Sunday, August 7, 2022

In The Infamous Words Of Rosana Rosana Dana, “It’s Always Something”

A perfect rose

Last week didn’t start off on a  rosy note. I received a call from my oncologist’s office Monday morning telling me that I needed to go the emergency room, stat. They had found a pulmonary embolism in my lung on a routine  CT scan I’d had on Friday to evaluate the chemo/cancer progress. Not good, as I know many of you know from first hand experience. Scary and dangerous.   

Normally they would start a blood thinner immediately but due to my brain bleeds/tumors they needed a MRI before doing so. Even in the hospital system which operates their MRI machine 24/7 you have to wait for such things due to the high number of potential stroke victims presenting in the ER (I eventually got mine Tuesday at 2:30 am). I did get another scan to compare to Friday’s, and EKG as heart damage is common with this condition and an ultrasound of my legs. Each trip to radiology revealed more and more people lying on gurneys in the hall waiting for either an ER room or a hospital room admission.

Until the ultrasound results came back the docs and my oncology team were discussing alternate treatments as they thought blood thinners may prove to be too dangerous.  However the ultrasound indicated multiple DVTs in my legs so they admitted me and started a Heparin IV drip before the MRI results as the threat of additional blood clots breaking off and migrating to a much more dangerous area was a greater threat at the moment. I was admitted at 11:00 pm Monday, 12 hours after arriving at the ER, dripped until Wednesday evening at which time I was determined to have reached a “therapeutic” level of blood thinner. I was released and sent home with oral blood thinners which will be a permanent addition to my drug protocol. I was happy to relinquish my room to some poor soul still lying on a stretcher in a hallway somewhere .     

I was initially told that the clot could have caused heart damage due to the excess pressure it placed on the heart, but they seem to have determined that was not the case, thankfully. Once again, I owe a huge thank you to everyone here who has been soliciting the Good Lord on my behalf. I am truly grateful, thankful and blessed for your continuing prayers.

grateful thankful blessed

I will be meeting with my oncologist team this week, to review all test results and hopefully be cleared to resume my chemo therapy which was suspended due to the blood clot – although I’ll admit I don’t mind the respite.

So with last week’s sunset finally in the rearview mirror

sunset in rear view mirror

although the atmosphere retains a degree of turbulence

sun in the waves

      but the landscape is assuredly a bit rosier at the start of this new week.

rose (Rosa 'Tahitian Sunset')

That’s all the news from Lake Woebegone for now. I apologize for being out of the loop but at this point have neither the energy or desire to stay on top of all that is happening in the world at large. Thank you again for your loyal support, caring wishes and prayers.