Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hammering it Home

What are the odds?

Just weeks after the NYT article about the existence of Hillary’s private email server, she – without intent, because Mr. Comey told us there was no intent, and Mr. Comey is an honorable man - had her aides wipe it clean. Presumable it was routine spring housekeeping.

Butt Hillary doesn’t really recall because she fell down, hit her head and got a boo-boo. Possibly with a hammer.


Meanwhile, another aide was, allegedly, dispatching some of her old cell phones with a hammer. So they wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. Like the FBI.

Some would say that the lawyerly way she avoided answering the direct question raised by a journalist last spring, “did you wipe the server clean” was enough to establish intent:

Butt due to her boo-boo I guess we can’t draw logical conclusions. Butt if we knew then what we know now the logical follow up to Hill’s  “what, like with a cloth or something?” response would have been “No, with a hammer or something.”

Need I remind you of the harm inflicted upon America by Barry with nothing more than his pen and his phone? Imagine if his successor brings a hammer to the mix.

HillaryHammerSickleByTexasBethAnd a sickle.

The way I see it Hillary is either incompetent or lying, two distinct possibilities not at all mutually exclusive. So the only hammer I want anywhere near Hillary Clinton is the hammer of justice.


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Friday, September 2, 2016

“I am all that stands between you and the apocalypse.”

Remember that time Hillary danced with Sir Paul McCartney (cultural reference here)? Oh yeah, Dancing With Stars for money. Doesn’t every presidential candidate do that now days?

hillary paul mccartney bon joviDancing with Jimmy Buffett, Jon Bon Jovi and Sir Paul – in the Hamptons!

Sir Paul McCartney, performing at an exclusive Hillary Clinton Hamptons fundraiser, poked fun at the event’s sky-high ticket prices, saying, “This is the first time in my entire life when I have paid to hear myself sing.” - Page Six

Of course he was just kidding; being a foreigner and all that would be illegal. And we all know what sticklers for legality the Clintons are.

Anyway along with being Empress of the Unite States, dancing with Sir Paul has been one of Hill’s life long dreams; another one she’s spent a lifetime preparing for:

193553_5_Practicing for the big dance

In addition to dancing with the stars the event managed to pour a few more shekels in the bottomless Clinton pot:

Hillary — who concluded her fundraising Hamptons blitz, with this starry event that netted about $3.6 million — then took the stage and compared a Donald Trump presidency to world destruction. She said, “The way I look at the next 70 days of this election is pretty simple. I am all that stands between you and the apocalypse.” - Page Six

I don’t know, if I had as many close personal ties to 3 of the 4 Horseman as Hillary I don’t think I’d be talking about the Apocalypse too much.

the_four_horsemen_of_the_apocalypse_by_arsenic_in_the_mist-d90x9lrWar, check. Pestilence, check. Death, check, check, check…

Can the Zombie Apocalypse be far behind?

vote-the-hillary-zombie apocalypse

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Unfortunately, the Weiner Is Not Enough

This whole Weiner waggin’ mess started sometime in June, 2011: The Wages of War: Bris or Brisket. At the time I reported the following:

After adamantly claiming for days that he did not have sext with that woman, what’s her name, Anthony Weiner finally admitted that he did indeed sext his pecs... along with other miscellaneous anatomical assets to several women; both prior and subsequent to his marriage to Huma (who couldn’t make it to the press conference due to a previous engagement)…

Wiping back tears, Rep. Weiner said "This was me doing a dumb thing and doing it repeatedly and lying about it..."

Only instead of learning from his public humaliation, he did another dumb thing the next summer. And again, the summer after that – although at least he was smart enough to use an alias: Carlos Danger Steers the Weiner Waggin.’ Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to prevent another embarrassing public exposure and the end of his political “comeback” as New York’s mayoral candidate.

Surprisingly though this “dumb thing” did not end  his arranged marriage, presumably because Huma needed a part-time baby sitter for their unfortunate offspring. So Mr. Danger became a busy stay-at-home-mom butt still found time to stay buff. What did baby Jordan ever do to deserve this wolf-pact as his parental units?

wolf and devil huma and the weiner“My what big teeth you have” said the kettle to the pot.

But you can’t keep a good Carlos down. And so come August when, as Barry says, everyone gets all “wee weed up,” another dumb thing pops up. Only this time it was such a dumb thing that this time Mr. Danger has Child Protective Services breathing down his throat.

This time the Weiner might be roasted.

weinerwagonWe come to bury Carlos, not to praise him.

So if Weiner wishes to pursue his political ambitions further, for Carlos is an ambitious man, he may have to do so under a different flag.

weiner03_israeli flag shadowEver wonder what your shadow says about you?

Although I doubt Israel will have anything to do with him. So maybe Ecuador: he seems to like waving their flag too.

weiner waves ecudoran flagRunning the Ecuadoran flag up the flagpole

Yeah, I think he and Julian Assange might be able to take over the Ecuadoran embassy in London and run a coup out of there.  Nobody would notice, or care, and that would get them both out of our hair.

Alternately, there’s always Hollywood: MSM Pictures announced today an action packed remake of Ian Flemming’s “The World Is Not Enough” starring Anthony Weiner as Agent 001, Carlos Danger.

weiner is not enough copy_thumb[1]

Oh, and regarding The Donald’s speech last night in Phoenix? CNN’s opening line pretty much sums it up: “That idea that Donald Trump is softening his immigration policy: Not going to happen.”

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Open Thread Tuesday (or Wednesday; whatever)

Some days future possibilities are just too grim to contemplate. For example, what if Hillary wins? I am quite sure that, out of necessity, I  would be promoted from FLOTUS MOTUS to POTUS MOTUS. Some promotions are just not worth it.

hillay tunics

Screen Capture #004

Honestly, what difference at this point does it make?


I’m going back to bed with a sick headache. Please carry on as you see fit.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

“I’ve Been Down This Road Before.”

Winner of the August Obama-suck-up-coverage-of the-month goes to New York Magazine with this article: Michelle Obama Knew at Age 10 That You Don’t Need a Man to Be Happy.

 Well that’s  certainly fortunate:


As she surely didn’t marry one.


The story continues:

Michelle Obama is a seasoned professional when it comes to dropping truth bombs, but it turns out the First Lady was almost as astute at age 10 as she is now. In an interview with Variety in which she describes how throughout her term [editor: her “term” - her term!!? Did she get elected to something?] she’s used pop culture to bring her message to the people who need to hear it most, Obama said she learned from The Mary Tyler Moore Show that women don’t need men to be happy and fulfilled.

All you really need is the power to control the news.

mary tyler moore

In which case you can control the story’s outcome.

Then she discussed why she was reluctant to hook up with Barry when he showed up at her Chicago law firm for a summer internship in 1989:

“I had dated a lot of brothers who had this kind of reputation coming in, so I figured he was one of these smooth brothers who could talk straight and impress people,” she told the Washington Post. “So we had lunch, and he had this bad sport jacket and a cigarette dangling from his mouth, and I thought, ‘Oh, here you go. Here’s this good-looking, smooth-talking guy. I’ve been down this road before.’”

Funny, 20 years later that’s exactly how many of the rest of us felt.


And we were all correct.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Miss Me Yet?

Remember when Zimbabwe used to be Rhodesia?


There’s a lesson, or two, in here somewhere: ‘No One Is Safe’: Zimbabwe Threatens to Seize Farms of Party Defectors. That’s right: first they came for the white men’s farms:


And the blacks didn’t object because, well, they weren’t white. Now they’re coming for the farms of black-men-who-disagree-with-the-government-policies. That’s how it always goes.

And as pointed out by the Instapundit:

Hey, it was over a decade ago when Nick Kristof reported that Zimbabweans were nostalgic for the days of white rule:

An elderly peasant in another village, Makupila Muzamba, said that hunger today is worse than +ever before in his seven decades or so, and said: “I want the white man’s government to come back. Even if whites were oppressing us, we could get jobs and things were cheap compared to today.”

His wife, Mugombo Mudenda, remembered that as a younger woman she used to eat meat, drink tea, use sugar and buy soap. But now she cannot even afford corn gruel. “I miss the days of white rule,” she said.

And things have only gotten worse since. But they’re right to be nostalgic: International opinion would never stand for a white government that treated blacks so badly. For Mugabe, though, it just yawns.

Gee, it’s not been even 8 full years here in America butt I think Americans are getting a little nostalgic for the days of white rule too.


Yes, Mr. Jefferson, I do. Does that make me a racist?

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Corn: The Environmental Impact Statement

Is it possible the environmentalists have been praying at the wrong altar?

chip worshipping the corn god

Is it possible that corn – as a fuel - is a worse pollutant than (gasp!) oil?  Well, yes, apparently:

Despite their purported advantages, biofuels — created from crops such as corn or soybeans — cause more emissions of climate change-causing carbon dioxide than gasoline, according to the study from U-M Energy Institute research professor John DeCicco.

The multi-billion-dollar U.S. biofuels industry — promoted and expanded for more than a decade by the federal government — [ed. read “subsidies”] may be built on a false assumption, according to a University of Michigan study published Thursday that is sure to stir all sides in the contentious debate over the industry. - Detroit Free Press

Because wherever facts don’t matter assumptions will be king:

"Carbon neutrality has really just been an assumption," he said. "To verify the extent which that assumption is true, you really need to analyze what's going on on the farmland, where the biofuels are being grown. People haven't done that in the past — they felt like they didn't need to.

Well darn; so corn makes better food than fuel; and carbon makes better fuel than food. Who’d a thunk?

coal and corn muffinsToday’s special muffins: coal or corn. Your choice

This has all been very disappointing. Build it and they will come, they said.

bo's field of dreams

Turn it into gasoline and  it will be better than corn flakes they said.



People won’t mind paying a little more for their tacos and Doritos as long as we’re saving the earth, they said.

ohio corn“Yeah, I’m bringing it home for the lawn mower!”

You’ll be a hero, they said. The earth will pay tribute to your name they said.

cornmaze bo

Apparently they meant yellow corn, not this wimpy half-white corn job.

obama corn cob

If you need me, I’ll be on the beach, soaking up some of the sun’s energy.

corn I told you sunscreenlight bulb iconHey! Here’s an idea; why don’t we replace oil and coal with solar panels!!!

This public service message was brought to you by the Kellogg Foundation where our motto is “Let’s put the corn back in corn flakes.”

corn flakes

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