Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Inner Geek Got Out: How To Get A Cool ID

I love to get comments here on my little blog, and I love to respond to them; you know, “girl talk”. I also understand that a lot of people like to remain anonymous; after all, Toes does use the powers of the Patriot Act to see who’s not with the program. But a few brave souls, who think they might be able to get a security clearance, have asked how they can get a really cool comment ID of their very own.

Now, if you know anything at all about me, you know that I have a geeky, high-tech side which I share with brother Hub. And I do love those NASA and MIT nerds with their adorable little pocket protectors and slide-rule tie clips. And because I am here to serve you, I’ve rounded up a few of them to help me provide this little tutorial on how to get your own ID.

So, hold onto your accessories and let’s get going.



Many thanks to all of MOTUS’ supporters out there. Your thoughts and votes are most appreciated. But now, I must get back to the work at hand. Because it’s not about me.

Speaking of Lady M, this is not – repeat, NOT – official since it’s not coming through any of her 8 official social and/or personal assistants. And it might possibly not even be true.  But since you’ve all been so loyal I thought I would give you a heads-up on this inside-the-“beltway” gossip.

mo-ugliest-belt(“belt-way” photo h/t Newsbird: see I told you it was worse than it looked)

I know you’ve all heard by now that Oprah has announced she’s hanging up the mic in 2011 because she’s already got more money than God. Well, as some of us have been trained to do, I’ve connected the dots, and here’s what I’ve come up with:

First,  I believe O and MO have patched things up, because the defaced copy of the big O’s magazine has disappeared and been replaced with the Christmas Holiday issue. Secondly, you have to see this interview that Big Guy did with CNN’s Ed Henry in China in which he basically opened the door to being a one-termer (by choice, not mandate).

"You know, if - if I feel like I've made the very best decisions for the American people and three years from now I look at it and, you know, my poll numbers are in the tank and because we've gone through these wrenching changes, you know, politically, I'm in a tough spot, I'll - I'll feel all right about myself," (note from MOTUS: yes, he really talks that way when he’s tired)

So here’s the deal: the O’s head back to Chicago after the 2012 election.  Oprah, come 2011, graciously heeds the pleas of her audience and concedes to stay just one more year: keeping the seat warm for the only other Chicago maven who could ever fill her chair: MO! Former FLOTUS and fashion doyenne! And by then, I’ve no doubt she really could fill Oprah’s chair.

Here’s a gallery of MO in training to take over O’s world, while building a little nest egg for the family:

oprahobamas Getting some color palette advice from the O

mo supporting oprah's left breast Supporting O’s left breast while showcasing Chicago-land


oprah wetting her pants for obama 

“How we wear our pants around here”





mo needing a potty break after barry's big campaign read

Mo needing a potty break after BO’s big campaign read








mo wearing 3 of her favorite rice cake pins

Glamming it up with 3 of MO’s favorite rice cake pins







mo & o auditioning for dancing with the stars

O and MO auditioning for “Dancing With the Czars”








I’ll get back to you if I get anything to substantiate this political-buzz. Until then, keep the Hope alive, because we’re still allowed to  Dream.

O, and by the way, “The MO as The O”: that’s really what the O’s had in mind for “spreading the wealth around.” Because it really is all about them.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Help Me Win One For the “O’s"

As you can imagine, I am as giddy as a school girl on prom night: nominated for the 2009 Weblog Awards!!!

The 2009 Weblog Awards

Not just because it’s an unbelievable honor, but also it gives me and you a chance to stem the tide of recent rejections and win a big one for Team Obama. Since the news broke, everybody has been asking: “did BO put the fix in”? and “do Chicago rules apply here” ?

Sadly, since Copenhagen, Big Guy refuses to lend the Bid O’clout to any selection process that doesn’t give Kroners with the prize. And I think you know where we stand with the other “O”. So, let me be clear; I’m on my own here.

But obviously, I am not above shameless self-promotion. Therefore, I am begging asking for your votes. I am nominated in the following categories:

  • Best Blog
  • Best New Blog
  • Best Political Blog (I thought we were post-political)
  • Best New Political Blog
  • Best Humor Blog
  • Best Conservative Blog (who me?)
  • Best Individual Blog
  • Best Fashion Blog (duh)

The Weblog Award rules are:

Rules And FAQ's

  • You can nominate yourself, don't be shy. (I’m not)
  • The number of nominations a blog receives is irrelevant. One nomination is enough...
  • Rather than add a "me too" (i.e. multiple) nomination for a site in a category, please use the "+" icon to indicate your preference for nominees. The "+" ratings are one extra piece of information the finalist selection panel can use to help generate the finalist slates in each category.
  • Given the two previous items, we reserve the right to remove excessive comments (i.e. nominations) for the same site.
  • The nomination period is scheduled to end on Sunday, November 22, 2009, though we reserve the option to close nominations earlier or later.
  • Voting for selected finalists is scheduled to begin January 4, 2010. Finalists will be announced the week before voting begins.

So for now, we can all go to the 2009 Weblog Awards site, scroll way,way down near the end of the nominations comments and click the “+” next to little ‘ole MOTUS!!! What could be more fun?

Then, if everything works out, and Toes assures me that it will, we can all go back on January 4, 2010 and win one for the Obamas !!!


Decorating With Sushi

Lady M is still a little miffed about not accompany Big Guy on the East Asia Apology Tour. And she’s been telling anyone who will listen that BO’s  press would have been MUCH better if she had been there to charm the Asians as she did the Europeans.

masks Staff at Japanese toymaker Ogawa Studios don creepy rubber masks depicting US President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and their spouses,

So while Big Guy was winging his way home from his bow-wow trip, Lady M conducted her own oriental immersion experience and went out for sushi with BFF and social secretary DesirĂ©e Rogers (because if you can’t hire your best friends, who can you hire?) and Michael Smith,the new White House decorator. More on that in a bit.

For the occasion MO choose a basic black top and slacks for the blank canvas look: the better to showcase the jewel like sushi and other colorful food items: “Sake-cured cod, orange miso bread pudding, chocolate cake and green-tea creme brulee…”  Because you can get sushi anywhere, but where else can you get chocolate cake?

Anyway, back to Michael. He’s a HUGE designer from the left coast, and by that standard, pretty traditional, which is good news for the Big White. Here’s a small portfolio of his work:

Can you find Michelle’s dress in this picture?pillow drapes floralmo

drapes & joey b painting Same question, above, plus extra points if you recognize the painting as one of Joey B’s original oils.

This look is too subtle, but Lady M does like the drapery pattern.drapes2

mo leap 


more room for bo's memoirsA room of his own: for Big Guy’s autobiographies, iPods and memoirs.

  had to say no to this-mo would disappear

This look is definitely out: MO would simply fade into the background.


Find Michelle’s dresses in the the pillows? pillows    mo bo co3 michelle red flowergal_michelle_obama_05


Looks a little too “fly-over” don’t you think?the whole shebang

This is where BO meets with Congressional representatives to discuss his Healthcare plan. Note the “transformer” chairs. Big Guy’s favorites. Joey B did this painting too.transformer dining set

 this one looks like trouble


This one’s going to be trouble.






 post racial pets Meet Michael Smith with his  post-racial family.

But getting back to sushi night: the reliable source column went on to say that Lady M and her entourage “got cheers from the crowd when they left.” MO nodded and acknowledged her faithful fans. My reflection is a bit different, but then, I’m just a mirror.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

What Color Is Your Rainbow?

Yes, we were back at it yesterday: kiddies in the morning, women in the military in the afternoon. We got to break out a few new duds that some designers sent around. They all think they know Lady M’s “style” now. I sure wish I did. Most of the time I have no idea what she’s trying to project.

But don’t mind me, I’m just trying to get everything out of my system before Congress passes the ”no-complaint” day mandate. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s anything this Congress doesn’t want to legislate. Not that I’m complaining though!

Here we are with the kids: one of them is handing MO some weeds they grew in the school garden. We declined. Although it appeared to be organic, it didn’t look quite legal. Unless you have a medical and weeds


mo belted

Here’s a close up of the belt that you can’t really see under the jacket, and I didn’t want you to miss because it’s another winner. Especially with that blue sweater.


Then for the ladies in the armed services, we inexplicably  dressed up like an Easter egg. I know we’re not allowed to celebrate Christmas around the Big White any more, but maybe we could at least stick with seasonal colors? Not that I’m complaining. I just sort of miss the reds, greens and jewel tones we used to wear this time of year.

mo purp contrast

Maybe she thought she was passing out little purple hearts to the ladies and thought this would coordinate. Apparently Mrs. Dr. Joey B thought so too. Only Janet N seemed to feel that red, white and blue would be more purpw_jan

And let’s face it, if you need fashion clues from Bruno, you might want to reassess your stylist’s employment. Except that we’ve already counted it as 12 of the jobs either created or saved by the stimulus.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oprah, D-Oprah

Boy oh boy. I don’t think Lady M liked the idea of BFF Oprah inviting Sarah Palin in for a sit-down on the couch one little bit. She hasn’t actually said anything about it, but after watching it on the DVR when she got home last night, things started whizzing around the family quarters like flying saucers. I haven’t done this much ducking and bobbing since … well, lets just leave it at that.


I did overhear MO grumbling to Big Guy awhile ago that she thinks SARAH-4 Oprah is really cheesed over that whole embarrassing Olympics incident in Copenhagen, and blames Lady M because of her inappropriate choice of clothes!? (OK, I suppose it could have had something to do with that psychedelic panda print.) I’m just guessing about this little feud, because I can’t always follow the logic of the two O’s, but I think MO thinks Oprah is just chatting up Sarah about her new book to get back at Lady M for making her look bad. 

That’s pretty much what life is like around here 24/7. The two O’s think it’s always about them.”sarah oprah

I thought I might be making too much of this simmering feud until I found this magazine in Lady M’s stack of stuff. I’m pretty sure Joey B didn’t do it, although he is a bad influence around here. Especially if we’re dealing with “the hormones.”

o-mag-march-092 copy

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lady M Picks Another Winner!

I would be remiss if I didn’t report the good news that Sophie Theallet, one of MO’s favorite designers, won the fashion world's top honors last night: The CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. In addition to pocketing $200,000, she also wins a year of mentoring from Lady M! What? Oh, my mistake; it’s actually a one-year mentorship with fashion professionals to help market, design, and produce her future collections.

Theallet is most famous for designing the table cloth frock that MO wore a few times last summer:


Being fashion forward herself, its only fitting that one of Lady M’s faves won the emerging designer award. I’m betting Ms. Theallet is really pleased that she thought to send over those complimentary frocks that she thought would look so fantastic on MO. Sophie, by the way, was also foresighted enough to use an “all black cast of models for her first runway show” in  the fall of 2008.

I’m not so sure she really needs much more mentoring.



h/t HuffPo

Divas In Denver

Suffice it to say that if Fran Drescher and Susan Sarandon look more appropriate than you do, it’s not a particularly good day.

denver susan denver skirt

Susie and MO at the Governor’s luncheon: nice touch with Lady M’s contrasting argyle patterned skirt made from more leftover upholstery fabric

denver fran

Fran at Aurora Central High in navy dress and knee boots

OK, Susan was wearing tennis shoes, and Fran had knee boots on, but other than that they managed to look pulled together.I’m not sure why, but MO changed into gray slacks after lunch for her appearance at South High. Probably to be more “comfortable,” if you know what I mean.

denver slacks

All in all I’d say the mentoring in Denver went well. When South High Student Body President Linda Jiminez complained to Lady M about how unfair standardized testing was because in her school many students don’t even speak English, MO just explained that that’s the oppressive system that white men have put in place and it’s not likely to go away any time soon. Then she went on to explain that she herself, who did speak English, didn’t do so hot on standardized tests in high school either. But when it came time to pick a college, she said Princeton looked mostly at her writing and leadership skills, as well as her extra curricular activities. So I guess being president of the stamp collectors club really paid off for her.

Come to think of it, that’s pretty much how Big Guy got into Harvard too. So here’s the take away girls: work on the writing (English optional), leadership and extra curricular (cheer leading is especially good) activities, and one day you too might be proud to be an American.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Rocky Mountain Horror Show: In Pictures

Great, Lady M has the sniffles and I think I’m coming down with a virus too.

I‘ve heard that the H1N1 virus can crash my hard drive, and even though there’s a security patch for it, I’m not eligible because my basic architecture is too old. Kathleen Sebelius claims that I should have had a patch installed back in the 90’s. I don’t know, I heard rumblings that they just didn’t order enough of the software patches, and ever since that “Joey and the Pirates” post, Katy has been a little cool towards me.

But we’re still soldiering on: doing our part for the American people while Big Guy continues to trip over his protocol experts in the far East. Today we’ll be in Denver: the mile high city. I thought at first it was the ribbon cutting ceremony at the city’s first medical marijuana clinic, but that must be next month.

Today we’re kicking off another in MO’s series of mentoring programs for young girls. We’ll be at the Governor's Mansion for a Girls Mentoring Luncheon, and I’m sure Lady M will manage to say a few inspirational words. In addition to the girls who’ve been selected as mentees, Lady M invited Susan Sarandon and Fran Drescher to attend.

I”m sure they’ll both make great mentors for young women. I believe their specific forte is dressing for success. Just like MO.

susan Susan Sarandon impersonating the Green Fairy

Susan_Sarandon.0.0.0x0.341x512.jpeg Susan as the red queen with extra baggage and without hands

fran-drescher-2004-fall-lanvin-fashion-show-benefiting-the-rape-foundation-1xYrlo Fran, before belly button fatigue set in, wearing the equally short-lived fad of sweaters with a spare sleeve.

ss rocky2And of course, here’s Susan in her breakout role in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, 1975. Note: ever the trendsetter,Susan was wearing underwear as a costume before Madonna was even out of high school.