Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bon Appétit!

I don’t know about you butt I’m sick of the sick world and need a day off.

Let’s go to the farmers market!

fulton st.

In my neck of the woods it’s peak season…for lots of things. Tomatoes – heirloom or otherwise:

more tomatoes





Peppers, mild and HOT!



gr farmers market




farmers market

If you can’t find something here to make you happy, you’re doing something wrong. So let’s get those summer recipes rolling – even if it’s just luscious ripe tomatoes,

luxurious buratta (Bel Gioioso brand now available at Costco if you can eat 8 balls within a week – and who can’t?),


fresh basil, basil garden

olive oil and grilled bread.


Toss in some prosciutto and olives and you’ve got dinner. Bon Appétit!

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Prouder, Stronger, Better

Take heart, it may well be morning in America again.

Palouse Hills at Sunrise

And I can assure you of one thing, with words like this:

Together, we will lead our party back to the White House, and we will lead our country back to safety, prosperity, and peace. We will be a country of generosity and warmth. But we will also be a country of law and order.

The most important difference between our plan and that of our opponents, is that our plan will put America First. Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo.

We are going to build a great border wall to stop illegal immigration, to stop the gangs and the violence, and to stop the drugs from pouring into our communities.

The American People will come first once again. My plan will begin with safety at home – which means safe neighborhoods, secure borders, and protection from terrorism.

Big business, elite media and major donors are lining up behind the campaign of my opponent because they know she will keep our rigged system in place. They are throwing money at her because they have total control over everything she does. She is their puppet, and they pull the strings.

This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton: death, destruction terrorism and weakness.

To all Americans tonight, in all our cities and towns, I make this promise: We Will Make America Strong Again.

We Will Make America Proud Again.

We Will Make America Safe Again.

And We Will Make America Great Again.

there will be no charges of plagiarism. What other politician ever uttered – dared to utter – such words? Since Reagan I mean.

Trump delivered his State of the Union address and found it wanting. And he told us what he intends to do to make America Great Again. As the saying goes: from his lips to God’s ears.

Mesa Arch Sunrise“It’s morning again in American: Prouder, Stronger, Better” h/t Ronaldo Maximus

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

That’s Mighty Red, White and Blue of You

RNC, day 3. Here’s my rundown.

Laura Ingraham – I like to call her “Dr. Laura” butt will restrain from doing so for fear of driving more  potential new readers away due to “having my head up my butt” – was great. Loved the way she went after the the skinny jeans, man-bun wearing pajama boys.

Dr laura ingraham

I’m still a bit cheezed about her cheezing in on my gig, butt I’m going to be classy and set that aside for the good of the party. Besides, I think she’d make an awesome replacement for Megyn.

Ted Cruz disappointed. I better leave it at that. All I can say is no wonder he doesn’t have any friends. Butt if I begin questioning my prior judgement everything might fall apart, and I don’t want to be responsible for that.

fallen down apartment detroit

Eric Trump: Nice speech; now please, give your father your new barber’s telephone number. I highly approve of the makeover.

eric trump rncI’ve been trying to tell your Dad, hairdos do matter.

And then there was Newt, our next (hopefully) Secretary of State. He spun Cruz’s non endorsement of Trump into an endorsement and simultaneous condemnation of Hillary.

Gingrich 2012Calling Newt: Clean-up on aisle 3!

Then he proceeded to scare the bejeebers out of us -  lest we forget for 10 minutes that we live in a very dangerous world (Thanks, Obama!) and that’s why we’re voting for Trump.

Wrapping up the night, Mike Pence. I have to say, he’s not very exciting butt how much more excitement can this party take? He seems solid and likable despite having 3 strikes against him: Christian, conservative, and  Republican.

penceThat’s mighty red, white and blue of you, Mike! Way to go!

Can’t wait for tonight’s wrap-up.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

John Kerry does Chevy Chase doing Jerry Ford

RNC day 2: Christie was great, Donald Jr. killed it, Dr. Carson appeared to have found his inner-Disney. Had he been even half as animated during the campaign we’d all be sporting Carson ‘16 bumper stickers right now.

Butt the real reason the Republicans will win in November? This - the door is closing in the face of America:

Let’s hope that the rest of the world will follow Britain’s lead and continue to close the door in the face of globalism. If not, we will still make America great again by closing our door to illegal immigrants, terrorism and unbalanced trade deals

The moral of the story….Brexit now.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


The RNC, day 1.

trump in the mist

A little drama as Trump’s team beat down a rebellion on the floor led by the Hillary-by-Proxy arm of the Republican Party. The Donald seems to have learned  quickly how to use the  “rigged system” to his benefit. Good.

Many speakers: Marcus Lutrell, Sheriff David Clark, Patricia Smith, Rudy Giuliani, Melania…

melania 2 I didn’t love the water-wings dress butt she could wear a potato sack and look good.

And of course there was Tiger’s sister, our honorary MOTI, speaking of her son, Mesa Police Sergeant Brandon Mendoza, killed by a drunk illegal immigrant in a car crash. That’s one strong lady.

Mary Ann Mendoza speaks about her son as Jamiel Shaw and Sabine Durden,Mary Ann Mendoza, with Sabine Durden, and Jamiel Shaw. All lost family members at the hand of illegal immigrants. 

So far the show has been worth the price of admission.

nigella damascena love in the mistNigella Damascena; love-in-the-mist: official flower of the 2016 RNC

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Monday, July 18, 2016

America’s Insurance Policy

Because it was in the middle of the afternoon and because it was Shep Smith I wondered if anyone else had seen this exchange in which Shep chastised Governor Jindal for using an offensive term:

The answer was a resounding yes. The offensive term? “All Lives Matter.” It takes a special kind of stupid to berate a former governor for using an innocuous term that some people have decided is objectionable.

“Very, very divisive phrase – I don’t understand…so unhelpful.”

“Why would you…I don’t understand why you’d say that?”

Said by Shep with that tone of superiority made up of equal parts disgust and incredulity that can only be mustered by a college educated news reader. Mr. Jindal was probably too stunned to respond appropriately so I will take the opportunity to do so for him:

  • First, I don’t accept your premise that “All lives matter” is a “very, very divisive phrase” just because a bunch or thugs has decided it is.
  • Second, I reject the BLM rhetoric concerning the term’s offensiveness. Words have meaning and you don’t get to make up what you want them to mean in order to make your stupid point. Use real words, with real meaning, correct syntax in the appropriate context to establish your “truth.” If you can.

Just because you decide to call something what it’s not doesn’t make it so.

all black paintingClue: if the painting looks just like your flat screen TV, it’s probably not art.

  • Third, saying “All Lives Matter” does not negate “Black Lives Matter” any more than “Black Lives Matter” negates “All Lives Matter.” Take a logic class – oh wait, you can’t:


That’s a white guy thing.

Bad news all around, dudes. Western Civilization? It’s the only real civilization the world has ever known – precisely because it recognizes the value of all life.  And no, all “cultures” are not equal. If they were we wouldn’t be under pressure to fling open our borders to the entire third world.

Susie, evaluating the validity of sharing your nice things with everyone:

black crayon insurance

Conclusion: No; if you’re just going to scribble all over everything use your own damn crayon. 


GOP 2016 TrumpAmerica’s Insurance Policy

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Damned If I Know

Lady M welcomed this year’s winners of the fifth annual Healthy Lunchtime Challenge and Kids’ State Dinner contest to the White House last week. Ever the Fashion Icon and Busy Mom™ she sported an on trend “white floral number with black piping and dainty bows at the sleeves” - and caterpillar eyebrows:


Here’s one of the winning recipes, served at the luncheon, from Lily Radtke, Age 11. She calls it Asian in Arkansas:

kids-state-dinner-1“Ewww! Brown Rice Wrappers!?!  And Naked Soybeans? I wouldn’t feed that to the dog!”

For the Spring Rolls

4 ounces vermicelli rice noodles
1 tablespoon olive oil
½ pound shrimp, peeled, tails removed and deveined

8 brown-rice wrappers
8 basil leaves, whole
1 cup shredded carrots
1 cucumber, peeled and cut into thin strips
8 sprigs of mint, leaves chopped
Ponzu sauce, for dipping (optional)

Check out the link for the instructions and accompanying edamame salad and watermelon (Trigger Alert!) skewers. Or get all the yummy winning recipes from The 2016 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge E-Cookbook, it’s free! Just pay separate processing and handling (taxes).

Now I’m not looking to cause trouble butt I feel compelled to point out that it appears to me that the White House is not being particularly sensitive to cultural appropriation with this winning selection. May I remind you that just last November the snowflakes went into tilt mode when they were served culturally inappropriate Asian fare at Oberlin college?

And if you think that this was much ado about nuthin’, none other than Lena Dunham - Oberlin graduate, Girls star and world-wide recognized expert on cultural appropriation - has weighed in on the side of the snowflakes:

“There are now big conversations at Oberlin, where I went to college, about cultural appropriation and whether the dining hall sushi and Banh Mi disrespect certain cuisines,” the actress told Food & Wine. “The press reported it as, ‘How crazy are Oberlin kids?’ But to me, it was actually, ‘Right on.'”

She obviously, being a sensitive actor and all, felt Nguyen‘s pain:

“It was ridiculous,” Vietnamese freshman Diep Nguyen said. “How could they just throw out something completely different and label it as another country’s traditional food?”

bo shave ice

Damned if I know.

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