Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Divas In Denver

Suffice it to say that if Fran Drescher and Susan Sarandon look more appropriate than you do, it’s not a particularly good day.

denver susan denver skirt

Susie and MO at the Governor’s luncheon: nice touch with Lady M’s contrasting argyle patterned skirt made from more leftover upholstery fabric

denver fran

Fran at Aurora Central High in navy dress and knee boots

OK, Susan was wearing tennis shoes, and Fran had knee boots on, but other than that they managed to look pulled together.I’m not sure why, but MO changed into gray slacks after lunch for her appearance at South High. Probably to be more “comfortable,” if you know what I mean.

denver slacks

All in all I’d say the mentoring in Denver went well. When South High Student Body President Linda Jiminez complained to Lady M about how unfair standardized testing was because in her school many students don’t even speak English, MO just explained that that’s the oppressive system that white men have put in place and it’s not likely to go away any time soon. Then she went on to explain that she herself, who did speak English, didn’t do so hot on standardized tests in high school either. But when it came time to pick a college, she said Princeton looked mostly at her writing and leadership skills, as well as her extra curricular activities. So I guess being president of the stamp collectors club really paid off for her.

Come to think of it, that’s pretty much how Big Guy got into Harvard too. So here’s the take away girls: work on the writing (English optional), leadership and extra curricular (cheer leading is especially good) activities, and one day you too might be proud to be an American.