Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hammering it Home

What are the odds?

Just weeks after the NYT article about the existence of Hillary’s private email server, she – without intent, because Mr. Comey told us there was no intent, and Mr. Comey is an honorable man - had her aides wipe it clean. Presumable it was routine spring housekeeping.

Butt Hillary doesn’t really recall because she fell down, hit her head and got a boo-boo. Possibly with a hammer.


Meanwhile, another aide was, allegedly, dispatching some of her old cell phones with a hammer. So they wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. Like the FBI.

Some would say that the lawyerly way she avoided answering the direct question raised by a journalist last spring, “did you wipe the server clean” was enough to establish intent:

Butt due to her boo-boo I guess we can’t draw logical conclusions. Butt if we knew then what we know now the logical follow up to Hill’s  “what, like with a cloth or something?” response would have been “No, with a hammer or something.”

Need I remind you of the harm inflicted upon America by Barry with nothing more than his pen and his phone? Imagine if his successor brings a hammer to the mix.

HillaryHammerSickleByTexasBethAnd a sickle.

The way I see it Hillary is either incompetent or lying, two distinct possibilities not at all mutually exclusive. So the only hammer I want anywhere near Hillary Clinton is the hammer of justice.


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