Saturday, October 31, 2009

In The Pink

pink house Although traditionally an orange and black themed holiday,  MO and BO decided to keep the pink Breast Cancer Awareness Month theme going for our official White House Halloween greeting card.

It also gives us a chance to roll-out our comprehensive strategy for fighting breast cancer with the robust public health care option.

US-POLITICS-BUSH-CANCER Lady M is wearing the very popular belted Pepto-Bismol bottle costume, Big Guy is wearing the matching macho-version sans fan belt, Joey B is clowning around as usual in his generic pink aspirin box. You can probably tell that Gibbsy isn’t too happy with his herbal colon cleanser and tonic costume. He wanted to wear his pirate suit again.

Rahmbo was a real buzz-kill.  He choose the arsenic bottle costume for Harry Reid, but when he and Nancy “old lace” Pelosi wound up being too busy up on the Hill ramming Big Guy’s health care bill down people’s throats, he had to wear it himself. Apparently it was good enough for someone else to wear, but not good enough for him. BO made him wear it anyway, in order to have someone representing the end of life death councils: because sometimes painkillers aren’t enough. The pink Windex is me, reflected into the photo.I didn’t tell anyone I was going to do it, but since everyone who’s seen my Big Fat Greek Wedding (and who hasn’t?), knows that Windex belongs in everyone’s medicine cabinet.

So there you have it: Happy Halloween from the affordable health-care plan for everyone.

Cupcakes and ice cream for everyone. Mmm, mmm, mmm.




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