope, nope, nope!


I do not like ObamaCare,

As it will only raise the fare.

Obama will not save the day,

He’ll only scare the docs away.

And presidents should never bow;

Should we, could we, impeach him now?


I do not like Afghanistan,

Al-Qaeda or the Taliban.

But if we plan to win the fight

We need to fight with all our might.

We cannot tie our soldiers’ hands,

With wimpy generals in command,

And orders not to shoot to kill;

Of that I’ve simply had my fill.


I do not like that wife Michelle,

With eyebrows that came straight from Hell.

I do not like her attitude,

Or being lectured on my food.

A hypocrite she has become,

While flying ‘round on Air Force One.


I know that I don’t need first class,

‘Cause I don’t have that same wide ass.

I do not like that Biden guy,

But better that he’s drunk, not high.

And Jarrett, Axelrod, and Rahm,

To get their way would kill my mom.

I do not like Obama’s plan

To spend as quickly as he can.


To spend much more than we all have

Is just a temporary salve.

The bills we someday all must pay—

Not leave for just another day,

For grandkids that we leave behind,

Will always have our debt in mind.


O’s bloated budget we must cut,

To get out of this debtor’s rut.

We can’t afford his cap and trade,

Or billions more for foreign aid.

We have to end the public dole,

Hard work must now become the goal.

The borders must be sealed quite tight,

To stop invaders left and right.


The racist charges we’ll ignore;

The main thing is to mind the store.

It is quite simply common sense,

To build a long, strong border fence.

To keep illegals out, yes, that;

Undocumented Democrats!


The bitter pill we need to take,

Is that we made one huge mistake.

But God he’s not—he’s just a man,

And we’ll evict him, “Yes we can!”

The emperor, he has no clothes,

And as he gazes down his nose,

He thinks he is the best of all,

But soon he’ll take a mighty fall.

One Big Ass Mistake America 1

We’ve taken measure of the man,

And spread the word as best we can.

November 2 will be the day

On which we take his power away.

The media will be enraged,

That citizens became engaged.


The O will curl into a ball,

Or pound his fist against the wall.

His leftist schemes will have been stopped,

Despite the COLB he Photoshopped.

Deport him soon, we’ll try, we’ll try!

And cause Michelle to cry, cry, cry!

We’ll take control from sea to sea,

Restoring every liberty!


And then we’ll see it, yes we will…

That shining city on the hill!


First 14 lines, Kono at IOTW; remaining lines: Don Fredrick


Big Guy: All Books, No Grapes

Hmmm. What to make of this? Big Guy goes to the “whole Bunch of” Grapes bookstore and leaves with the following titles: “Freedom,” “The Red Pony” and “To Kill a Mockingbird.” What do it mean?

weewon2 Big Guy leaves with “a whole bunch of books.” Not in his sack: a bunch of grapes

The Red Pony is about closing the barn door after the horse got out. To Kill a Mockingbird is set in the middle of the country’s Great Depression. It’s about a tragic miscarriage of justice by a racist white society against a Black man.

I don’t know what Freedom is about because it hasn’t really been released for sale yet. But an early Amazon review indicates it’s about a well-intentioned couple who lead the charge against an evil, environment-destroying big-coal mining empire, while falling prey to the nefarious intents of a Bush-Cheney crony. Not to worry: they emerge triumphant and filled with renewed hope. The review says we love the characters “not for their charm or goodness, but because they have their reasons…” Generally good enough for government work.

golf club Even on vacation, Big Guy gets the s***y end of the stick.

Lady M may venture out later today, it depends on how quickly the Botox kicks in. We want to appear relaxed on our vacay.

cape cod coast guardstation

Relaxed. Not Angry. It can be done, it just requires a little assist.

Update: Because we don’t want to go out looking like this, now do we? And you people wonder why we need a travel entourage of 24. Hair, nails and makeup alone requires a staff of 12.

Mo- Acting in Paper Moon Another Thousand Words                                         via Larwyn

Friday, August 20, 2010

Lunch Break Post from The Rock

I’ve only got a minute. The image embargo is still on, butt I thought I’d give you a peek at a video snagged by one of Little Mo’s local moles. He got this footage of Lady M and me going to our tennis match this morning. Watch carefully and see if you can spot me waving.

Did you see me? I’m in the 5th black SS car! Lady M is in the one in front of me. Got to go. Just finished lunch and ice cream and pedicures are calling!motus tennis match copy

From The Rock, I’m MOTUS, and now, back to you.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

“Silver People on the Shoreline, Let Us Be.”

We’re here on the Rock! Lady M, the Wee Wons and I got here ahead of Big Guy on Air Force Won-2. He just landed on Air Force Won, then took Marine Chopper Won across Vineyard Sound, then by motorcade to our spectacular adequate digs here in Blue Heron Farm. Bo, Little Mo, ValJar and a slew of smaller staff people we’ll be needing “for a whole lot of stuff” came over with big Guy.

The first thing Big Guy did was ditch the bespoke jacket and tie. When he does that, you know he’s on vacation. Either that, or stumping in flyover country.

Deputy press secretary, and former Geico news man, Bill Burton said “Just like a lot of American people, the president is taking a little time with his family to recharge his batteries.” Strange, since he just visited two battery factories in the past few weeks. You would have thought they might have comped him a few.

 bill burton caveman_3 So easy, a cave… well, you know.

But I checked, and Big Guy’s batteries are nearly depleted. With poll numbers further under water than the leaky BP oil well, BO rammed in a grueling 3 day marathon sprint filled with fundraisers and speech-reading in Wisconsin, California, Washington, Ohio and Florida.

Obama_Thir-1_s640x721 Sprinting through a battery factory

Most of Big Guy’s poll numbers have been sliding down for months now, so when I spotted a number that went up, I thought he’d be thrilled. Unfortunately it was the one about how many people in America think he’s a Mooselim. Apparently the answer is one in four. As the pollsters say, “that’s not a good metric.”

bo muslim

I tried to cheer him up though by pointing out how silly all these polls are any way. For example, only 77% of Americans believe that Obama was born in the US.

And besides, what difference does it make where you were born? Or what faith you adhere to? Or whether or not you actually wrote your own autobiography?



So, we were a little late getting out of the Big White because Big Guy was putting the finishing touches on a letter he dispatched to George W. Bush, asking him to pitch in and help clean up some of the messes he left behind for the Won. We could especially use some help on the HaMasque debacle. Since Big Guy had to go on record now saying that he didn’t regret the position he took last Friday, nor the one he took on Saturday. The last thing I heard from the pollsters when they were briefing him was that while he might not regret it, there seemed to be an awful lot of “likely voters” who did. I don’t know what that means, but it’s probably not good.

Any way, my pal  Dewey, who I mentioned earlier, got a scoop on what was in the letter. Here’s just a little sample:

By stepping up to the plate and taking one for the team, you will be able to help me persuade the folks out there that my fiscal/social policies are the only way out of the morass created by your failed policies.  I also think we can use this occasion as a teachable moment to demonstrate definitively that representative democracy is way over rated when it comes to making history-changing  decisions.

Then, blah, blah, blah, followed by a letter that Toes and the boyz drafted for 43 to sign. I think it might have been a little cheeky, but Big Guy said 43 is such a chump, he’ll just sign it. I’m not so sure. Here’s a just a teensy part of it talking about our illegal issue:

…This whole mess got out of hand because John McCain and I, who both completely backed unfettered amnesty for undocumenteds, backed down. We allowed ourselves to be cowed by the will of a pack of racists who don’t really know what’s best for either themselves, the Democratic party or this once great country.

And there is this part that Big Guy wrote himself, regarding our energy policy:

Now that President Obama has plugged that damn hole, let’s all agree that it will be much wiser and safer to abandon our pursuit of carbon based energy in this country and throw all of our resources into the development of wind, solar, green battery cell power and mice on treadmills.

I don’t think the good old boys in Texas will like that much, and that’s where W lives now. And I especially don’t think he’s going to like this part:

So, as the quality of care deteriorates in this once great country of ours, and since it’s my fault, our new national healthcare plan will henceforth be referred to as “Bush-care.”

Butt, Big Guy seemed pretty pleased with himself after sending the letter off, so that makes at least one person around here that’s happy. If you want to read the whole letter, it’s here: Hey 43, How About Grabbing a Mop?

Lady M’s in a foul mood, she didn’t even want to have her picture taken when we arrived. I think it’s her blood sugar again. So I don’t dare release any of the images stored on my hard drive. You’ll have to settle for an artist’s rendering of the happy family at Johnnie’s Cupcakes early this evening. Maybe once we’ve had dinner things will settle down. I’ll update later with photos if MO is feeling up to it.

Tgoing for johnny cupcakes with bo copyArtist’s (moi) rendering of our trip to Johnnie’s Cupcakes

Oh, butt here’s Big Guy and little Bo arriving. I hope there weren’t any Bo-nut incidents on any of our aircraft. Bo will be banished to the pantry if that’s the case.

cape cod coast guardstation

They’re both prancing pretty good. That’s a good sign.

bo hitches a ride af1

I won’t have anything else for you till tomorrow afternoon. We have a very early morning tennis match followed by a private spa treatment, that I’m not allowed to divulge. I have to go-with in order to make sure Lady M’s reflected well. Believe me, if she thinks she looks good, the following 8 days will go much better for all of us.

Iraq: Vacated. The Rock: Vacation

Finally! Our vacation! It seems like we’ve been waiting for this day for ever!

Everyone here at Big White is walking on eggshells. Big Guy’s getting it in the keister, Lady M’s in one of her moods and TOTUS and I are left to deal with it. Everyone - Toes, Axe-Man, Gibbsy and even JoeyB - are pulling the  ninja invisibility act, just hoping to stay under the radar until our departure.

I think it boils down to the heat. Not alGore’s Global Warming heat, butt the kind imposed on us by an ungrateful, formerly supportive media, and the other haters in flyover country. For the first time in her life, Lady M’s not proud of his poll numbers.

First, as reported by my bud Dewey From Detroit, there was MoDodo’s racist rant throwing Big Guy under the bus with Granny Dunham and Jeremiah Wright, and  practically smootching GEORGE W. BUSH! (I’ll have more on this disturbing incident later today.)

So Lady M has pretty much taken it easy this week, resting up for our vacay. None of the usual grueling speechifying about kid’s fat behinds or expressing her sincere gratitude to any of our little people for the work they do for us. Of course, she did have to pack for our vacation, which is grueling in itself. We’ve barely had time to unpack from the last two.amo ice


Big Guy’s week so far hasn’t been quite as easy. He’s been on the road bashing the Party of NO, dodging questions about the Hamasque that he was for before he was against, and trumpeting his own accomplishments.

First and foremost on the list of accomplishments is the triumphant end of Bush’s Iraq War. In fact, our first planned celebration on the Rock (that’s what we insiders call Martha’s Vineyard – I’ve no idea why) will be a toast to Big Guy for delivering on his promise: pulling our combat troops out of Iraq by August 31. We also have celebrations scheduled for all of the other promises he’s delivered on. So far it’s a light schedule.

So I think everyone needs a vacation this year: Lady M is still exhausted from her trip to stimulate the Spanish economy, and Big Guy – well he’s been stressed on more fronts than he knew he had.

And all this constant stress is taking a toll on their health. You can tell by looking at their hair:

  royal smoochfuzzywuzzywasabear 

Both Lady M and Big Guy’s hair show signs of stress, causing all sorts of broken ends and an undefined but obvious fuzziness.

I’m wondering if we shouldn’t have those organic vegetables from the Big White garden checked again.


OMG! Is that a bald spot?!!!! 


bo creepy

You must admit: this man looks like he needs a vacation (not Senator Nelson).

But the worse stress of all has been caused by the brutal criticism we’ve been getting for our vacation(s). Maybe everybody has forgotten about all the work for the American little people we’ve done just over the last couple of weeks. Let me refresh your feeble memories:


 amaine DV811752

Maine                                      Spain


  1. We went to inspect our national park in Acadia Maine.
  2. Lady M just returned from a grueling overseas trip to end racism and repair the damage our predecessor did to our relationship with Spain. Actually, this whole trip was brought on by stress: Big Guy forgot that he was not, repeat NOT, supposed to invite Oprah to his birthday party in Chicago. We could not let that faux pas pass without consequences. (H/T Clarice). Boy, that little screw up on BO’s part cost the tax payers a ton of money.
  3. While we were working in Spain, Big Guy repaired the damage our predecessor did to our relationship with the NBA by shooting hoops with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Bill Russell and Magic Johnson. And he had a birthday party with Oprah.
  4. No sooner did we get our feet back on American soil when we were once again whisked away to Florida’s oil soaked beaches to show our solidarity with the little people suffering tremendous economic loss due to George Bush’s oil spill, and to have lunch.

I’ve got to run, I think I hear Marine Won landing! I’ll have much more later from the Rock, baby!









Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seal of the Profit

I’m sure you remember when I received my new official seal from Toes and Big Guy in lieu of a raise:

MOUTS SEAL-FINAL-2-PINK-2 copy_thumb[4]

The MOTUS Seal of Profits

Well, apparently that got Big Guy thinking while he was on vacation the other day, that maybe he should have a new Presidential Seal too, marking his historic presidency.  Perhaps one modeled after the Mooselim Seal of the Prophets:

seal of prophets Seal of the Prophet Mohammad

So, in the spirit of Ramadan diversity, he had Toes contact some of our Mooselim friends in Dearborn Michigan, which is known for both their Mooselims and their diversity to design our new seal.

We had to reject all the ones that included stars and crescents – public opinion running a bit hot on those symbols right now – but they finally came up with something that we think has all the right optics for a truly historic president. Additionally, it reflects Mooselim’s most recent “extraordinary contribution(s) to our country,”  Miss USA .(I guess that must have been what Big Guy was talking about.)

miss usa presidential seal costumeMiss USA, Rima Fakih, (from Dearborn!) models the new Presidential Seal of the Profits.

The original prototype designed for Big Guy was modeled by a handsome young Mooselim boy (in deference to more traditional Mooselim female modesty and because they thought it might be more up Big Guy’s alley).

muslim miss usa-2 copy

They were surprised that it was rejected by both Toes and Axe-man.  Apparently our Mooselim diversity-week concerns only go so far.

Meanwhile, we are very busy packin’ for the Vineyards. This frock is still an “undecided” take-along. What do you all think?



Summery, feminine, colorful and fun. Fun? Well, maybe not fun.  We don’t do “fun.” Maybe Lady M could use a new “seal” too.










H/T Mrs.P, Patum Peperium

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Something Wonderful: RightNetwork

RightNetwork launch

Click to Find Out MOre!

You are just going to love RightNetwork! It is the One we’ve been waiting for! Click on the pic and watch the video at AMERICAN DIGEST.

Ok, now scamper on over to RightNetwork’s facebook page and “Like” the hell out of it! When you’re done there, tiptoe on over to moi’s facebook page (I’m MOTUS Mirror there) and be my '”Friend.”

Oh, did I mention they've got Frasier?

This is going to leave a mark!

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

Enough already with the speculation on the TARP enveloping the West Wing of the Big White! Boy, Big Guy is right: it doesn’t take much to get people all wee-weed up in August around here.

Behind the curtain West Wing of Big White was hung with TARPs on Sunday. More unfortunate optics.

And since this doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon I guess I’ll have to address it.(I’m still hearing cracks about “finally being able to see the man behind the curtain,; Butt let’s face it folks: we don’t really want to shatter the illusion of Big Guy’s magic, do we?)

On background: The Chicago Sun-Times reported way last May on a big $376 million renovation.



Which doesn’t really seem like very good value. Not when you can get a whole NEW mosque in New York, for cripes sake, for only $100 million.


So the speculation began, and has pretty much run the gamut. Storm’n Norm’n  surmised that this was just another TARP project. Yuk, yuk. After all, charity does begins at home.

Many people reported that the Big White was being fumigated to get rid of the flies & rodents. But as Larwyn pointed out, they had gone on vacation to the Florida coast.

Rodger the Real King of France proposed it was all a big cover up of  the traditional Ramadan ritual sheep slaughter.

ramadam sheep slaughter

Eeeeuew! And that makes no sense what-so-ever: who would be left to vote for Big Guy in 2012 if we slaughter all the sheep?

 Lucianne’s readers posed some other explanations: most of them dopey. Here are a couple of the more creative ones:

The Big White is going green. I’m not sure I understand that one, but at least I see what triggered it. After all, we did go orange for Halloween and pink for breast cancer awareness week. Why not green and white for Islam?

pink house_thumb[1] Pepto-Pink Big White

Halloween-orange Big Whitehalloweeen fairies_thumb[2]

Maybe General Kaddafi (he of the Bedouin tent proclivity) is coming for a visit. If that happens, we’re going to have to fumigate again.

Some of my own twitterers thought that it was just a misguided effort to plug the damn hole. Or that it was another big f***ing mistake, triggered by someone acting stupidly.

Alas, as is often the case,the truth is disappointing compared to the fertile imagination. The fact is, we were just having the facade power-washed, in preparation for the next whitewashing job.

Now, let’s everyone get back to work around here. We’ve still got a few bucks to hand out.

byebyetarp In a symbolic move, Big Guy waves bah-bye to the TARP ($’s)

H/T Larwyn

When Snarks Attack 9: The Winner

The polls have closed, the voters have spoken and the results have been certified. The winner of the coveted Golden FLOTUS in the July 2010 Snark Attack Of The Month is:

Cripes Suzette

Congratulations Cripes Suzette!!! You have snarked your way into history and won the fame and ovation of gazillions of MOLs, MODs, and FOMs from every country on this planet, and a permanent place in my hallowed Snark Hall of Fame. Your snark “...Princeton and Harvard owe SOMEONE a refund...” was not only the snarkiest snark, it was true!

And so Cripes Suzette, the coveted Golden FLOTUS is yours forever, to use and proudly display as you wish, and will always be found here on hallowed cyber-ground in my cherished Snark Hall of Fame.

cripes suzette-GF-9 copy

Like all the elections and primaries this year, the turnout was a near record with over 5 millions votes cast. I don’t know what this means for November, butt it’s got Big Guy, Toes and Axe-Man all wee-weed up. It’s a good thing we’ve got lots of cash in Big Guy’s stash and lots of ACORN census workers wondering the streets, otherwise we never could have pulled this off. Butt we were able to both certify the vote and save or create 600 jobs. So, here is the final tally (rounded to the nearest thousand):

  1. Cripes Suzette – 1,250,000
  2. Sine Qua Non – 1,130,000
  3. MJ – 520,000
  4. Kate – 390,000
  5. Cherie / MichelleIndependent / Radegunda – 260,000
  6. Janice – 210,000
  7. forkarrie – 200,000
  8. Lynn II – 180,000
  9. Jules / srdem65 – 150,000
  10. Annona – 130,000

Congratulations to Cripes Suzette, I’m sure she’ll shout out her win to the whole world, all of July’s worthy nominees.

Snark on!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Coming Home: a Pictorial: Update

We’re really getting good at this ramming stuff. Look how we managed to ram a whole weekend into a few hours! Miniature golf, swimming, a cruise for dolphin spotting and – of course – ice cream.

Here’s our final “day” on the Gulf in pictures:

de plane de plane  PU’s (parental units) training Wee Won 2 on how to steer the ship of state.

this big

Lady M demonstrating the size of Big Guy’s ego, and Big Guy illustrating the size of Lady M’s … well, never mind.

 mo and the guys

Respectful troops genuflect to Our Lady of the Fat Kids’ Behinds, wearing her designer oil splotch capris.

Here’s our last stop on the Florida oil splotch tour. Even ice cream doesn’t seem to be able to cheer up Wee Won 2, as she knows she’s about to be returned to her handlers in the Big White.

getting ready to go home not happy

Lady M, well aware that dessert is not a right, decides to have two servings to make up for the fasting and  sacrificing she did on Friday for our iftar.

And then, in the blink of an eye, we were off.

we depart our gulf vacay

Only false move: This dress was supposed to be packed in Sasha’s satchel, not Lady M’s (it shrunk at the dry cleaners).

By the time we returned to the Big White from our Wee Won training session/vacation, Wee Won 2 was back to normal.

not happy here definitely not happy here

Not happy any more, and neither is momma

happy family

Still not happy…

not happy

OK, everybody smile! We had a great time!

come on Sasha, I need some optics here

Come on Sasha, just a little smile for the photographers?

smile   There we go! That’s the optic we’re looking for. Happy Family!

Now all we have to worry about is getting rid of that dreadful blue dress before we pack for Martha’s Vineyard. Oh yeah, and walking back that stupid remark Big Guy made about the GZM. Hopefully our supportive media can handle that hot potato for us. We’re on vacation.


With all the hubbub about Photo shopping Lady M pictures lately, I thought it would be best to ‘fess up to this. I didn’t exactly photo shop one of the above images, but I did trans-image out part of one of them. I think you’ll see why. I just didn’t think we needed any additional fodder for FFA comments (and you know who you are).

OBAMA Mid-morning snack cruise

…and for those of you wondering if Big Guy is in fact a Mooselim, I offer the following as evidence that he is NOT:

Bo on AF1 Bo, the family dog, boarding Air Force Won

ice cream before sunset Ice cream, on way to mouth, during daylight hours of the most holy month of Ramadan.                                        H/T Larwyn

Although, since Big Guy doesn’t think he has to follow anyone’s rules, even Allah’s, that last picture only proves that he’s not a vampire.