Friday, November 20, 2009

Decorating With Sushi

Lady M is still a little miffed about not accompany Big Guy on the East Asia Apology Tour. And she’s been telling anyone who will listen that BO’s  press would have been MUCH better if she had been there to charm the Asians as she did the Europeans.

masks Staff at Japanese toymaker Ogawa Studios don creepy rubber masks depicting US President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and their spouses,

So while Big Guy was winging his way home from his bow-wow trip, Lady M conducted her own oriental immersion experience and went out for sushi with BFF and social secretary Desirée Rogers (because if you can’t hire your best friends, who can you hire?) and Michael Smith,the new White House decorator. More on that in a bit.

For the occasion MO choose a basic black top and slacks for the blank canvas look: the better to showcase the jewel like sushi and other colorful food items: “Sake-cured cod, orange miso bread pudding, chocolate cake and green-tea creme brulee…”  Because you can get sushi anywhere, but where else can you get chocolate cake?

Anyway, back to Michael. He’s a HUGE designer from the left coast, and by that standard, pretty traditional, which is good news for the Big White. Here’s a small portfolio of his work:

Can you find Michelle’s dress in this picture?pillow drapes floralmo

drapes & joey b painting Same question, above, plus extra points if you recognize the painting as one of Joey B’s original oils.

This look is too subtle, but Lady M does like the drapery pattern.drapes2

mo leap 


more room for bo's memoirsA room of his own: for Big Guy’s autobiographies, iPods and memoirs.

  had to say no to this-mo would disappear

This look is definitely out: MO would simply fade into the background.


Find Michelle’s dresses in the the pillows? pillows    mo bo co3 michelle red flowergal_michelle_obama_05


Looks a little too “fly-over” don’t you think?the whole shebang

This is where BO meets with Congressional representatives to discuss his Healthcare plan. Note the “transformer” chairs. Big Guy’s favorites. Joey B did this painting too.transformer dining set

 this one looks like trouble


This one’s going to be trouble.






 post racial pets Meet Michael Smith with his  post-racial family.

But getting back to sushi night: the reliable source column went on to say that Lady M and her entourage “got cheers from the crowd when they left.” MO nodded and acknowledged her faithful fans. My reflection is a bit different, but then, I’m just a mirror.