Saturday, September 15, 2018

Life Cycle of a Fake News Story


The estimable New York Times – “all the news that’s fit to print” – receives a tip and the seriousness of the allegation requires them to trip over their ideological enthusiasm:

date drape nikki haley

In the process they inadvertently reveal the secret of what makes “news” fit to print – it smears their enemies – and reveals the complete news cycle: evaluate stories and uncorroborated reports for ideological impact, print those that fit the narrative, evaluate the backlash, ignore it for the length of time required to circle the Internet, retract only when absolutely necessary, preferably on page 37, and repeat daily.

Oh, and don’t forget to attack Trump for complaining about all the fake news that’s fit to print.

humaa samanthaAnd would you mention to Hillary that I’m refurbishing my residence? She’ll be getting the bill…

Date drape* - it’s a serious charge.

*H/T Maikeru, SDA

Friday, September 14, 2018

#FLOTUSFriday: Stay Schtrong

This is not a coat that many women could not carry off, which is reason enough I suppose for the Left to hate Melania.

melania at 9-11 memorial

They seem to prefer schtrong women, like Cynthia Nixon…and her make-believe friends in the make-believe hit show:

sex and the city

In real life Cynthia’s quest to unseat New York’s governor Andrew Coumo was just squashed. Apparently even New York was not quite ready to embrace her insurgent progressive agenda.

But speaking of schtrong women and make-believe, I see Lady M’s about to launch her multi-million dollar book deal tour. That’s sure to be interesting.


Because if ever there was a woman who did not know what was becoming to her, it was Michelle Obama.

mo stripes and ruffles20091111_mobama_091111_thumb2MA30341424-0003mo boob belt black and whitewhite bathing suit dress MO mo nikelodeonmo clown dress 2013_white_house_correspondents_dinner_president_obama_michelle_obama_2013mo floral frock

But I digress. Unlike some people, Melania, regardless of the tempest swirling around her, always manages to look like the calm eye of the storm.


That’s something else she and the President have in common.

trumps at white house

To all in the path of the latest storm we send prayers and encouragement. Stay strong.

trump i am the storm

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Fast, Furious, Furtive: Our Fraudulent FBI

Before you jump to your own conclusion let me assure you that this text released yesterday from Pete to Lisa -

“Also, apparently Times is angry with us about the WP (Washington Post) scoop and earlier discussion we had about the Schmidt piece that had so many inaccuracies. Too much to detail here, but I told Mike (redacted) and Andy they need to understand we were absolutely dealing in good faith with them,” Strzok texted to Page on April 14, 2017. “The FISA one, coupled with the Guardian piece from yesterday.”

was - like the previous batch - simply referring to the FBI’s strategy to stop the leaks to the press:

“Strzok and Page discussed a “media leak strategy” in some of their text messages. (Strzok’s attorney) insisted, “the term ‘media leak strategy’ in Mr. Strzok’s text refers to a Department-wide initiative to detect and stop leaks to the media.”

In the same way, I suspect, the Fast and Furious gun-walking strategy was intended to insure your Second Amendment rights. So there’s that.


“Fast and Furious was a Justice Department program that allowed assault weapons — including .50-caliber rifles powerful enough to take down a helicopter — to be sold to Mexican drug cartels allegedly as a way to track them. But internal documents later revealed the real goal was to gin up a crisis requiring a crackdown on guns in America. Fast and Furious was merely a pretext for imposing stricter gun laws.”

How many more smoking guns do we need? These people will stop at nothing. Under Obama we saw a weaponized IRS, FBI, DOJ and NSA - their inordinate powers were used against regular American citizens deemed to be their political enemies. This Shadow Government continues to operate in the same manner to thwart the President’s agenda. We need somebody willing to help VSG-PDJT lock them up.

sessionsHello! Anyone home?

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Finally, a Fresh Face For the Democrats

Hurricane Maxine is a "monster" threatening a direct hit: “I wake up in the middle of the night and all I can think about is: I’m gonna get him.”


But don’t worry, Hurricane Maxine, aka Auntie Fa, has an evacuation plan. Of course it’s the same plan she’s had since prior to President Trump’s inauguration so I can’t speak to its efficaciousness:

“Impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment!”

But thanks to her cosmetic surgeon and makeup artist at least the Democrats have a fresh new face to front the Resistance.

maxine-waters-woty-2017-glamour magMaxine Waters, Glamour’s Woman of the Year…War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

Vive la résistance!


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Strength Is Our Strength

man painting the twin towers from brooklynNew York City, 1985

Opened in 1973 the Twin Towers, was a massive complex of nearly 10 million square feet that was home to 430 companies and 35,000 workers. Closed permanently on September 11, 2001.

It seems impossible but 17 years hence there is an entire generation of children who were not yet born, or too young to remember, the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Seventeen years have passed and we seem afraid to teach children the truth about the culture of hatred that caused this atrocity. Instead we continue to allow Social Justice Warriors to brainwash another generation of children to believe that diversity is our strength, Islam is good, Christianity is at best questionable, white privilege is real and the world needs open borders.

Seriously? Do you want more 9-11’s? Because that’s how you get more 9-11’s


Diversity is not our strength. Strength is our strength. Never forget.


And may God bless President Trump.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Deep Quote

deep throat

Ha! It looks like two (or more) can play the Deep Quote game popularized by the anonymous New York Times "I Am Part of the Resistance" op-ed. This round is compliments of Doug Ross:

CONFESSION: I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the New York Times

“I work for The New York Times but like-minded colleagues and I have vowed to thwart parts of its agenda and its worst inclinations, like Holocaust-denial.”

Doug Ross @ Journal is taking the rare step of publishing an anonymous Op-Ed essay. We have done so at the request of the author, a senior editor whose last name rhymes with Frugman, Blaberman, or Crooks -- and whose job would be jeopardized by its disclosure. We believe publishing this essay anonymously is the only way to deliver an important perspective to our readers. We invite you to submit a question about the essay or our vetting process in the comments section. Use the codeword: covfefe in the subject heading

The mainstream media is facing a test to their credibility unlike any faced ever before.
Their nonstop, partisan animus against the President is largely unprecedented. Also, have you noticed how "unprecedented" sounds like "President"? That's the mark of some serious writing skills.
Papers like my employer, and television networks like, well every single one but Fox, have unveiled a weekly set of pseudo-news stories, each positioned to be the straw that broke the camel's back, if the camel's back is Trump's presidency. Consider a partial list of pseudo-scandals, just off the top of my head. Each was certain to bring an end to the crazy and evil Drumpf, once and for all.

  • Russian Collusion
  • The Special Counsel
  • The Marshal of the Supreme Court
  • Michael Flynn pleads guilty
  • Obstruction of Justice
  • Rick Gates negotiates a plea deal
  • The 25h Amendment
  • George Papadopoulos pleads guilty
  • Stormy Daniels
  • Michael Avenatti
  • Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury
  • Omarosa's book Don't Monkey Around
  • Paul Manafort convicted for tax evasion
  • Annulment of the 2016 election
  • Bob Woodward’s Fire and Fear
  • The anonymous op-ed in The New York Times

It's not just that the Inspector General's various investigations loom large over the media. Or the fact that the media is bitterly divided over Trump: whether he should be impeached or just thrown in prison.
The dilemma - which the Times does not fully appreciate -- is that many of its employees are working diligently to undermine the paper's mission to serve as a mouthpiece for the radical Left.
I would know. I am one of them.

Read the Rest Here

viva_la_resistanceIn Memory of Janice the Elder

Sunday, September 9, 2018

…They All Look Like Gameshow Hosts To Me

After the smoke cleared from last week’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearings all I could focus on was this: in a country of over 325 million people…this is the best we can do?

cory bookercorey booker

It struck me how much our politician class has in common with actors: someone else writes the lines for them, they memorize and recite them (or sometimes just read them, if they have a good teleprompter) on camera and wait for the positive reinforcement that comes with the reviews. And most of them seem more preoccupied with their next starring role than the one they’re currently playing.

Meh, they all seem like gameshow hosts to me. With the exception, ironically, of the one person who actually was a game show host.


So I leave you on this Sunday morning to interpret Sting’s lyrics for yourself:

"If I Ever Lose My Faith In You"

You could say I lost my faith in science and progress
You could say I lost my belief in the holy church
You could say I lost my sense of direction
You could say all of this and worse but
If I ever lose my faith in you
There'd be nothing left for me to do

Some would say I was a lost man in a lost world
You could say I lost my faith in the people on TV
You could say I'd lost my belief in our politicians
They all seemed like game show hosts to me
If I ever lose my faith in you
There'd be nothing left for me to do