Monday, July 18, 2016

America’s Insurance Policy

Because it was in the middle of the afternoon and because it was Shep Smith I wondered if anyone else had seen this exchange in which Shep chastised Governor Jindal for using an offensive term:

The answer was a resounding yes. The offensive term? “All Lives Matter.” It takes a special kind of stupid to berate a former governor for using an innocuous term that some people have decided is objectionable.

“Very, very divisive phrase – I don’t understand…so unhelpful.”

“Why would you…I don’t understand why you’d say that?”

Said by Shep with that tone of superiority made up of equal parts disgust and incredulity that can only be mustered by a college educated news reader. Mr. Jindal was probably too stunned to respond appropriately so I will take the opportunity to do so for him:

  • First, I don’t accept your premise that “All lives matter” is a “very, very divisive phrase” just because a bunch or thugs has decided it is.
  • Second, I reject the BLM rhetoric concerning the term’s offensiveness. Words have meaning and you don’t get to make up what you want them to mean in order to make your stupid point. Use real words, with real meaning, correct syntax in the appropriate context to establish your “truth.” If you can.

Just because you decide to call something what it’s not doesn’t make it so.

all black paintingClue: if the painting looks just like your flat screen TV, it’s probably not art.

  • Third, saying “All Lives Matter” does not negate “Black Lives Matter” any more than “Black Lives Matter” negates “All Lives Matter.” Take a logic class – oh wait, you can’t:


That’s a white guy thing.

Bad news all around, dudes. Western Civilization? It’s the only real civilization the world has ever known – precisely because it recognizes the value of all life.  And no, all “cultures” are not equal. If they were we wouldn’t be under pressure to fling open our borders to the entire third world.

Susie, evaluating the validity of sharing your nice things with everyone:

black crayon insurance

Conclusion: No; if you’re just going to scribble all over everything use your own damn crayon. 


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