Saturday, July 18, 2020

Analysis: True

Weaponized truth is righteous. – Sundance, CTH

Normally the Left would agree whole heartedly with this sentiment. That’s why they push their “truth” when it is supported by their “science,” disparaging all heathens who refuse to believe their received wisdom as “science deniers.”

But hoo-boy, let some science come along that doesn’t support their version of righteous truth – such as this: Schools Should Prioritize Reopening in Fall 2020 -

Weighing the health risks of reopening K-12 schools in fall 2020 against the educational risks of providing no in-person instruction, school districts should prioritize reopening schools full time, especially for grades K-5 and students with special needs, according to a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Opening schools will benefit families beyond providing education, including by supplying child care, school services, meals, and other family supports. Without in-person instruction, schools risk children falling behind academically and exacerbating educational inequities.

and somehow you will still be the denier. How dare you hijack science to weaponize your truth? (Answer: we don’t make the rules, we just use them.)

So what have we learned today boys and girls?

That the science is never settled until it says what the Left wants it to say, which will always be determined by their current narrative. And the current narrative is that COVID-19 is surging and it’s all Trump’s fault. Therefore we need to ensure he doesn’t win again in November by keeping the schools closed, re-closing the economy, - especially in swing states - do vote-by-mail exclusively…and wear face masks at all time.

Portrait of a cat in a medical mask on quarantine at home ...Yes Karen, I know it’s supposed to cover my nose. How about you keep yours out of it?

Raj designed a special face mask for me, I can’t wait till it gets here.

“I Am The Deplorable Hillary Warned You About”

Analysis: true

Friday, July 17, 2020

I Demand A Refund For Services Unperformed


Well yeah, the Los Angeles United School District teachers will continue to get paid for providing “remote” teaching lessons online. Unlike the parents who won’t be able to return to work since the little darlings will be home all day.

My problem with teachers’ unions has always been that they are a tax payer funded entity (via teacher-paid dues) serving as a political entity that lobbies for progressive positions. In the past they’ve at least pretended to be “all about the children.” But the truth eventually slips out as it did recently when the United Teachers Los Angeles, a union consisting of 35,000 members, outlined a series of demands they want met before reopening the schools in face of the scary COVID pandemic. Here are the Union’s demands:

  • privately operated publicly funded charter schools are shut down (who needs the competition?)
  • police are defunded

ImageNote: America’s Budget for K-12 education hit nearly $700 billion in 2019. Given the quality of education children have been getting since 1977, that’s a crime.

  • Medicare-for-All government-run health care is passed
  • a statewide wealth tax is implemented
  • housing for homeless is fully funded
  • “financial Support for Undocumented Students and Families”
  • Oh, and they want a federal bailout too

So much for educating the children: first we have to fundamentally transform America.

ImageThe above ad for BLM was entirely paid for by the United Teachers Los Angeles

And just in case you think these demands - that suspiciously reflect the positions of BLM, ANTIFA and the new Democratic Party – are non-political allow me to disabuse you of that idea. Also from the UTLA paper:

“The COVID-19 pandemic in the United States underscores the deep equity and justice challenges arising from our profoundly racist, intensely unequal society. Unlike other countries that recognize protecting lives is the key to protecting livelihoods, the United States has chosen to prioritize profits over people. The Trump administration’s attempt to force people to return to work on a large scale depends on restarting physical schools so parents have childcare.

In Los Angeles, this means increasing risk especially in Black and Brown working communities, where people are more likely to have 'essential' jobs, insufficient health care, higher levels of preexisting health conditions, and to live in crowded housing. Meanwhile, the rewards of economic recovery accrue largely to white and well-off communities that have largely been shielded from the worst of the pandemic’s effects.”

So it looks like not only has the Cultural Revolution started but it’s been informed by the efforts of decades of public school indoctrination programs - which means it’s essentially funded by tax payers.

Hyper-activists target Confederate monuments across U.S. as ...A well educated group of yutes topple a statue offensive to their well-honed sense of social justice

And who thought it a good idea to let people providing a tax payer funded public service form unions and go on strike? When they refuse to do the job they were hired to do they shouldn’t get paid and tax payers should get a refund. And in my opinion teachers in certain locales haven’t done the job for quite a long time so I think I deserve a large refund.

NOTE: Of course I recognize there are a lot of current and retired teachers dedicated to the proper education of the young and I appreciate that. Unfortunately they are on the wrong side of the Cultural Revolution.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Portland Has Always Been a Bit Campy

See what happens when you close all the summer camps?

CLAT” A Walk Through Portland's New Autonomous Zone “Chinook Land ...

The bored kids will go play in the streets, as they did in Portland, OR this week.

Portland protesters set fire to a statue of a pioneer family called "The Promised Land"

This is what happens when you haven’t learned how to build a proper campfire.

Next the children decided to move on to Cosplay, dressing up and acting out as “anarchists” and zombies – often one and the same these days.

Post image

The kids seized some federal land in the name of the First Peoples, declaring it the ‘Chinook Land Autonomous Territory.’  CHAZ? CHOP? And now CLAT?? I shudder to think what will be next.

Barricades were built to keep Portland police (and Federal troops) out: plywood, kitchen equipment and pallets leaning against an empty kitchen rack: that should do the trick. Then again if you don’t know how to build a campfire what are the chances you’ve learned how to build a proper barricade?

Reaction to this new development has been subdued, from “I thought Portland already had an autonomous zone, it’s called “Portland,” to “I wonder how this one will end.”

But hey Portland, take heart: at least you’re #1 again in somebody’s book:

Post image

Before you get too cocky though I should point out that it’s the result of a one-man crusade to document “police brutality.” In other words, about as accurate as the COVID positive/death statistics.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Just Shut Up

I guess this sticker was a thing on Instagram for about 2 minutes, before the backlash forced them to remove it.Instagram removes 'mute white people' button from app after ...

Most complaints centered around the sticker being “racist” – although everyone knows that claims of racism do not apply to people of melanated skin being accused of being racist against people of non-melanated skin. And clearly if we are to amplify melanated voices we need to simultaneously mute non-melanated voices.

After all, isn’t that what cancel culture is all about? As long as non-melanated voices voice the approved narrative of the melanated voices, “they cool” man.

Courtney Stodden – Joins the protests against the killing of ...No honey, you can’t think

But let a melanated voice wander off the plantation and disagree with the melanated mainstream they too will be canceled.

Thomas Sowell (eft), Shelby Steele (center) and Walter Williams

Men like Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele  and Walter Williams, all with decades-long bodies of work — columns, books and speeches — are completely unknown to many Blacks. All marginalized and ignored by MSM. Effectively cancelled by the Left as far as their exposure to Blacks is concerned.

But back to the original sentiment that started this week’s brew-haha: “Mute White Voices.” This is simply the end point of a very long campaign. Anyone who has a son of Millennial age or younger can tell you that “mute white male voices” has been a thing in schools for a couple of decades or so. It’s simply been expanded now to include the female variety of the white privileged class as well.

But man, this is getting confusing: you have to be “woke” but how can you virtue signal your wokeness if you’ve been put on mute?

Make up your mind!

I’m sure we’ll get this all sorted eventually. In the meantime if we are going to start muting white people may I recommend we start with the Karens?

Black Lives Matter – janet guy

It’s kind of sad that Andrew Klavan’s 2009 video remains to this day evergreen.


Tuesday, July 14, 2020

I Will Not Be Purged

“All of this lying, race-baiting, and violence isn’t just random chaos. This lunacy is all part of the Democrats’ plan. If you want to control people, you need to set them against each other. You need to make them afraid to say the wrong thing, and ‘the wrong thing’ can change at any moment, for any reason or no reason at all. If people can get killed for saying all lives matter, they’ll stop saying it.” – Jim Treacher

The 2 operative phrases here are “if you want to control people” –  YES THEY DO! – and “you need to set them against each other.” What better way to do that than through fear and outrage?  Once you understand that you’ve explained 99% of the Democrat/Progressive strategy employed since the day Donald J. Trump announced he was running for president. The allegations he was racist/sexist/homophobic – which continue unabated to this day without substantiating evidence, the collusion hoax – which people believe to this day, without substantiating evidence, the Ukrainian affair, the “kids in cages” outrage, the endless COVID lies,

Covid-19 lays bare how racism fuels health disparities among Black ...

BLM allegations and demands, “systemic racism” claims, the continuing demand for police defunding: all explained when you understand the basic strategy of fear-mongering and control.

And now, a new way to wedge the Hispanic community against their enemy: boycott Goya! Their CEO went to the White House! And praised President Trump! Destroy his company!

Note how quickly deadhead celebs jumped on the bandwagon: Chrissy Teigen,

You’re full of beans Chrissy

the perennially unbright AOC and “celebrity chef” Jose Andres – whose main claim to fame was stealing techniques he learned from Ferran AdriĆ  while working at El Bulli and bringing them to America, along with their stratospheric prices.

So my suggestion for this week’s Takeout/Taco Tuesday: go snap up as many Goya products as you can find at your local mercado (don’t forget to wear your Fear COVID mask!) and make your own tacos.

Goyaway: Why Some People Are Boycotting Goya Foods | Food & Wine

Make no mistake, this is the Cultural Revolution.

The Purge: Anarchy

I will not be purged. Join me.

Monday, July 13, 2020

If You Redefine the Game You Must Change the Names

In the realm of 2020’s ‘stupid decisions made in the name of racial sensitivity’ changing the name of the Washington Redskins, while still stupid, is perhaps towards the bottom of the list.

Many have already suggested changing the team’s mascot rather than its name:

Introducing the Washington Redskin Potatoes

Given the direction the NFL is headed these days why not go a step further and require all NFL teams change their names to various potato cultivars? The options are numerous and colorful

10 Foods Natives Had Before Europeans by ICTMN Staff

making name choices plentiful.

Reinventing the Potato - Modern Farmer

For example how about the Green Bay Jewels:

Post ImageThe Minnesota Purple Vikings:


The New York  Roosters:

Rooster Potatoes Information | Love Potatoes

The Buffalo Butterballs:


The Huston Huckleberries:

Organic Non-GMO Huckleberry Gold Potato

The Cleveland Russets:

Or maybe really shake things up and go with the Cleveland Purples: : Purple Majesty Certified Organic Seed Potato 5 lb ...

The mascots practically make themselves.

I think it’s perfect for the NFL who has adopted the motto “Believe in nothing rather than having to do anything.”  Why not name your teams after the couch potatoes that have supported you lo, these many years?

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Why Facts Matter. Especially When You Have Bigger Fish To Fry.

If you simply watched the police dash and body-cam videos in real time you might side with the protestors who swarmed immediately after Hakim Littleton was shot and killed by Detroit police Friday. It might have looked to you that the angry mob was right, Detroit police shot an “unarmed black man.” Only wait, he wasn’t – unarmed that is - as was immediately apparent from the videos that Detroit Chief of Police James Craig wisely decided to release Friday evening. As he walks us through the video in slow motion it is crystal clear that the dirt bag pulled a gun on the police officer…and fired at him point blank before running away.  Which is when police shot at him.

Yet without the footage the mob would have escalated to a riot demanding “justice for Hakim” in a heat flash.

Why, it’s almost as if the crowd was waiting for a text on their social media to show up and protest

Protesters embrace each other at the intersection of San Juan Drive and West McNichols Road at the end of the protest.Whoa! Wretched Gretchen wouldn’t approve of this unmasked, unsafe, lack of social distancing

Miraculously, BLM would have appeared on scene immediately and the city would have been set on fire…because emotions were running hot:

To wit:

Kaleb Franklin, 24, of Farmington [far north suburb of Detroit] stood in front of the line of police and shouted, wanting to know if his life mattered to them.

“I came out here because a man was killed by Detroit police and I feel like his life was taken,” he said. “We need the police to be responsible for what they do.”

I’d like to see what Kaleb would do if a guy pulled a gun and shot at his head, all in an instantaneous flash.

And naturally local politicians weighed in:

State Rep. LaTanya Garrett, D-Detroit, called for "an independent and transparent investigation" into the shooting.

"Although I applaud Detroit Police Chief James Craig for releasing the dashcam and bodycam video for the public to review, there is no need for a rush to judgment, [that’s only appropriate when we have no exculpatory evidence] for a life has been lost and (lives) will be forever changed from this tragic event," she said…The family of the deceased deserves answers, [and we don’t like the answer we have]…"

But for people dedicated to the overthrow of America, facts are never sufficient, especially if they disagree with your narrative. Listen to this moron (at 2:15):

When asked for her reaction to the release of the police tape showing Littleton firing first at the police this protest organizer’s response:

“What I’m saying is that situation should never have been the equation in the first place…we need to organize our public safety in such a way…that somebody who was an innocent bystander didn’t end up dead at the end of the day.”

Of course none of her gobbly-gook response makes any sense: what “equation?” What “innocent bystander?” But that’s irrelevant. Just as the facts were irrelevant in charging officers with murder in the the George Floyd death:  link h/t Cassandra Bird

The transcript from the body camera worn by J. Alexander Kueng shows clear evidence  that George Floyd was suffering respiratory distress before police laid hands on him. He died from a Fentanyl overdose, not from being choked out by Minneapolis police. This news will not bring joy to the crazed, leftist mob screaming to lop off the heads of the Minneapolis police officers who stand accused of “murdering” George Floyd and little attention has been paid to the transcript since its release on July 7. 

Facts don’t matter when you have bigger fish to fry. And when your objective is to disrupt and fundamentally change America into a Marxist-socialist paradise you’ve got yourself a very, very big fish.

Why Neo-liberalism Is Really Neo-socialism – AIERThings are often not as they appear at first