Saturday, October 4, 2014

At Least We’re Not Detroit. Or Liberia. Yet.

“So it is indisputable that our economy is stronger today than when I took office.” – President Obama, October 2, 2014

Eric Bolling disputes some of the President’s indisputable facts

Whenever Big Guy pivots back to the economy, you can assume that the rest of the world is a messy, messy place indeed.


So when BO returned to his “home town” of Chicago last week to raise money and mix with the little people at Bill and Giuliana Rancic’s tony RPM Steak and deliver an economy speech at Northwestern you can safely assume everything else is falling apart. Avoiding such hot topics as multiple Secret Service fails, ISIS advancement in the Middle East and Ebola coming to America, the President took to the pulpit to tout the success of his economic programs, and calling for more of the same:

  • New investments in the energy and technologies to make America a magnet for good, middle-class jobs
  • New investments in education that will make our workforce more skilled and competitive
  • New reforms to health care that will cut costs for families and businesses
  • New savings in our federal budget that get our fiscal house in order for future generations
  • New rules for our financial system to protect consumers and prevent the kind of crisis we endured from happening again

Because all of those same things are what have given us the robust economy we are enjoying today. Indeed, if you are still a non-believer just look at these government reported numbers: an awesome unemployment rate of just 5.9%! (applause)

Of course there’s a price to pay for such awesome numbers: a not-since-Jimmy Carter-era style Labor Participation Rate of just 62.7%! (applause). A 36 year low!

participation rate sept 2014_0Wow! That IS awesome!

Or in other words, there are now a full 92.6 million Americans NOT in the labor force!! (applause) That’s right, nearly 93 million of your fellow citizens are now able to just chill and follow their bliss, as Nanny Pelosi envisioned.  Well done! The Prezzy takes another bow:

“All told, the United States has put more people back to work than Europe, Japan, and every other advanced economy combined.”

Which is a bit like Cleveland proudly proclaiming “At least we’re not Detroit!”


until they were.

So as Big Guy touts his “job creation” numbers it is perhaps wise to remember that – in addition to many of those new jobs being part time positions – the number of American freeloaders, combined with an ever increasing number of citizens “going Galt,” results in a very disturbing trend of non-worker bees in the economy at large:

labor part rate

Remember, the American work ethic is inversely proportionate to the Labor Participation Rate.

Butt hey! At least we’re not Detroit: where there were once millions of worker bees now there are only abandoned bee hives:

bee hives detroit

Well, anyway, at least we’re not Greece! Or Liberia! Yet.

So - is anybody interested in starting a pool to forecast in which month the Ebola infection rate exceeds the Labor Participation Rate?

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Friday, October 3, 2014


“This was a big storm and he might as well enjoy it. It was ruining everything, but you might as well enjoy it” ― Ernest Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls

motus TNL-bar

Welcome to another evening at MOTUS’ Twilight Nocturne Lounge. Since we’re a little short handed, Little Mo and I have been assigned to SS guard duty tonight. I’m assigned to Lady M’s closet detail and Little Mo’s covering the Rose Garden door. It looks like we’ll both be moonlighting until the Secret Service gets their act together and/or we can get a locksmith over here.

So we’re self-serve tonight: if you can, please try to help the less experienced prepare their adult beverages. The trolley is fully stocked, and there are sacks of beer nuts, chips and Cheetos under the bar. Please don’t over serve yourself unless you have a designated driver. I’ll try to stop in during my designated 15 minute breaks if possible, otherwise you’re on your own so don’t do or say anything I wouldn’t. Hee hee.

Tonight’s happy hour is brought to you by the color RED, in all its glorious shades and variations:


Why red? Well, it is a traditional fall color, plus it seems that a lot of the news stories in play this week involve blood in one way or another. And given the inclinations of the current regime red seems appropriate as a red flag has been a symbol of left-wing politics, most notably Communism, ever since the French Revolution. Mind you, I’m NOT fomenting revolution, I’m just noting the fact and celebrating the color red. 

So settle in, relax and enjoy the music and the company of fellow travelers. Feel free to help yourselves to the libations and snacks butt please, don’t abuse your white privilege – should that designation apply to you (I think you know who you are).

Now for tonight’s entertainment:  I’m pleased to present one of my favorite artists singing his best red song: Ray Charles and Ruby.

And I have a bonus tune because - given our “red” theme - I’m half expecting the New York Times’ most famous redhead to drop by for a nightcap later.

MoDo Lounge-4_thumb[2]

She’s got a little crush on Little Mo, although it might be self love; you can never be quite sure with that girl. Anyway, this one’s for you MoDo: Drowning in My Own Tears:

To accompany tonight’s theme, a red cocktail is in order. Martha Stewart, bless her heart, has a lovely red cocktail, butt if you don’t feel like making your own cranberry orange vodka may I recommend a more traditional ruby cocktail: the Americano, which is equal parts Campari and sweet vermouth with a splash of soda, garnished with an orange twist.

Americano (1)

Popularized by expats at the legendary Harry’s bar in Rome, it may be enjoyed either on the rocks or straight up.  It can be tarted up with the addition of more potent spirits and still retain its ruby nature. Add a shot of gin and you’ve got a classic Negroni:


Or add a shot of good old American bourbon and enjoy a lovely deep ruby red  Boulevardier. What isn’t better with a shot of Bourbon I ask you?


I’m sure if he’d thought of it Hemmingway would have been a Boulevardier drinker; as it was he was known to enjoy a Negroni or two at Harry’s:

eh-served-harryLegendary barkeep, Giuseppe Cipriani, serves the legendary Earnest Hemmingway a legendary Negroni.

Fun fact of the night:  the Americano was the first cocktail ordered by James Bond in Casino Royale which was the first in the novel series.

So set ‘em up Mo, and let the shedding of this week’s woes begin. And remember: ask not For Whom the Bell Tolls it tolls for we.

“The world is a fine place and worth fighting for and I hate very much to leave it.”
Ernest Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls


Psaking Our Way to Health, Safety and Security. We are so Psaked


Screenshot Studio capture #2249

How did he get in? The same way every other illegal alien gets here: he just showed up at the door with his pathogens. No questions asked. Come on in!

illegal aliens say thanks for the hospitalityIllegal aliens saying “thanks for the hospitality” in Esperanto – the universal language

And why, you ask yourself, do people still believe what they are told by “officials” who always seem to have one or more ulterior motives in play? Give up? Me too. And I don’t know what more I can do; I’ve tried to instill as much cynicism as possible in order to ensure the survival of the human race and still, to quote Lilly, “I can’t keep up.” People in the general population are just hell-bent on remaining optimists even if that means avoiding and ignoring all evidence indicating we’re marching towards the end of civilization as we know it.

In other news, I believe it was the Russians who first turned Jen Psaki into a verb, i.e. “psaking” (pronounced, “piss-sacking”) – defined as saying something so stupid it deserved it’s own term.


Demonstrating admirably why she deserved this honor, one simply must watch Megyn Kelly’s interview with Jen last night. As you do, remind yourself: this is the State Department’s head spokesmouth; and Harfie is only our #2 spoks.

How bad was it? This bad…


No matter what Kelly asked, poor Jen was reduced to responding with her deer in the headlight look followed quickly by rapid robotic blinking and random repetitive hand motions while simultaneously issuing heartfelt denials and talking points.

Screenshot Studio capture #2253

Never once wiping that blank slate Spoks-smile off her face:

100214_psakiA Fox with the Spoks

That’s quite a feat - psaking herself. Talk about a JV.

So, let’s sum up all the news you’re allowed to know this week:

  1. Ebola; not a threat. Do not panic.
  2. ISIS; not a threat. Do not panic.
  3. Beheading in Oaklahoma; not a threat. Do not panic.
  4. Your bank accounts hacked; not a threat. Do not panic. (h/t JPMorgan-Chase)

Oh yes, we are in the very best of hands.

So I think perhaps I should host a Motus Twilight Nocturne Lounge night this evening. Due to a previous commitment neither Little Mo or I will be able to stay around very long after we officially open the virtual bar for virtual happy hour. So if you promise to behave I promise to provide some smooth jazz, all the virtual cocktails you can handle and a salon to discuss this week’s heavy incoming artillery.

The shutters will be opened promptly at 5:00 PM EDT and announced with a new post and thread, and remain open until the street sweeper comes through in the morning. If I’m not there right away, go ahead without me.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

I was told attendance was optional. And that we’d be marked on the curve.

I see where everyone is getting all wee-weed up about Big Guy missing 60% of his daily intelligence briefings – what gives? It hasn’t been August for over a month now.

Anyway, it sounds like much ado about nothing, right? I mean, just because he missed the meeting that discussed the double-agent status of Anwar al-Awlaki before ordering his whacking-by-drone doesn’t mean that Awlaki didn’t deserve to be whacked. (Sorry about the collateral damage butt you know, you have to break a few eggs…)

And besides, just because Barry skips 60% of the briefings doesn’t mean that he misses anything important:

panetta-and-the-empty-chair_thumb1_t“You see Mr. President, the Ambassador is under attack, security in Benghazi is very weak and the compound is being attacked by an organized mob armed with rocket launchers. Maybe we could send some backup air support to save our men, sir? Sir?”


SEBELIUS-eyeempty pres chair“Well actually sir, we might have a teeny little issue with the Obamacare website. It isn’t exactly working yet. But I don’t think that will be a problem for the rollout, do you? No, me neither.”


Screenshot Studio capture #2248“Mr. President, it looks like the Republicans have been nosing around and have uncovered our plan to squash conservative groups from raising money by harassing them and refusing to grant them 501(c9) status. Mr. President? Can you hear me under there, sir?”

bo wounded warriors race“I know you’re going to find this hard to believe Mr. President, but the Veteran’s Administration has, uh, left 120,000 veterans waiting for care and some of them (40 so far) died while waiting. It looks like  pressures were placed on schedulers to use unofficial lists or engage in inappropriate practices to make waiting times appear more favorable.[1] Can you hear me over that air horn? Sir?”

bibi-meets-with-obama-empty-chair“You see Mr. President, if Iran is allowed to build a nuclear bomb we are looking at not only WWIII but very likely mutual annihilation. Can I count on you to squash its development? If not I’ll have to take matters into my own hands. Got it?”


helicopter-troops-empty-chair_thumb1[1]“Yes sir, Mr. Commander And Chief! You’ve got our backs, and we’ve got yours.”

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Coming to America

Yes, it’s true.

Now arriving in the U.S. on a daily basis: polio,

train-loads-of-illegal-aliens.coing to america



 Chikungunga, (There is no specific cure for the disease, but supportive care can help treat some symptoms.)


enterovirus (There is no specific cure for the disease, but supportive care can help treat some symptoms.)


and coming soon to a home theatre near you – EBOLA! (There is no specific cure for the disease, but supportive care can help treat some symptoms.)

Our failure is complete.


*sigh* We can’t keep Mexicans out, can’t keep Guatemalans, Salvadorans, Hondurans or Nicaraguans out, can’t keep Africans out, can’t keep Middle Eastern terrorists out. And that means we can’t keep their pathogens out either -and I don’t mean just terrorism.

With the arrival of Ebola we can conclude that we are now officially a turd world country.


Congratulations Big Guy! Now your transformation is complete!

obama-hope-fading (1)

And all we’re left with is “change”


From bad to worse is not a change we can believe in.

However, I do not really believe that Ebola is a plot by Big Guy and Zeke Emanuel to reduce the unfunded Social Security and Medicare liabilities. However some people are saying that  due to the seriousness of the allegation we must investigate.

bo the lightbringer“If you will not turn to the Dark Side... then perhaps he will…”

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

“The categories are Hope and Cynicism” - “I’ll take Cynicism Alec, for the win”

Oh dear! We really wished to keep this one “in the family” butt some blabbermouth had to go and spill the beans about what really went down the night the White House’s first, second and third lines of defense were breached. What next? Is somebody going to claim that “the Intelligence Community” didn’t really “miss the ISIS threat,” somebody else did that?

obama-clapper-briefing-wh-photo_thumb[1]“What do you see Mr. President?” “Uh, uh,uh - it looks like a cat…in a hat. Right?”

I sure hope it wasn’t Molsterman who broke rank and let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.

burka cat4_thumb[6]“I see no evidence of Islam here”

As far as I can tell, it’s much ado about nothing; it’s not like we’re talking about another Benghazi situation. I mean, there were no rocket launchers, no fires, nobody died; heck nobody important was even home at the time! So really, what difference, at this point, does it make? Right?

So let’s move on to something more important: Lady M’s frock for the annual Black Caucus Phoenix Awards Dinner last Saturday. It’s a Bibhu Mohapatra original design (like I had to tell you that) from the Fall 2014 collection.


It would have been a lovely dress without the striped flack jacket. Acknowledging their previous screw up, the Secret Service conceded that an extra line of defense might not be a bad idea.

Unfortunately the bullet proof vest seems to have cut a bit too tight, creating the dreaded “pitties” – you know – those pesky little arm pit titties.

armpit piddies_thumb[8]

It’s just a good thing Lady M has such toned guns (consider this your warning if you’re still drinking your morning coffee, I can’t afford to replace anymore keyboards):


Anyway, Big Guy was the keynote speaker at the dinner where he said, in part:

“Cynicism does not fix anything,” he said. “Cynicism is very popular in America sometimes. It’s propagated in the media. But cynicism didn’t put anybody on the moon. Cynicism didn’t pass the Voting Rights Act. Hope is what packed buses full of freedom riders. Hope is what led thousands of black folks and white folks to march from Selma to Montgomery.  Hope is what got John Lewis off his back after being beaten within an inch of his life, and chose to keep on going. Cynicism is a choice, but hope is a better choice.”

If you want to know why, read the rest of the article. 

  hope and cynicism“I’ll take cynicism Alec, for the win”

Au contraire: in the Age of Obama cynicism isn’t a choice, it’s a survival technique. (And by the way, cynicism is not “promoted in the media” it is promoted by the media.)

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday: We Try To Get To The Root Of The Problem

Boy, go away for a few days and all hell breaks loose:

  • Black Muslims start whacking heads off – in Oklaloma!?!




  • While Major League Baseball lined up this year’s playoffs, CBS is still playing minor league with it’s sixth consecutive softball interview of Big Guy,

bo 60 minutes

and Big Guy himself is playing bush (with a little b – is that racist?) league ball by blaming everyone butt the dog walker for the mess in the Middle East with ISIS and the mess in Africa with Ebola:

Screenshot Studio capture #2246

Well, at least some things didn’t change while I was gone.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Little Mo for filling in for me while I was off doing, as he put it, “girly things.” BTW, here’s how my Ninja manicure turned out:

niinja nails31-funky-fresh-nails-ninja--large-msg-131352895123

I know: they look more like like burka hostages than ninjas. At least they’re removable; I’m glad I didn’t go for the ninja tattoo.


Anyway, thanks Little Mo! Everybody loves you!

mole love

You did an excellent job at the news desk in my absence so I made these cupcakes for you as a thank you. Pretend that’s real dirt and I think you’ll enjoy them.

mole cupcakes

Oh, and I’ll restock the root cellar for you too.

Root Vegetables

Just don’t tell Lady M. You know how she loves her roots.


And I’m pretty sure I don’t have to remind you of what happened when you got into a faceoff with Lady M a few years back over who was going to get to keep the fennel bulb.

little Mo in fennelwatermark_thumb1

So let’s be careful out there people: the world is a very dangerous place. And getting more so.

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